food we ate as a kid


a few of my favourite things ☆ (14/30) romantic reationships: fred and gunn

i’ve been fighting vamps and demons since i was a kid. that sense of doing good, of waking up in the morning and making the world safer, better… i’ve always had that. but i never had a fred before. if we have to, i choose you.

so my sister and brother-in-law and their two kids (my niece, who’s almost 7, and my nephew, who just turned 5) have been in town for a few days for thanksgiving. we’ve hung out a lot and ate a lot of food and played a lot of mario kart, and they’re meeting anthony for the first time, and it’s going great. anyway

so i don’t think their kids were quite clear on who anthony was? like he’s never been a secret, he was here when my mom had us facetime with them last christmas. but they had never met him and he’s not a blood relative, so i guess before meeting him the kids just forgot who he was

at one point, after they’d been here several days and they’d already talked to me and anthony a lot, my nephew asked anthony “when are you leaving?” thinking anthony was only visiting for a week, like them. so we had to go “no, he’s never leaving, he lives here.” then a few minutes later my niece walked up to me and went “do you two sleep in the same bed and do you snuggle each other?”

Wataworld Day 1

I am in love! It rained all day but I don’t care , I love it here!
We saw the forts and the ocean and old San Juan . We ate food that was way too expensive but it’s okay, it was all amazing! The kids are so happy! They have been saying thank you and I love you!
@watadad has taken charge of the roads and getting us around town. He’s been patient with me even when I’m freaking out.
Wata great first day!


Nancy Silverton-inspired but mostly my ingredient combination genius. I ended up not cracking the cookbook this time around, but having used it before Nancy was with me in spirit. Fried/toasted bread with sautéed cannellini beans, spinach, red onion, poached egg with a side of sardines. The kids used their toasts for some DIY broiler pizzas with pesto and mozzarella, etc. Boy Interrupted made a slightly more daring olives, onions and spinach version.



One night we were just sitting around my friends apartment talking about how we wanted to go camping. Then the next day we ended up at Target buying food and camping supplies. We got to the site after the sun was setting and hiked 2 miles through a forest in the dark, while carrying SO MUCH STUFF. And when I say so much stuff, I really mean so much stuff. After pitching the tent, we ate sour gummy worms and other various junk foods for dinner in our cozy tent and talked about life. I remember laying in that tent, hearing the waves crash below us, and feeling so happy. A moment in life that I could never forget.

As a kid, the ocean has always fascinated me. Camping on/above the beach has always been on my bucket-list. This morning we woke up late and it was gloomy. I stepped outside the tent and I remember being so in awe of where we slept last night. These photos give the view zero justice. There were beautiful rock formations all along the beach and it looked like something out of a movie. Then we took some photos, packed up our stuff, got pancakes and headed back to Portland. 

also at work today a girl in my class brought tagalongs to lunch but since our school is peanut-free i had to take them out of her lunch so i told her that i did that, and i “promised” her some ~replacement fruit snacks as her “dessert/treat” if she ate all of her other stuff, bc we always have extra food (easy mac, little bags of snacks, applesauce, fruit, juice boxes, fruit snacks) on our lunch cart for kids who might have forgotten lunch or need fruit in their lives or smth. so she finishes eating and asks for the fruit snacks and i spend 5 min frantically searching for a bag but of course we have none on this one day when i need them !! and no other peanut-free sweets either. and then suddenly i remember i have one single bag of the dankest fruit snacks ever left in my purse, my last bag, and i gave them to her bc i love my work children and i would b so mad if someone gave me the false hope of fruit snacks so i just said whatever i’ll buy more. i hope she enjoyed them i love those fruit snacks and i am normally so selfish about food lmao

35685) when it comes to food, my family is lazy. VERY lazy. we have no groceries in the house. not kidding. we only have bottled water in the fridge, and tea in the cupboard. since I was in 1st grade all we ate was fast food. I am overweight because of it. I’m too young to drive myself to the gym but no one will go with me. I binge eat bc I hate my body. whenever I ask mom why fast food, she says its bc we never ate her cooking. it was all burnt. she could’ve taken a class. instead she let us get fat.

