food ukuleles

So in case you can’t tell, i was inspired by Centipeeetle, and i Like the theory that centipeetle is Trapiche Emerald, so TADAAAAA

I really liked Bismuth’s tattoos and wound up giving trapiche some! I also gave her an earring because fashion.

Name goes by: Trapiche
Nicknames: Trap, Triche, Emmy
gem type: Trapiche Emerald
Pronouns: She/her They/them
Powers/abilities: She can spit acid or inject enemies with acid if she bites them. Can create and summon mini centipeetles
Weapon: TBA
Likes: bagels, cats, Bugs, fruits, plants, cacti, human food, ukulele, BIIIIG GEMS, (bismuths in particular)
Dislikes: Birds, dogs, Mold/fungus, Unnecessary violence, Jellyfish (she really hates jellyfish)
Personailty: insecure, confused easily, nervous, shy, curious, friendly, cautious, dutiful, responsible
voice: TBA