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dont ya hate it when you make your own money doing what ya love but your parents come in and take most of it away bc “you have to share we’re your family dont be selfish” or “i dont want to buy it with my money so you have to do it otherwise you really dont love me” and you just

Every day I handle more money than I will ever make. Every day.

At the start of my employment, my boss showed me videos of people stealing, and we both had a chuckle about it. How silly they were! There was a camera overhead, and it’s not to watch the shoppers. See, we can’t actually stop shoplifters. They get away with it maybe nine out of ten times. But we, who are watched and tallied and witnessed? We are always caught.

At first it was hard to hold one hundred dollars bills. An amount I had never seen before. An amount that didn’t exist in my household. It’s normal now. Here is something that is not for me.

“What the hell, I’ll take another,” says the man, pondering our 200 dollar watches. What the hell. Total comes to 580 and not even a flinch in his face. I have been working for 11 hours today and made only 110 dollars. It will go to my rent. Today I work for free, it feels. When I get my check, I will have 35 dollars left for food and saving.

The six hundreds he hands me go into the cash register. For a moment, I imagine having money. Then I put it away, counting out his change.

I know for a fact we sell our products for double what they are worth. That I could be making commission. That they could hand me those 580 dollars and change my life and not even mark the difference in their checkbooks. He’s not the only sale they make today, but I am the reason they made it. He’s not the only one spending 600 dollars, but if I hadn’t spent two hours with him telling me about his life, he wouldn’t have spent any. I go home. I don’t own a watch.

I have watched and rewatched a video on how to make salmon four ways. My shopping list is always the same. Pasta. Rice. Tuna. If I can afford butter it was a good week. I dream of the world I will never walk in, where I can throw the best fish fillet in the cart with a shrug. I hold hundreds in my hand and look up at the camera. I put them under the cash drawer.

I go to work. I scrap together my savings. I eat my bowl of rice slowly. My manager takes a paid week off from work just for his birthday. He owns a yacht. 

I’m not worth the cost of a watch.

make me choose confexionery asked: the be our guest feast or a dinner from tiana

I needed more Aro Prince headcanons

((Someone halp me i’m in this too deep))

Tw: romance mention but not with prince, food mention, Bad grammar

Witch: I’m cursing you and the only way to break it is true love’s kiss

Roman: jokes on you I’m aromantic and have plenty of people who love me

Virgil: (munching on chips) not including me

Roman: (screaming) what the heck?!?! How did you get here??!

Virgil: (still eating chips) you really need to stop daydreaming so loud. Some of us are trying to sleep. Besides the witch could still curse you, you just wouldn’t have a cure or you would have to have someone who loves you as a friend. Depending on the context of true love.

Roman: true love never implied romantic love. It just implied both partes had to truely love each other.

Logan: I’m with Prince on this. Besides romance is not the onlu form of love-

Patton: is Roman up with his daydrrams of fighting a witch again?

((I got this from a “this is the time i come out as asexual and you’re making a grilled cheese sandwich?!” prompt somewhere but I don’t remember the source. Dang it now i want grilled cheese.))

Roman: Like the banner said, I’m aromantic.

Patton: sweet!! Would you like some grilled cheese?

Roman: this is the moment i choose to come out to you and you’re thinking about grilled cheese?

Patton: i already knew you were aromantic, but i’m glad you told me! Do you want a green cheese sandwich to celebrate?

Roman: … what?

Patton: i’ve been preparing the food colors for this day. I didn’t know what sexuality or gender the others were so i bought every color i could find. Then when they come out i can make food with their pride flag colors.

Roman: ahh, that explains the cupboard dedicated to just food color.

Roman: I’m (brings a bow and arrow from nowhere) Aro-mantic

Logan: wait, aromantic or on the spectrum?

Roman (surprised): uh, aromantic so far.

Logan: romance repulsed or romance positive?

Roman: well I don’t really mind the attention but i don’t like the thought of it? I’m not sure.

Logan: huh, you’re not as romance crazed as i thought you were then. Its nice to meet another aro-spec person!

Roman: Wait, you’re Aromantic too?!

Logan: well, on the spectrum yeah. Was I not obvious?

Roman: (faints)

Logan: I’m confused.


Roman: you could say i’m (puts sunglasses on and pulls out an arrow from nothingness) an aro.

1000 year old Witch: you really need to stop with that terrible joke. It’s getting older than me and makes no sense.

Roman: Never!


Roman: (throws green white and black confetti in air) I’m Aromantic

Pranks: Prince, We love you, but you need to stop making a mess.

Roman: You Can’t stop me!