i would always forget to bring my lunch money and i wasnt on the free lunch program so like, i would always be in cafeteria debt in junior high. at some point i got down to like $15 in debt and they refused to let me have a hot lunch and gave me the dreaded Debt Sandwich instead and i think i cried

then in high school there was a vending machine in the cafeteria lobby and i ate out of that for my entire sophomore year bc it was cheaper than the cafeteria food and id rather eat a bag of chips, but then they changed school policy and put the vending machines on a timer to where like……. theyd only be “on” after school hours were over. so like, when no one could use them. not even during lunch. so they kinda forced all the kids eating out of vending machines (me and a handful of others) to buy cafeteria food for 2-3 times as much as we’d been spending. like charging $3 for a single slice of pizza with no drink

I watched Jurassic World recently and the parallels between the Indominus and Dan are just beautiful I mean

“Do you think it will scare the kids?”

“The kids? This will give the parents nightmares.”

“It tried to break the glass.”

“I thought there were two of them? What happened to the sibling?”

“He ate it.”

“Animals raised in isolation aren’t always the most functional.”

“He is learning where he fits on the food chain and I’m not sure you want him to figure that out.”

“It can camouflage!”

And oh what we could have had..
“We have an asset out of containment. Put ACU on alert. This not a drill.”

Dan Phantom is the Indominus of the Danny Phantom universe thank you and good night

OSRR: 942

okie dokie so i’m almost totally done with my lesson plan for next week. we’re gonna be talking about isolationism and interventionism and events leading up to US involvement in world war II, and we’ll be tying the policies from then to parallels from today so the kids will learn something about the current political atmosphere because the world is a mess

also i actually ate food today??? like, i ate lunch?????? it made such a difference in how much energy i had, it was wild. like, i never really thought about it like that. it’s stupid but i just have gotten to the point where i just ignore the hunger and power through the day, but that leaves me angry and hungry at the end of the day, like yesterday, when all i wanted was a chicken caesar salad and first windows was closed, then market basket didn’t have any dressing, then i was stuck behind ONE SLOW PERSON while trying to get to the gaming store. i was so angry. i was hangry. chelsea threw her debit card at me and said “get yourself some food bc ur scary” so i got chinese food and edamame and i ate all of the edamame and some of the chicken and most of the rice and i didn’t touch the soup so i brought the rest of the food with me for lunch today. and tonight we got dinner from a local pizza place and they asked me what i wanted and i didn’t say anything and james just goes “you want that salad don’t you” and i just nod as tears fill my eyeS IT WAS SO SAD i’m so sad and pathetic. just give me a salad. ugh.

but today i also took a test that i prepared for a few minutes before i took it. i got an 80! i’m happy about that. and i have essays to write sometime tomorrow so i’m not dying this weekend. :)

Eurotrip (can I call it that? I don’t think I can call it that) thoughts


The good:


-ALL THE MUSEUMS AND NATIONAL MONUMENTS!(including the Catacombs) Seriously all of them. All of them were amazing. It’s hard to pick a number one, but I really liked the Sainte Chapelle, the Louvre, the catacombs and the Invalides. maybe it’s a cliched list, I don’t care. Go see the big stuff, it’s worth it

-Nos ancêtres les gaulois! We went for lunch (I only WISH I could go for dinner) and it was super fun! I ate wild boar sausage!!!!

-The food is wonderful, pricey as hell, but wonderful

-they gave me a paper bicorne at the Invalides. 

-The little kids wearing paper bicornes and screaming “Vive l’empereur!” at the invalides

-My french! I’m speaking french a lot better than I thought I was!

-that glorious sunset on our final day!

The bad:

-THE WEATHER. It rained hard and pretty continuously for most of the time we were there.

-The day we went to Versailles, because of the above. We had to wait 1h30 outside in the rain and the cold and the wind and it was a nightmare. The palace was lovely, but we didn’t have the strength to see anything else because of the weather

-Food is relatively expansive and so are the public transportation passes.


The I-have-no-idea-how-to-categorize this:

-I got hit by hail atop the Arc de Triomphe. HAIL. And 5 minutes later it was sunny and there was a rainbow and everything was beautiful. Good thing:very unique experience;bad thing:hail to the face


The good:

-WEATHER! Sunshine, no rain and 17 degrees! It felt so good.

-Seeing my wonderful friend again and making more friends!!!!!

-I loved Pisa, it was super cute and quiet.

