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Truth or Truth. Souji,if your least favourite food was the only food left in the world;would you rather eat it or starve?

Okita grimaces, horrorstruck. “Only scallions? Without any other ingredients?!” He jerks his head aside, paling visibly at the thought, and swallows somewhat queasily. “I’d… at least try to eat them,” he continues after a long pause, his voice a mumble. “I’d still need to keep my strength up if I want to be of any use to the Shinsengumi. But I think I’d have to save most of that strength for keeping all those green onions down,” he adds bitterly, “so… I might end up starving anyway if I can’t do that.”

The Signs As First World Problems

Aries - Eating too much and getting tired

Taurus - Not being able to hear the tv because your crunching your snacks

Gemini - Slow internet on your phone

Cancer - Seeing your text message was read but the person never replied

Leo - Stressing over what to wear

Virgo - Having 5% battery on your phone but your charger is in another room

Libra - All the hot water running out in your shower

Scorpio - Getting a few specks of dirt on your brand new shoes

Sagittarius - Having to restart your computer for a software

Capricorn - a paper cut

Aquarius - Not being able to download iOS games on an Android

Pisces - Not being able to open a bag of chips because your hands are too greasy from the other chips you just ate

People are living on top of each other yet 45% of the earth’s total land mass is dedicated to animal agriculture.

We currently have enough food to feed 10 billion people, but we live in a world where 82% of starving children live in countries where food is fed to animals, and then the meat is consumed by wealthier countries.

we are struggling to feed a population yet 1.5 acres of land can provide 37,000 pounds of plant based food.
1.5 acres of land can produce 375 pounds of meat.

¾ of the world’s fisheries are depleted. Scientists estimate we may have a fishless ocean by 2048

Does anybody else see a problem with this?
Be a conscious consumer.


World-famous chefs cook up ‘Soup for Syria’ to support Syrian refugees

  • Soup for Syria: Recipes To Celebrate Our Shared Humanity isn’t filled with food one might find in war-torn Aleppo. 
  • Instead, you’ll find soup recipes to connect home chefs with cultures across the globe. 
  • The book, published in October 2015, is more relevant than ever: All profits will now go toward “various nonprofits” that are funding food relief efforts. It has already raised $300,000, NPR reported Friday. Read more

Venezuela’s “food apartheid” leaves some citizens starving

  • The current “food apartheid” in Venezuela means that if you don’t support the president, you won’t be getting any help from the government. 
  • Food is in short supply in Venezuela, where falling oil prices and inflation have caused an unstable state.
  • But reports from the country, which has a population of over 30 million, reveal that the government is selectively handing out subsidized food. Read more