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Questions for Taylor

I’m starting a list of questions I would like to ask tumblr user @taylorswift if I ever meet her. Any of y'all who would like to get me answers at secret sessions, I would appreciate that greatly.

  1. Are you a firefly fan?
  2. When you say Chinese food with with cats… what is your favourite dish? And do you share with the cats?
  3. Can you teach me how to play the ukulele please?
  4. Have you been to a cat cafe yet? (We have one in Sydney if you’d like to go with me.)
  5. What is your favourite whiskey?
  6. What is your favourite wine?
  7. What games do you play?
  8. Star Wars or Star Trek or Stargate?

I will update this regularly…

So in case you can’t tell, i was inspired by Centipeeetle, and i Like the theory that centipeetle is Trapiche Emerald, so TADAAAAA

I really liked Bismuth’s tattoos and wound up giving trapiche some! I also gave her an earring because fashion.

Name goes by: Trapiche
Nicknames: Trap, Triche, Emmy
gem type: Trapiche Emerald
Pronouns: She/her They/them
Powers/abilities: She can spit acid or inject enemies with acid if she bites them. Can create and summon mini centipeetles
Weapon: TBA
Likes: bagels, cats, Bugs, fruits, plants, cacti, human food, ukulele, BIIIIG GEMS, (bismuths in particular)
Dislikes: Birds, dogs, Mold/fungus, Unnecessary violence, Jellyfish (she really hates jellyfish)
Personailty: insecure, confused easily, nervous, shy, curious, friendly, cautious, dutiful, responsible
voice: TBA