Patton: (stern voice) Prince!

Roman: ugh fine. I’ll have Virgil clean it up

Virgil: no you wont!

(Someone flirts with prince)

Roman: Yes, I am fabulous thank you

Virgil: Prince, they’re flirting with you

Roman: I’m out of here.

Roman: So where did u come from?

Virgil: (not looking up from his book) hell

Roman: Dang it Anxiety, i need to learn how to flirt for this role and you are not helping.

Virgil: if the role requires for you to flirt terribly you don’t need practice.

Roman: (whining) Anxiety!!!

(Person has a crush on Prince)

Person: (says something flirty)

Roman: aww, thanks buddy!

Person: I’m flirting with you dang it.

Patton: (whispers to Roman) Uh… I think they have a crush on you?

Roman: (panics and faints)

Person: what happened?!

Patton: i haven’t the faint-est idea.

(Watching a movie with a straight girl and boy)

Logan: let me guess,

Roman: oh no… It’s coming.

(In movie: girl and boy kiss)

Both: Oh Come On!/This is gross!

Roman: Hold up, I thought you had a boyfriend??

Logan: I do. It’s just in movies i don’t like how it’s easily predictable or how they have the characters approach each other. Plus she deserves better than that fool.

Roman: Fair enough. And right?? I don’t mind romance but this is getting old. And not all boys stare at girls like that!

((Or, Logan makes a disney insult towards the movie and five seconds later Roman realizes logan said a disney insult and gasps loudly.)

Logan: yeah I’m a gray-romantic asexual.

Person: ew gross

Roman: (shows up behind person with a bow in hand, shouting angrily) Who Do I Have To Fight?


(Prince saves someone in distress)

Person: uh, I know usually the rescuer marries the person in need of rescuing but I’m not really interested in marriage for right now? And frankly i don’t think you’re my ty-

Roman: Finally!! Someone who won’t tell me to propose!! Where have you been all my life??

person: in… the castle?

Roman: (shows everyone his new puppy) this is Wilfred and i love him.

Person: i thought you couldn’t experience love?

Roman: for the last time i don’t experience romantic attraction!

Logan: So, why name your puppy Wilfred?

Roman: It just felt right.

(On Roman’s birthday)
Roman: today is the day we celebrate-

Patton: a-Roman-tic person

Roman: dang it Morality that makes no sense.


Person: i feel sad for those who can’t experience romantic or sexual attraction. It sounds so horrible!

Roman (literally came out ten minutes ago while wearing green, white and black with a white ring on the right finger.) What did you say Witch?

Virgil: you better run.

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International Tips I Wish I Would Have Known When Traveling to See My Sugar Daddy

I went out of the country for the first time with my SD. I was so excited I was overwhelmed. However, the whole trip didn’t go as planned but it could have if I would have had these tips.

Check the times in between flights BEFORE you book. Oh my god. On the way home from Paris I had a 30 MINUTE WINDOW to catch my flight. 30 minutes to get through immigration, U.S pre clearance, security, customs etc. it was awful. Luckily the people in Dublin are the NICEST people I’ve ever met and really tried to help me catch my flight back to LA and I did. But that was a living hell.

Research the country you’re going to. Every country has different mentalities, mannerisms and safety tips you need to know. For example, the French ALWAYS greet each other and say goodbye, even if you’re just at the local market getting fruits. Otherwise you’re rude. France is also known for their little games on the street to pick pocket you. So watch out. But overall the French are very nice people.

Know PHRASES not words. If you think Dulingo or other language apps are going to help you, you’re wrong. It’s SO much better to learn, “I speak little French” or “May I have…” and point. The French will not hold your hand, you either TRY and speak their language or don’t speak at all. Which is good, and I respect that. For the most part the French will pick you out and give you an American menu but this isn’t always the case. If you try, they’ll reciprocate and speak English for the most part.

Key phrases :

• Hello

• Goodbye

• I would like

• Do you have

• How much

• Where is?

• One like this (that one is extremely helpful when you don’t know the language)

• Sorry

• Can you take me to the airport (we got in a taxi driver who didn’t speak English. So this would have been helpful)

Dress the part! The world is getting a little crazy out there and it’s way better to blend in than to stick out. I talked to someone who has recently gone to France to know a heads up what to wear and I blended in seamlessly. A really helpful trick is to go on Instagram and look up posts by the country you’re going to.

Ask someone about international travel and how it works. Silly me, I got to my local airport 2 ½ hours early because I thought customs and immigrations was BEFORE you flew to that country, not after when you get there or coming home.

Try to adjust to the time change.

