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Crystal Gem Correspondences

Rose Quartz

Call Upon For… Love (especially Romantic), Acceptance and Tolerance, Revolution and Upheaval, Seeing the Best in Others and in Yourself, Gardening, Protection, Healing, Childbirth and child rearing.

Offering Ideas… Rose Quartz stones, Rose flowers and other flowers/plants, Heavy Metal and Rock CD’s and memorabilia, Swords/blades.

Color… Light Rose Pink

Location… Naval

Steven Quartz

Call Upon For… Love (especially Platonic), Acceptance and Tolerance, Seeing the Best in Others and In Yourself, Healing, Growing Up/Personal Transitions, Learning and New Experiences, Reincarnation and connecting with past lives.

Offering Ideas… Fun Objects like Toys, Games, and Novelty Backpacks, Watermelons and Junk Food, Rose Quartz stones, Ukuleles and offerings of Music and Song.

Color… Light Rose Pink

Location… Naval

Other Associations… Lions


Call Upon For… Loyalty, Pushing Yourself to New Limits, Mental Health, Unrequited Love, Inner Strength, Elegance/Balance and Flexibility, Knowledge, Lesbian Issues

Offering Ideas… Pearl stones, Images/Icons of Ballerinas and Knights, Cherry Blossoms, Swords/Blades, Clear Water, Classical Music

Color… Light Blue

Location… Forehead


Call Upon For… Self-acceptance, Fun and Entertainment, Physical Health, Raw Power, Disability Issues, Anger Control, “Being the New Kid”, Working with Animals

Offering Ideas… Amethyst stones, Food, Interesting Looking Junk, images of Wrestlers and Big Cats, Sitcom Memorabilia

Color… Purple

Location… Heart


Call upon for… Self-acceptance, Love (especially romantic and LGBTQA+), Clairvoyance, Leadership, Burdens of Responsibility, Merging Opposites and Fusions, Trying New Things, Compromises

Offering Ideas… Ruby and Sapphire stones, Garnet stones, locks and keys, symbols of joining opposites, Sappy Lovey-Dovey Stuff

Color… Reddish-Purple



Call upon for… Passion, Bravery, Fire/Heat Control, Devotion and Loyalty, Strength and Power, Anger Control

Offering Ideas… Ruby stones, Candles and other forms of fire.

Color… Red

Location… Palms


Call upon for… Patience, Loyalty, Tolerance, Cold/Ice Control, Clairvoyance, Staying Calm Under Pressure, Strategy 

Offering Ideas… Sapphire Stones, Ice, Gloves

Color… Blue

Location… Palms


Call upon for… Redemption, Technology, Data, and Intelligence, Forgiveness, Hope, Rebellion, Bravery, Self-Confidence, Finding New Friends

Offering Ideas… Peridot Stones, Technology, Green Alien Imagery/Icons, Canadian/Camp Imagery, Clothing

Color… Pea Green

Location… Head

Lapis Lazuli

Call Upon For… Recovery from Abuse, Freedom, Bravery, Water Manipulation, Flight and Travel, Patience, Depression Issues

Offering Ideas… Lapis Lazuli Stones, Pretty Bits of Nature, Travel Imagery, Perhaps Water. (Avoid Mirrors and Glass!)

Color… Deep Blue

Location… Back

So in case you can’t tell, i was inspired by Centipeeetle, and i Like the theory that centipeetle is Trapiche Emerald, so TADAAAAA

I really liked Bismuth’s tattoos and wound up giving trapiche some! I also gave her an earring because fashion.

Name goes by: Trapiche
Nicknames: Trap, Triche, Emmy
gem type: Trapiche Emerald
Pronouns: She/her They/them
Powers/abilities: She can spit acid or inject enemies with acid if she bites them. Can create and summon mini centipeetles
Weapon: TBA
Likes: bagels, cats, Bugs, fruits, plants, cacti, human food, ukulele, BIIIIG GEMS, (bismuths in particular)
Dislikes: Birds, dogs, Mold/fungus, Unnecessary violence, Jellyfish (she really hates jellyfish)
Personailty: insecure, confused easily, nervous, shy, curious, friendly, cautious, dutiful, responsible
voice: TBA