-A conversation about Sardinia and Québec(I was with some Canadian friends) that involved the outburst: “PERCHÉ???? Ma sono francofoni!!!!!”

-food, all of it, Italy is a food paradise, we all knew that, nothing new here

-all of the gorgeous monuments in all of the cities - highlights: that church in Florence on top of a hill, the Duomo from the outside, the cemetery in Pisa, the Palazzo Massimo, the Forum (I got to see the houses of Livia and Augustus!!!!!!), the Circo Massimo, the Vatican museums, etc in Rome. Pretty much all of Rome.

-the sunset at the end of our day in Livorno

-the fish at the end of our day in Livorno. Even if my friends don’t really now how to eat fish, which I tried very hard not to laugh at them for. I like to think that I succeeded

-this gemstone from an exhibition about archaeology at the Palazzo Massimo

-I went to a papal audience! It was a really interesting experience

-I also went to a free concert in a tiny church that was absolutely magical

The bad:

-Museums and monuments no longer free :((((((

-Specifically: museums that are really famous for the ONE THING and so feel that they have the right to charge the living shit out of you just for the ONE THING. Museum of the Ara Pacis and Galleria dell’Academia, I’m looking at YOU. THE ONE THING is wonderful, but it really doesn’t justify what you’re charging me, especially compared to other museums in the same cities.

-The big city noisiness in Rome was starting to get to me, since I was already pretty tired. also, the public transportation in Rome. I couldn’t sit down in the metro once. 

-The idiotic notion that I could walk until I reached the part of the Appian way without traffic. Sometimes I need a brain transplant



Little Mark has become one of my dear friends at the market. He always greets me with a big smile when I come to get the daily supply of food. In the background you can se his mother, ate Dominique, who always helps me get the best available greens and vegetables.

I invited all the parents in the program to come cook lunch together with me on Monday. As they’re helping me with preparing food for the kids every day I wanted to give them something in return- and at the same time teaching them how to cook a cheap and nutritious meal. Everyone was very eager to help cooking.

Here are some of the nanays enjoying their lunch. They really appreciated the dish I’ve chosen to call “marasa isda”, which means delicious fish. We talked about the importance of trying to maintain a balanced diet. Most of the families tend to eat the same every day and find it difficult to have any variation as of their tight budget.

After feeding we always have energy and time to play. In the past two months Glaiza’s warmth and friendliness has really amazed me. She always takes care of everyone around her.

The kids were so excited when we made a healthier version of “pinnebrød” by replacing some of the flour with oats. We rolled the dough in sugar and cinnamon before cooking over the bonfire - turned out as a new version of cinnamon rolls. 

Rex and the other kids are always smiling when we have extra money to buy fruit. Papaya is one of their favorites.

How about we go ahead and kill vegetarian shaming this year

This is something that is simply not talked about enough, so here I am, starting the convo because it’s getting really really old. And this all applies to any specialized eating habits (gluten free, vegan, pescetarian, lacto-vegetarian, ovo vegetarian, anything…)

Reasons why it’s okay to be vegetarian…

  • religion
  • closely regulated diets
  • you ate a hot dog one time as a kid and puked it up and it grosses you out now
  • meat tastes bad to you
  • you watched this really graphic video on YouTube about how KFC makes their chicken and it has scarred you for life
  • allergies
  • animal protection beliefs
  • you watched a documentary that changed your perspective
  • any other belief you have
  • literally any other reason you have

You want to know how many times we’ve heard “It’s the circle of life. Humans were put on the planet to eat meat. It’s healthy.”? A LOT. You know what’s not okay? Feeling embarrassed to tell you loved ones or people you are eating with that you are vegetarian in anticipation for the eye rolls/lectures. Being vegetarian does not make someone pretentious/pompous/picky. It means someone has developed a certain preference for what they shove in their body and tHAT IS OKAY. 

We get it. Eating meat is natural and healthy. Okay. But there are so many ways to live a healthy lifestyle otherwise - seriously. It’s definitely a thing.

So can we agree to stop assuming all vegetarians are people who spend their rainy days walking along the sidewalk, crying over the squished worms or all in all, overly sympathetic hippies? If you think for one second that it’s acceptable to say that the meal I want to order looks like someone swept the floor of a rain forest onto a plate (or “what is that, a scoop of compost on a bun?”), then you need to go ahead and zip that darling little mouth shut. It is a personal preference (get it? personal? so nothing to do with anyone but the individual?). It’s not cute. It’s not funny.