While on my 10 hour flight over night I had to set my alarm clock to 8am Dublin time and stay up the rest of the flight. That way, when I got to France at 10pm at night, I was ready to go to bed. Really helpful tip from a friend of mine.

****KEY **** NO ONE told me that it is the most COMMON thing to happen when you travel internationally… your bags won’t make it with you.

Wait what? Yeah. I went TWO days without any of my checked luggage with all my makeup as clothes in Paris. WHAT A NIGHTMARE.

So here’s what’s going to help you the most.

Your Carry on and what you should bring :

I did a lot of research flying internationally and the things they suggested were spot on.

• Carry on duffle bag that you can stick underneath your feet. (Lot of room with lots of pockets) if you’re flying for 10+ hours it’s so nice to just reach down rather than wake up the person next to you to get your bag.

• Head and neck pillow preferably an air one (buy one and try it out BEFORE you get on the plane, I got one off amazon that is an air pillow so when I was done using it, I could easily tuck it away)

• Non-squishable lunch box. Yes, carry snacks in a lunch box. There’s nothing worse than squished crackers or fruit. Because I have a food allergy, this was saving grace for me. I packed cookies, crackers, dehydrated fruit, a sandwich and FROZEN grapes. TSA won’t let you bring ice so this is a sneaky trick to keep things cold.

• iPad PREFILLED with my favorite shows and movies without WiFi needed.

• Head phones

• Portable charger * again, HUGE saving grace for me traveling.

• Ride or die makeup for travel. Ugh. I hated that I left all my makeup in my checked baggage. So make sure to bring essentials JUST Incase your bag doesn’t make it.

• Contact case and solution/eye glasses for spare

• Toothbrush and toothpaste

• Deodorant

• Makeup remover wipes and face lotion (I brought these to feel clean during my 11 hour trip through the night)

• TWO extra outfits of clothes. Again, I had to wear what I wore on the plane for TWO days until my luggage appeared. It was awful. Be prepared.

• Currency. I didn’t think this was necessary until I got there and realized Paris was a walking city. Even taxis run on cash. It’s really helpful to have.

• Ear plugs.

• Hair brush

Learn the metro system! Arizona hardly has a metro but in Paris it’s a huge thing and CHEAP. A Parisian ended up catching my eye while I was out journeying on my own. He offered to show me around and use the metro! Nothing is written in English but he showed me how it worked and it was great!

I hope this helps when you travel internationally.

reminder that 99% of the time generic brand stuff is just as good as name brand. there are a few things to avoid tho like generic medicine off the shelves!

if u have a store called Aldi where u live, take advantage. i was told by smn who’d worked there for almost seven yrs that their food is basically name brand repackaged; it’s also at least half the price!

there’s nothing wrong w buying generic everything, save ur money where u can!

On the topic of food and saving money:

Okay a few years back there were blog posts, articles etc all on how to save money on your food which I think may have been sparked into the public eye because of some food stamp thing the americans had going on.

Anyway most of those posts would consist of articles written by white middle-upper middle class americans, accompanied by lovely stock photos of rice and beans. 

If you’re poor as shit, eating is actually a worry and you dont know how to get all the vitamins you need. A lot of the time making sure you’re full is more important that eating healthy because you don’t always feel full or eat enough.  And the major staples people go to are rice, potatoes, meat etc.

My grandma (who grew up really poor by the way) taught me a few things not so much about what you cook but how you cook.

  •  If you go to use an onion, use half if its large. Save the other half for another meal
  • Save your used oil in a glass jar. Oil used to fry meat can be used to fry meat only keep that in mind. You can use a strainer if there’s obstacles in the oil. Glass jars are better because even if the oil is warm you can pour it in (BUT BE CAREFUL) and it doesn’t hold bacteria like plastic does.
  • Measure your rice. Figure out how much 1 cup cooks for you and if thats enough or if you need more.
  • Eat left overs before cooking something fresh (this one i learned from my mum)
  • Sometimes a little pepper goes a long way in making something you don’t want to eat manageable. 
  • Potatoes can be stored in your fridge. How do you think they ship them to other countries? 
  • ANYTHING can be stored in the fridge. 
  • If you cant cook the vegetable you splurged on, prep it then freeze it. (this doesnt work for certain veggies but its not a disaster it just cooks a bit more soft)
  • Use a little salt only. High blood pressure will give you health problems you cant afford later in life.
  • Sugar water and crackers is something kids actually like if you cant afford snacks. I still eat it now bc well, its nice and the sugar gives you a boost.
  • Brown sugar is healthier and cheaper. (At least in my region.)
  • If you’re like me, and you prefer flour over rice and make rotis every other day, have 1 bowl of dry flour for dusting and 1 sml container of oil for your rotis. This helps cut down on you using your cooking flour and manages your oil use better.
  • Buying in bulk is hard for some people. Coupons are your friend.
  • If you have a family and kids portion out the food in the pot so you know everyone gets to eat. 
  • Don’t burn your food. Throwing away is waste.
  • If you burn a stew take out what you can and scrape away the burnt bits from the pot, then put it back on the stove and this time take more care to cook it.
  • Blending your seasonings like garlic, and onion can help you stretch them bc you can measure by the spoonful.
  • Cutting meat into tiny pieces gives the illusion that there’s lots of it.
  • You can cook your beans IN your rice instead of separate. It actually tastes better and sometimes a bit of coconut milk and cook-up seasoning turns that into a meal for you.

