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It’s really weird, but I remember distinctly that the first time I read Philosopher’s Stone I felt terrible for Harry when the trolley witch didn’t have Mars Bars. I was only about nine - I don’t even think I knew what a Mars Bar was - but there was something that made me pity Harry in that section, the whole thing about him feeling out of place. (Or maybe I’m just reading too much into it - maybe I was just sad that he didn’t get the candy he wanted.)

I just took a nap after work and had a weird dream where Jasper was hired by the hospital I am working at just to push these huge food trolleys and bring them to their destinations but instead of pushing it she just BENCHED THEM UP AND CARRIED 1 ON EACH ARM while wearing jeans with suspenders. The director told her she was a really big help and she said: “That’s part of my redemption.” You go Jasper, good work

Anybody else feel like JK Rowling just watched a marathon of the Very Potter Musicals while drinking and then went and wrote the Cursed Child script?

Crazy time travel plot to change the past and kill Harry?

Half the plot revolving around Cedric Diggory and the Triwizard Tournament? 

Draco joining up with the gang to save the day?

Ron is ridiculous and obsessed with food? 

Trolley lady actually terrifying?

A Malfoy in love with a Granger? 

Questionable Malfoy paternity?

Voldemort and Bellatrix banging?

Idk… I feel like I noticed even more while I was reading….. but seriously, the Very Potter Musicals were absurd, but somehow vastly more coherent and loyal to the source material. Cursed Child felt both like it was trying way too hard and like she had drunkenly borrowed material from the musicals. 


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Stealing Gabriel's sweets

Can’t copy and paste on my phone or maybe its the alcohool?
Day drunk drabble #2 Gabriel x Reader
I used Red Vines because I could only think of English sweets and it made me hungry. I wish this train had a food trolley like in Harry Potter.

“Well?!” Gabriel snapped at the Winchesters and for a moment they were reminded exactly how strong he was.

“I don’t know what to tell you man, Y/N is just skilled.” Dean shrugged. To say that the oldest Winchester had been underwhelmed by the Archangels return would be an understatement but he’d always made you smile and when you politely asked if Gabriel could say both Dean and Sam had relented almost instantly.

“Look,” Sam started, his resting bitch face in prime position, “If Y/N taking your candy is that much of a problem then go and talk to her? We both have things to do.”
Sam guestured to the pile of books on the library table that you’d been helping them go through until you’d heard Gabriel approaching.

With a childish groan, Gabriel stomped away, cursing his lack of grace as he went. He found you in the kitchen, it looked like you were baking cookies but he didn’t get too close because last time he had you had hit hand so hard with your spoon that he considered getting Cas to patch him up.

How that fledgling had kept his grace Gabriel had no idea.

“Watcha cooking, good looking?” Gabriel gave you a flirty smile.
“I haven’t seen your candy Gabe.” You answered and consentrated on kneading the butter into your mixing bowl.
“Sure you haven’t.” He said slowly and you didn’t need to turn your head to know that he was narrowing his eyes and studying you.

You carried on ignoring him as he stepped up behind you, he slid his arms around your waist and rested his head on your shoulder.
All for calm for moment as he was content in watching your kneading process.

“This isn’t Ghost, you helping me bake isn’t going to be as sexy as you think.” You warned him and you felt the breath on your neck as he laughed.
“I’m not helping, just watching.” He blew on your ear before sliding his hands down your front and sliding them into the pockets on your apron.

He quickly pulled his hand out the pocket along with the Red Vines you’d stolen on him only an hour prior, “Ah-ha! What do you have to say for yourself?”
You turned to face him, you gave him a soft smile while one of your hands inched back towards the flour on the table. You grabbed a handfull and brought it up quickly hitting Gabriel in the face and your other hand snatching the Red Vines.

You took off down the hall laughing as Gabriel stood still for a moment dumbfounded.
“I say you should be faster!” You laughed as you ducked into the library hoping that Sam could give you a boost into the ceiling airduct so that you could hide.

[Astrid walked out of the Prefects’ carriage once the meeting was over, a smile on her face as she made her way towards where her friends were. She stopped for the food trolley, very badly craving Wizarding sweets, and ordered two cauldron cakes for herself. She looked through her bag for her money but couldn’t find it] Oh, Helga, I swore I had something in here.