food for the food god
The 2016 Minnesota State Fair Food Tour - The Heavy Table
The Heavy Table team — writers, editors, and photographers alike — trekked out to the 2016 Minnesota State Fair on opening day to eat ... everything.

Gods help us all, Translator Zeiat is working at the Minnesota State Fair.

That would be the Carpe Diem. “A Taiyaki (fish-shaped) buttermilk miso waffle cone filled with balsamic-roasted strawberry compote and topped with vanilla ice cream, graham cracker crumble and a fresh strawberry.”

I suspect Presger Translator influence on the rest of the food in the entry, too.

tazer-arien said: Can we pleeeeease see a pic of you in the suit when you get back???

but i suppose its very rare i ever feel generally “pretty.” i will… consider a selfie. }}

grazja said: { FREE FOOD!!! \O/ + cake as bonus ❤ }

dijudicate said: (enjoy your free food as much as you can)

{{ CAKE.
god i love cake and free food, but the last reception i went to ended with me having half a face mask of chocolate cake.
good wedding.
(thank you 💜💜💜) }}


This video is a goddamn gem! Thanks to @happygolooney for sending this to me. 

It’s hard to make highlights of this video but his review of the egg-tuber is freaking hilarious if slightly uncomfortable lmao

karalieva  asked:

[ Hands her all the cake she received bc she cant eat it all by herself ] [ actually doesnt want it ] [ but shhh she doesnt need to know that ] Happy birthday, straight twin.

[ yes food thank god ] [ it’s food this Nata doesnt care where it came from and what its tragic backstory is and she’s just going to neatly hide it from the public view now ] …Thank you. 

Налииии like there’s food, then there’s good food, then there’s amazing food, then there’s God tier food and then there’s That!!!!

anonymous asked:

45, 53, 90

45: What is your favorite accent? HMMMMMMMMM this is so hard oh my god I love an Irish accent but lots of central and south american accents are so cute and unique too ahhh and then SCOTTISH is actually the greatest oh my god i don’t know all accents are cute

53: Favorite foreign food: Oh god… i like don’t like to try foreign foods so im going to stick with Crunchie (its a candy they like don’t have in the U.S.) because im lame

90: What makes me angry? This is hard, i guess when people are deliberately rude and mean to others. I don’t often get angry just like annoyed to a point that im completely fed up with the world haha

those were deep ones thank you anon ilu


Can’t believe I almost went to bed without posting!

Today was a day filled with animals! The day started at the Osaka aquarium which is definitely one of the cooler aquariums I’ve been to. They had giant spider crabs and these guys where HUGE! If I was diving and found of of these guys I would be terrified. There were also a lot of cool whale sharks.

After that, we saw Osaka from a different angle on the giant Ferris wheel and god food at the food theme park. Turns of the food theme park is just a cool decorated restaurant/street food area. Ah well.

Then we found a random petting zoo where I got to play with cats, dogs, pigs, alpacas, kangaroos, and my speedy turtle friend! He was moving so fast it was so hard to take a selfie with him. What a bro.

I only have two more days left in Japan, and it’s crazy to think I’ve been here for so long. I guess I have to drink all the green tea I can now, especially tomorrow when we go to Uji!

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12:29 AM- Frank Ocean+Food

lowkey same minus the food. God has blessed us this week and gave us our man back. i missed frank so much.


What can I say, another place to bask in the glory of God’s favorite food. Of course Mexican food and of course the burrito.

Now El Taco Express might look like a shit hole. Complete with the Taco and Burger window paintings. But don’t let the appearance fool your wandering eye. The food is great. Cheap as well. It seems to be a more authentic style Mexican joint yet still is fast. The line is sometimes out the door and it seems this place is a hit with the local Hispanic crowd as well as others.

I usually order a Super Burrito. It’s packed with everything one needs, I hear they serve super burritos in Valhalla. To top it off I have them dump a whole lotta green sauce over the damn thing. The green sause isn’t to spicy but adds a bite and it also has delicious little pork chunks. Atleast I think it’s pork haha.

If you’re in the area I recommend trying this place out. It’s large portions, great taste, and cheep prices are what keeps me coming back. El Taco Express gets a 9 out of 10.

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Leon looked at Satou, stared at her for a moment. She seemed different somehow. She seemed more.. attractive somehow. Frighteningly so. He had barely managed to rip his gaze from her face to see what she had in hand. But his eyes wandered. From her hand, to her arm, to her hips-


Snapping back into reality, Leon shook his head and smiled up at Satou. “Uh- yeah sure. I’d love some food.” He was hungry. He didn’t feel like eating food, but for some God forsaken reason he just felt hungry. Hopefully whatever this was would go away soon.

“C’mon in.”

    “ Yaaay! Free invite! “ Substitute Mom said in a sing-song voice. She was, at this moment, still oblivious to everything. Her primary focus was feeding Leon some healthy supper and maybe sneaking a second helping of dessert. That is to say, she came here with completely pure-hearted intentions and not tricks up her sleeves.

    “ Your place looks so nice~! “ She hummed, twirling childishly once inside, “ Oh oh! Does Theta have a room here? I still have some of her stuff. I should bring it over next time! “

I love working from my candidate’s home because it gives me easy access to him and the food is free.

But god there is SO! MUCH! FOOD!

Not even just junk like the endless pastries and chips and candy and ice cream - they buy everything in bulk because they have a big family so there’s just a ton of everything.

And when there’s a ton of something yummy, I want to eat it. All.

I make a plan for what I’m going to eat, but then I don’t always stick to it. I end up adding on another 800 calories of snacking on peanut MnMs, salt and vinegar chips and mixed nuts without even really being hungry. Ugh.