If i think of more I’ll add them to this. I should make a separate post on low cost foods that aren’t ramen but taste great.

boyfriend; han jisung

a/n: requested by anonie // gifs do not belong to me, credits to the owners + i love stray kids sm 


  • jisung is pretty confident tbh
  • so i think he’d drop some hints
  • about liking you
  • the other members would notice directly
  • bc they’ve known for a quite some time
  • “did you see jisung’s hand was on ___’s!!”
  • “oh my god”
  • “i hope ____ feels the same way.”
  • he’d eventually tell them ofc
  • when they get to their dorm
  • he’d have a conversation about and yeah
  • “i’ve liked ___ since they came here in jyp. not just because their looks but also their personality.”
  • “aww, someone’s in love.”
  • “congratulations in having a crush.”
  • “soo when are you going to confess to ___?”
  • “i think maybe tomorrow, i’m not sure?”
  • “well, invite them over in a few days and search a song that you can sing to them.”
  • “nice, i’d do that.”
  • jisung would sing you a song which was got7’s my body reacts 
  • he actually wanted to sing ‘let me’ but decided to change
  • bc it was more like a love confession song
  • the following days you haven’t seen him in the practice neither his dorm
  • and as his best friend you were pretty worried
  • “have you seen jisung?”
  • “jisung, no. i don’t really know where he is…”
  • “oh okay, if you see him. please tell him i’m worried.”
  • chris literally screamed inside bc it was way too cute
  • and this guy actually knew where he was
  • he was practicing his song in the studio where you haven’t checked yet
  • but now you were on the way there and the moment you opened the door
  • this guy probably got scared
  • “wOAH you scared me !!”
  • “oh.. ____?”
  • “you’ve been here for the past few days? i was so worried. i’m happy that you’re okay.”
  • you pulled him into a hug and he felt more and more butterflies in his stomach
  • jisung suddenly started singing the song 
  • you were shocked since the two of you were still hugging each other and message of the song said it all
  • after he was done singing,, he finally asked you a question that you’ve always wanted to hear
  • “will you be mine?”

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  • i’m not sure what he’d do on a date
  • but i can see dates at the dance practice room
  • you and jisung would keep ordering delivery food 
  • and it’d just make your guys dates more fun
  • bc more food !
  • i can already see you and jisung sitting next to each other as you guys eatand feed each other
  • “taste this, it’s so good!”
  • after you guys are done eating i bet the two of you would dance around on random song
  • sespecially jyp songs bc you two hear & see it for the whole day when they have a comeback
  • you two practice those songs the whole time non-stop"i know this part!!“
  • "it’s like that and that”
  • “yeah, you’re right!!”
  • jisung would teach you, if you don’t know some dances
  • and it’d be so adorable
  • jisung would be standing from behind you as he shows you how to do it while holding your arms
  • “like this and this”
  • of course,, you wouldn’t be able to concentrate bc?? 
  • your boyfriend is just like those k-drama guys
  • “___? you’re not listening are you?”
  • “oh! i am, you said like that and that”
  • he’d smile at you bc you looked so silly and cute at the same time
  • “you’re too adorable.”
  • and sometimes when the two of you are done practicing
  • and it’s dark outside,, you and jisung would probably go out and 
  • buy ice cream / snacks
  • at the nearby night shop"remember on mix and match, hanbin?“
  • "choco cone choco cone!!”
  • “yeah!! oh, you watched that too?”
  • “yeah! i got so sad when jinhyeong and hongseok were eliminated..”
  • “to be honest, same but i think they’re happy where they are now.”
  • after buying your guys snacks, you two wouldn’t head back to the building
  • but to the park,, just to sit at the swings and talk about all kind of things