I understand there are vegetarians who choose to rub their lifestyles in peoples’ faces, acting like they are the wisest at the table or are better than everyone. This is not okay either. I am not supporting this. Fact of the matter is, it really is no one’s business what you decide to put in your body. This applies to those with meat-only diets also or whatever the fuck you may be ~ IT DOESN’T MATTER. And it shouldn’t matter to anyone else. No one is better than anyone else because of what they order. 

When my sister came out as vegan to the rest of my family, I should not have been the only one she felt comfortable turning to asking for advice (I have been pescetarian and flexitarian for 2 years). She should not have felt ashamed for not feeling comfortable eating an animal. People should not have gotten ANGRY or called her IGNORANT or NAIVE or made her CRY and feel STUPID for even two seconds. And this happens to so many others, which is why I am writing this. Changing something like your eating habits is not an easy feat and they deserve all the advice and support someone can offer.

If you skimmed through this post, please just take this little snippet before you go…..

You can eat whatever the motherfucking fuck you want. Whether that be the raw carcass of a lion you hunted yourself or the grass from your front lawn. And no one has the authority to make you feel silly or ashamed of what your eating habits or beliefs are.

Side note - I know what I said, but please do not only eat the grass from your front lawn. Whatever you decide to do, it is always important to research it first and transition in to it so you can keep your body as healthy as possible (knowing what supplements, vitamins or substitutes to have, etc.).

Okay, end of PSA… But seriously. Let’s change this shit.

Chocolate moose shaped mousse from Le Cellier located in Epcot’s Canada Pavilion.

anonymous asked:

given that aces muscling their way into the community we created and stealing our resources and promoting ideologies that hurt gay kids are actively harming gay people, why WOULDN'T we think that you hate us?? like if someone broke into my house, ate all the food in my kitchen, took a shit in my bed, and then claimed they were my roommate and always had been, I'd kinda assume that they hated me. at least in that scenario y'all could be arrested.

As a preface, I’m relating a lot of this to my own experiences within multiple lgbt+ communities:

So here’s the thing, in reality, those things haven’t been the case. There may be a few speckled cases here and there for it, but not nearly on the scale you’re probably thinking of. 

This honestly just sounds like fearmongering against ace people.

We aren’t out to get you. We don’t want to leech your resources, tear apart your community, and ruin your crop. We just want a place to be accepted and be part of the larger lgbt+ community.

anonymous asked:

11 with Calum plz

Your family of five was having a party in your backyard. Calum was grilling, the two older kids, Blake and Rosie, were playing in the big pool, and you were playing with the baby in her tiny pool. When Calum was finished with the food, you’d all sat down and ate together. Afterwards, the kids thought it’d be fun to have a water balloon fight, but Calum had a better idea.

“How about we get the paint out? Have a paint fight?”

He grinned at you, knowing that you hated big messes and it’d take a while to clean it all up. Sure, it was washable, but knowing that it would be all over the kids, both of you, and the backyard and you’d be cleaning everything, you were a bit hesitant. He and your two oldest stared at you while you bounced the baby on your hip and you finally sighed.

“Fine, but you guys are helping me clean up, and I think it should just be the three of you. Me and Jenny will sit this one out.”

Calum runs over to kiss you, before running into the house with the kids on his heels. You only laugh and settle into a lawn chair. When they emerge, they’re all carrying tubes of paint and squirt guns in their hands. You roll your eyes when Blake squirts Rosie with one before even loading it into the guns. Soon, they’re in a full out war with the tubes and Calum abandons the idea of the toys and picks up two tubes for himself. Rosie and Blake both turn on him and he starts running around the spacious backyard, trying to escape them and squirt them at the same time. Jenny giggles and claps as she watches them chase her daddy around the yard.

You watch them for a while before getting up to put Jenny down for her nap and when you come back out, none of them are anywhere to be seem. You take a few timid steps into the backyard before Calum stands up from behind the pool.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hi…” you answer, looking at his paint covered body.

He holds his arms out to you and you shake your head.

“I really need a hug right now, Y/N.”

“No, you don’t,” you giggle.

