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Mimics are a sorely underused monster type in my opinion. So I made one currently tied to a short-story idea called “Food Truck” (which is currently being considered on being folded into the Strange-verse). 

This mimic’s “name” is Carmen and she disguises herself as an innocuous food truck that sells smoothies. I imagine this unique cover would have been adopted after the explosion of the trendy food-truck craze that swept across the U.S. 

Don’t let her looks or customer service skills fool you. If you’re all alone getting served by her, and there’s no-one else in sight, your gonna end up getting served TO her.

[[ Drew her while listening to this. ]]

okay so l know in future!fics Bitty generally like owns a bakery or something of the sort, and I love that headcanon, but I now have a little twist on it.

So I just got a postcard in the mail about a food truck (it’s ridiculously popular also) that only sells pies and I can’t stop thinking about Bitty doing this. 

Like Bitty travels in his food truck to all the different cities the Falconers are playing so he can support Jack at every game. People on the home team get super excited when the Falconers are playing them, because even though it means their team is likely to lose, they have a chance of having one of Zimmermann’s boyfriend’s famous pies and it’s worth it.

Or even better: A cute meet fic where Bitty and Jack meet because Bitty happens to be with his truck in providence and Jack buys out his entire truck because he falls in love at first sight with this cheerful boy with the bright eyes selling homemade pies out of a truck.

Idk man just give me Bitty with a food truck

Elections officials in one Idaho county have found a delicious new way to get out the vote: by bringing “food truck voting” straight to the people.

OK, so it’s not a real food truck. You can’t get a meal there.

The Ada County mobile voting booth is actually a converted cargo trailer, complete with walk-up windows and a giant “I voted” sticker painted on the side. As the most populous county in Idaho (the capital of Boise is the county seat and most urban city in the mostly rural state), Chief Deputy Clerk Phil McGrane says the mobile trailer adds a fifth option to early voting locations in Ada County.

So, where did food truck design come from? Believe it or not, McGrane says he was inspired by his love of Kansas City barbecue.

“One of my hobbies on the side is competitive barbecue,” says the elections official. “And if you were to go see me set up, you’d see pop-up tents and a trailer, and so it’s taking some of those ideas and just flipping it for voting.”

How ‘Food Truck Voting’ Is Catching On In One Idaho County

Photo: Frankie Barnhill/Boise State Public Radio


100 followers gift!! (food truck restaurant lot)

OMG! I can’t believe I now have 100 followers! Thank you guys SO MUCH! I have a special gift for you today. It’s not much, but I really wanted to make a little something for this occasion!

It’s a whole park looking lot that is a fully functioning restaurant. So you will need Dine Out for this to work properly. If you don’t have it, I guess you could still use it as a park with a food truck looking decoration.

There is no CC so I had to be a little creative with the truck details.

 I hope you enjoy it!

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