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danny phantom au where when danny found out what was happening to him he immediately went to his parents and they supported him and loved him and helped him figure everything out and helped him with his homework when ghost hunting got in the way and helped bandage wounds and maddie taught him how to fight and they constantly fuss over him and they hug him whenever he gets home and danny’s inner conflict is heavily relieved and resolved

You wouldn't tell a beautiful flower to grow faster, so why do the same to yourself?

Self growth is a process with no deadline. Take care of yourself and work to be a better person at your own pace. Self growth doesn’t happen over night.

Hm. Let’s talk about Villains and Reality vs Fiction.

Art often reflects a version of reality,

but like a fun house mirror

we understand the truth.

Children understand early on that they will never be a mermaid or a princess. That’s why when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up, they’ll say “DOCTOR!” or “SINGER” or FIREFIGHTER!” If they ever do say “I want to be Darth Vader!” We can all safety assume this child isn’t actually planning on growing up to slice off his son’s hand and rule a galaxy.
The kid knows they can’t actually be Darth Vader, but they admire Vader’s cool looks, his authority, the awesome one-liners. A child knows. Children are not stupid.
Now, as adults (I hope) we also see the difference between reality and fiction… you know, like we see the difference in good and bad? We can imagine crazy things and insane dramas and read and write about whatever we’d like, but once the book is closed and the movie is turned off people know what they know and do what they do and LIVE their lives with that underlying common law of what is Good. Once in a while, you will have that disturbed mind that will take something like The Joker and misuse him as an excuse to do heinous things, but people are generally good.

So we are allowed to enjoy a story like Jane Eyre, like Suicide Squad, like Star Wars. We are allowed to enjoy the ups, downs, horrors and triumphs of characters like Kylo Ren. We can think Kilgrave from Jessica Jones is charismatic and fun to watch. We can completely adore Loki from Thor.



Because the line between fiction and reality is a lot thicker than some people on tumblr are making it out to be.

What a dumb teacher

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Here’s my Advice for what I think may help woman, when learning if your investment in a Man is worth it..

Take all consideration into learning as much about him, mainly his childhood as possible! Knowing how he was raised, what he went through, things of that nature can help you spot clues to his current characteristics. You’ll start to see patterns with his emotional reaction to certain situations, that may either be warning signs or Green lights. You’ll notice the different interactions he’s had with particular females & how he’s treated them. Be they family, friend, or associate . Women are naturally born Private investigators, so I figured staring from there would be your best bet. This is just me speaking from a guys prospective from being around my friends, who have the tendency to use women for personal gains. I hope this may help anyone who’s struggling with this.

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Likes vs. Reblogs.

When artists and authors are trying to increase their fanbase and make their passion into a profitable income so they can continue to do what they love, a “like” is not nearly as helpful as a “reblog.”

Now, I understand that some of us are very selective about what we reblog. Some people don’t feel comfortable reblogging EVERYTHING they like or EVERYTHING they come across. That’s why I tend to use my queue as much as possible, or I go back to the things I’ve liked every so often and reblog it.

Reblogs help to get the word out about an artist or an author. Please note that this does NOT JUST APPLY TO VISUAL ART, it applies to WRITTEN ART (fiction) as well!!! Reblogs help an artist or a writer to grow their fanbase by branching out who views their content. AND, as an additional bonus, reblogs help an author or artist feel good about the content they designed. It means that their content was impressive enough to you to be on your dash for your followers to see, and that means the world to them. Reblogs are also a great way to send feedback that they’re sure to see, as sometimes artists and writers miss the comments.

Here are some numbers in our community that I’ve seen on my dash within the last few minutes to prove that even the fanders could work a little on reblogging the stuff we love to be supportive of our artists and writers.

On average in the Sanders Sides community, there is 1 reblog for every 2.7 likes. That means that only aprox. 1/3 of the people who enjoy or see the content are promoting it.

If you like something, consider reblogging it! Yes, likes are great- but reblogs are powerful. Their implication is so much greater.

Likes for me, as a writer, mean “I read this and I like it.”

Reblogs for me, as a writer, mean “I read this and I loved it! I want everyone I know to see this and I’m excited for what you’re going to put out next! I support you as a loyal fan of your work!”

I don’t know if this will resonate with anyone else, but I just thought I’d make this post.

NOTE: This is not a guilt post! If you don’t like to reblog content for a personal reason, that’s ok! I’m simply trying to raise awareness for something REALLY important to me!

Important Terms

For approaching Religious and Anthropological Studies:

Cultural Relativism:

“The ability to view the beliefs and customs of other peoples within the context of their own cultures rather than one’s own; or, describing another culture from its own point of view without imposing one’s own cultural values.”

Look at what people BELIEVE, not whether or not what they believe is “true.”

Ethnocentrism (the opposite of cultural relativism):

“The tendency to judge the customs of other societies by the standards of one’s own; combines the belief in the superiority of one’s own culture with the practice of judging other cultures by the standards and values of one’s own culture.”

Harnessing ethnocentric ideas when approaching religious and cultural studies will hinder one from truly being able to learn and understand other peoples and their cultures. 

The LEGO Movie was my favorite movie of 2014, but it strikes me that the main character was male, because I feel like in our current culture, he HAD to be. The whole point of Emmett is that he’s the most boring average person in the world. It’s impossible to imagine a female character playing that role, because according to our pop culture, if she’s female she’s already SOMEthing, because she’s not male. The baseline is male. The average person is male.

You can see this all over but it’s weirdly prevalent in children’s entertainment. Why are almost all of the muppets dudes, except for Miss Piggy, who’s a parody of femininity? Why do all of the Despicable Me minions, genderless blobs, have boy names? I love the story (which I read on Wikipedia) that when the director of The Brave Little Toaster cast a woman to play the toaster, one of the guys on the crew was so mad he stormed out of the room. Because he thought the toaster was a man. A TOASTER. The character is a toaster.

I try to think about that when writing new characters— is there anything inherently gendered about what this character is doing? Or is it a toaster?

Bojack Horseman creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg commenting on how weird gendered defaults in entertainment are, and why we should think twice about them.