Before you know it, Calum’s arms are wrapped tightly around you and you can feel jets of paint hitting your body. You squirm around, but Calum’s hold is firm. When he finally lets you go, your body is covered in paint and the kids are laughing so hard their faces are red. Calum kisses your lips gently before placing a dot of paint on your nose and running away. You chase after him, listening to Blake and Rosie laughing at you. You jump onto his back and he lays down on the grass. You put a leg on either side of his chest and lean down to kiss him.

“Looks like I won, babe,” you whisper to him and he grins. “Rosie, Blake? Bring me that paint. I have a piece of art to paint on your daddy.”

Rosie gets to you first, handing you a tube of black paint. You put some onto your finger and smear it across Calum’s forehead, leaning back when you’re satisfied.

“Daddy, your forehead says loser!” Blake laughs and Calum sighs.

“But you’re my loser,” you giggle, letting Calum up.

He gives you another hug, covering you in more paint and you squeal.

“I’ll get the hose and we can clean off, alright?” Calum says.

“Okay, loser,” you tease.

Fuck Clinton and Fuck Welfare Reform

I’m old enough to remember welfare reform on a personal level.

My family got cash assistance under AFDC but not under TANF when I was little.

I remember going from very poor to even poorer.

Seven kids living in a two bedroom trailer, spending hours picking bucket after bucket of beans to have more food.

And the thing is, we thought that things could be worse.  Because my cousins who lived with us off and on when they were in their mother’s care didn’t always get to eat three meals a day, so we were “doing okay” even though there wasn’t always enough to go around for all of us to be full.  I had classmates who were pretty much starving.

My family ate expired food given to us by a lady who was legally supposed to only be feeding it to pigs and we saw that as a great treat, because we got more food than usual and more variety than usual.

So, no, I won’t ever support Clinton or give into the protection racket Democrat bullshit that insists them running a vicious conservative war hawk is fine because the Republican candidate is a fascist.  Even if it weren’t the case that she’s a war criminal (which she is), I remember the legacy of programs she backed and lobbied for.  The cost of welfare reform was the lives and suffering of poor people.

This is a body appreciation post. My very first one lol. When I was younger before I started school I was a little chubby kid. Not really big but I had a little tummy. Then around 1st grade I was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on some medicine. They had to strengthen the prescription 3 times before I was in 3rd great. After a few months I lost a lot of weight. I often was asked if I had food at home when we had plenty. The medicine made me lose my appetite. I never ate breakfast, barley ate lunch at school and might eat a decent size dinner sometimes. I was often told people could see the veins in my cheeks. In middle school I stopped taking the medicine and I ate a lot more. However I gained a lot more weight and became kinda chubby again by 8th grade. Once in high school I hated my body. I would skip meals on purpose and pinch my fat thinking that might make it go away. But I slowly started to accept how I looked. I didn’t care how I looked and I started to eat healthier. I lost some weight and grew into the rest of it. I still have trouble with how I look. I still see lots of flaws but I know I’m be the then what I was. I can look at my own body without wanting to cry. So anybody who hates their body. Don’t it’s your body and you’re beautiful. No matter what shape.

i’ve entered a weird microwave lull. just a weird time where i all of a sudden rarely use the microwave. since moving into this new apartment i think i’ve used the microwave four times. now, the clock on the microwave i use probably 200 times a day. 70% of those uses between waking up and leaving for work. we have a clock that can heat up pizza. 

i’ve had four microwaves in my life so far. my most commonly microwaved food item is milk, whether for hot chocolate, oatmeal, or for cereal, which i ate with warm milk a lot as a kid until i realized people thought it was weird. i don’t see the problem with it. you’d drink warm milk, you’d eat cereal, you wouldn’t put cereal in warm milk? not even in winter? let me tell ya, nothing eases you into consciousness on a dark school morning like staring down into a steamy bowl of milk and cereal. now it sounds weird. now as an adult it sounds weird, but as a kid, what did i know? my mom would go, “do you want cereal?” and i’d go “yeah” and she’d go, “do you want me to warm the milk up first?” and since she gave me the option i never questioned it. that’s gotta be a regional thing. when i have kids i’ll give them options too, but i’ll throw in a bunch. do you want the milk cold? warm? do you want me to blend it all together? do you want the milk on the side? i want them growing up with  a lot of weird ideas about milk and cereal.