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Vandead Carnival Kou Chapter 2 Translation

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-Scene: Carnival Streets-

Kou: Yui, can you walk?

Yui: Yeah, I’m fine.

Kou: That’s good. So, where do you wanna go next?

This time, we’ll go wherever you want since I picked the place last time.

The atmosphere around here’s deeead. How ‘bout someplace lively?

Yui: Someplace lively… …

(Come to think of it, I saw a place like that at the amusement park, but we passed that a while ago. It’s far from here… …)

(I can still suggest it to him… …!)

Hey, Kou-kun.  Isn’t the amusement park here like the ones in the human world?

Why don’t we go there? I’m pretty sure it’s lively and a bunch of fun too!

Kou: Yeah, that’s true. If I remember correctly… …it’s that way?

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150702 Kiss the Radio w/ BTS

individual “interview” portion ©

Rap Monster: if food and BTS were the only things that existed on this earth, and if you were to choose BTS over food, then you cannot eat for the rest of your life (you’ll still be able to live). But if you choose food, then all of the BTS members will die. Which would you choose?

Jin: why on earth are you asking such a question?!

Suga: you must answer in 3 seconds, 3, 2, 1!

Jin: BTS ..& food

BTS: *sounds of disapproval*

Suga: for me, even if i am not able to eat, i would give all of the food to the members

Rap Monster: me too, me too

Jin: that’s very admirable please do so, but I will choose to eat  

moontowers  asked:

Why am I 100% certain that Nyota is the Functional Adult and Spock is the one living on fruit snacks?

I am so beyond here for this.  Spock getting to the office at dark o’clock in the morning and being done with two projects before anyone else has had breakfast.  Spock routinely being the one to turn off the lights in the building at night and to turn in them on in the morning.  Spock explaining that working through lunch is an efficient use of time and any other choice is rampantly illogical.  Spock taking a break to go to the gym because physical health is necessary and then immediately returning to his desk.  Spock getting so deep into figuring out a tricky translation or a sticky bit of code or a really interesting sample that he misses dinner and decides retroactively that he wasn’t intending to make time for it in the first place.  Spock being unsure why the xenolinguistics department needs to assign him a teaching assistant if his productivity is already 437% that of his colleagues.  Spock assuring his new TA that just because he works significantly more than the other faculty, she is not expected to do the same and that he understands that human endurance is not equivalent to that of a Vulcan.  Spock very slightly pissing off his new TA.  Spock being forced to admit that he was perhaps misinformed as to the possibilities of human determination.  Spock allowing that it may in fact be correct that it was not a misunderstanding but an assumption.  Spock further admitting the possibility that such an assumption might have been illogical, especially considering new evidence of such a display of persistence when it comes to arguing a point.  Spock refusing to capitulate on the fact that irregardless of one’s heritage, he is quite content with his work schedule.  Spock reiterating that he does not expect anyone, and no less a cadet with significant demands upon her time, to spend a similar number of hours in his office.  Spock finding the company not entirely bothersome.  Spock pointing out that due to their nightly proximity, she would be aware as to whether or not he routinely leaves to get dinner and therefore the question is unnecessary to pose.  Spock acknowledging that in many bipedal species food consumption can and often does aid in concentration and therefore productivity.  Spock assuring his TA that he does not mind if she eats but that it is unnecessary to procure any sustenance for him.  Spock allowing that the new formulation of protein bars from the Academy mess are a substantial improvement over the previous offerings.  Spock commenting that likewise, that new deli does have an intriguing offering of take-out items.  Spock insisting that if his TA continually brings him new ones to try, that he at the very least pay her back, not that such a gesture was needed to begin with.  Spock being reminding that he is the one who doesn’t speak during meals because silence aids focus.  Spock being unsure as to why that comment was accompanied by a smile.  Spock finding that every time he asks for clarification, he is met with his TA reminding him that they’re both working.  Spock realizing that it is incumbent upon him to point out that they are only ostensibly working as this rather cyclical conversation has yet to cease.  Spock finding logic in the suggestion that if they are in fact going to hold a conversation over the illogical nature of the moment, it would be wise to not conflate work and a personal discussion.  Spock leaving his office with a significant amount of confusion over how he agreed to abandon the project he was working on but not being able to land upon a logical reason to return to it with any immediacy.