im chris in the back

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  • jisung !!
  • i think when he kisses you, it’d be just like all other couples
  • he wouldn’t be afraid to kiss you in front of people
  • but of course, he has limits bc he’s respectful
  • “____, if you don’t want to kiss here. we can do somewhere else?”
  • “no, it’s okay.”
  • jisung would be holding your hand as he kisses you sweetly
  • mostly it’s just somewhere on your face except your lips
  • even you were confused why he was not kissing you on your lips
  • when the two of you started dating ofc
  • “jisung…?”
  • “yeah?”
  • “this is probably a weird question but why don’t you never kiss me on my lips?”
  • “i’m not really sure if you want me to kiss you there.”
  • “well, i want too.”
  • “okay”
  • he gave you a quick kiss before continuing to do whatever he was doing !
  • sometimes 
  • this guy while holding your hand
  • he’d randomly kiss it as he talks about random things
  • this guy really loves cute sweet kisses 
  • and i don’t think neither of you will ever have enough of it


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  • while hugging you
  • this guy would kiss you 
  • somewhere where he can and that you allow
  • for example when you’re just standing there, reading some papers
  • your boyfriend would come up and hug you 
  • mostly he’d hug your arm or just a side of you
  • sometimes jisung even hugs you when you’re talking to some other trainee
  • he’d suddenly come up and hug you 
  • “okay, just continue.”
  • “uh.. also! i’m gonna show you the whole building later. you can go ahead and talk to other trainees. welcome in jyp again!!”
  • after the trainee left
  • jisung was still hugging you
  • “that’s the new trainee?”
  • “yeah, he’s kind of a shy one.”
  • “reminds me of myself.”
  • he nodded and kissed your shoulder before getting some food
  • “____! the food is ready. i’m going to the cafe room”
  • “save a place for me!”
  • “i will.”

jisung is the one hugging chris

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missing each other:

  • he’d miss you a lot bc
  • you guys are literally always together
  • and the two of you do things together a lot
  • so him being away would be hard for the two of you
  • “____! i’ll be away for just a few weeks.”
  • “be safe, yeah?”
  • “i will and you too.”
  • “i will too, this is it?”
  • “yeah…”
  • before he’d leave with backpack and suitcase
  • you guys would hug each other
  • before he really leaves
  • it’d hurt you so much that you’d just look the other way as tears escapes your eyes
  • you guys would actually call each other a lot
  • bc?? you two just can’t live without each other
  • “how is it there?”
  • “it’s been quiet and really calm since you guys have left. it really reminds me the whole time that you guys are away. far from here.”
  • “don’t be sad my honey!! keep thinking positive.”
  • “i’ll try.”
  • jisung would also keep checking on you like every day and night
  • not in a creepy way - just texting you to see if you’re okay
  • and if you’re feeling down,, this guy would be the first one to call you and tell you to cheer up and everything
  • when he comes back expect lots and lots of crying

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  • the other members thought it was pretty weird 
  • for a couple like you two to sleep next to each other
  • i mean since jisung is still 'young’,,
  •  they’d kind of have thoughts
  • but the guys know you and just let it be !!
  • you’d wake up to him still sleeping
  • since he’s a person that is very hard-working
  • he’d be deep asleep
  • “aw, sleep well.”
  • you’d look at him before showering him with lots and lots of kisses
  • he’d wake up to you kissing to him and baby talking him
  • jisung would be pretty happy that he woke up to you being like this
  • “you’re too cute, aw, look at you. your face.”
  • “yours too.”
  • you’d be so embarassed 
  • bc you didn’t expect him to wake up
  • “did you heard that?”
  • “yeah, everything.”
  • “oops but it’s the truth!”
  • most of the time when the two of you are awake
  • you and jisung would head to the kitchen and have breakfast

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Regardless of if you justify Itachi’s decisions or not…

Dude is scary as hell.

However horrible the massacre was he can still stomach it. It’s one thing to accept something or view it as necessary. It’s another thing to actually carry out the task yourself. To physically be able to hold your weapon and wield it against everyone you personally know without faltering. To look at the innocent children and say to yourself this is necessary.

It’s like if I was stranded on an island with the corpse of my best friend and cannibalism was my only option to stay alive…I might just die. Cannibalism my be necessary to stay alive. But bro, I probably couldn’t physically do it. What if I had to resort to cannibalism to save my sister? Shit bro, we both might die.

Itachi is so calm and thoughtful. It’s just chilling to think about what he is capable of doing. It’s chilling to think about how far he’ll go to save Sasuke.. It’s chilling to think how he enacts those decisions with unwavering precision.