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Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 2 Translation

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-Scene: Carnival Streets-

Kou: Yui, can you walk?

Yui: Yeah, I’m fine.

Kou: That’s good. So, where do you wanna go next?

This time, we’ll go wherever you want since I picked the place last time.

The atmosphere around here’s deeead. How ‘bout someplace lively?

Yui: Someplace lively… …

(Come to think of it, I saw a place like that at the amusement park, but we passed that a while ago. It’s far from here… …)

(I can still suggest it to him… …!)

Hey, Kou-kun.  Isn’t the amusement park here like the ones in the human world?

Why don’t we go there? I’m pretty sure it’s lively and a bunch of fun too!

Kou: Yeah, that’s true. If I remember correctly… …it’s that way?

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150702 Kiss the Radio w/ BTS

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Rap Monster: if food and BTS were the only things that existed on this earth, and if you were to choose BTS over food, then you cannot eat for the rest of your life (you’ll still be able to live). But if you choose food, then all of the BTS members will die. Which would you choose?

Jin: why on earth are you asking such a question?!

Suga: you must answer in 3 seconds, 3, 2, 1!

Jin: BTS ..& food

BTS: *sounds of disapproval*

Suga: for me, even if i am not able to eat, i would give all of the food to the members

Rap Monster: me too, me too

Jin: that’s very admirable please do so, but I will choose to eat