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Theatre kid’s grocery list:
a loaf of bread
a little priest
the grey stuff
a spoonful of sugar
a cow as white as milk
a cape as red as blood
the hair as yellow as corn
the slipper as pure as gold
five miso soup
four seaweed salad
three soy burger dinner
two tofu dog platter
And one pasta with meatless balls

Date Night

Request: Hi! Can you do a short fluffy imagine for Jasper? Like maybe he and the reader go on a date and try to be a ‘normal’ couple or something like that, do it however you want! Thanks! 

Pairing: Jasper x human!reader

Summary: ‘normal’ date night for a rather abnormal couple 

Warnings: Suggestive things, fluff 

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Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I love Thanksgiving, it’s my all time favorite holiday! I’m taking a break from cooking and getting a few Hamilton sketches done. Happy turkey day!


                                                                           veronica mars - 1.01 Pilot

This is my school. If you go here, your parents are either millionaires or your parents work for millionaires. Neptune, California, a town without a middle class. If you’re in the second group, you get a job; fast food, movie theatres, mini-marts. Or you could be me. My after-school job means tailing philandering spouses or investigating false injury claims.

trans-riot  asked:

Ok as a tech/theater person I have important questions on your most recent Lance head canon: does he participate in pre-show traditions and does he come out eating on stage at he end (my stage manager came out eating an apple during several shows, once a sandwich)

This is a critical question and I’m glad you asked it

Personally when I was in high school, our pre-show tradition was making a satanic circle and praying to the ghost of our former tech director’s mother so she wouldn’t wreck the show (………yeah). 

Funny enough I think that Lance. Might have something similar? Not the satanic circle part, but we know that he and Keith believe in ghosts (they’re both really quick to accept that the castle is haunted) so consider this: Lance and Keith are the last two left during build one night. Coran’s wandered off… somewhere, maybe to check some lights or something. Lance and Keith are cleaning up and something happens, and they don’t really know what but the lights go out and Lance gets locked in a storage closet and Keith swears he was attacked and anyway the two of them walk away that night convinced their theatre’s haunted.

So lowkey before shows Lance starts like. Dropping by the supply closet and very nicely asking the ghosts to not wreck anything please and thank you. And Keith joins in and then it becomes a crew-wide thing and suddenly meeting up around the storage closet and talking to the ghosts is their main pre-show tradition.

Lance probably doesn’t come out on stage eating because Allura would straight up murder him (”no. food. in. my. theatre.”) and he doesn’t wanna die yet.

As for other weird shit, though, my high school also has this cow milker (we call it The Udders) and there’s a tradition where every show night one prop is swapped out for The Udders and the actor has to go on stage and keep acting like they’ve just got the normal prop (so like instead of a suitcase you’ve got this). I can totally see Pidge getting bored and swapping out a prop for something weird one night and then finding it so fucking funny that she just keeps doing it. It becomes a weird thing people look forward to.

There was this post on my dash earlier that was like a PSA to not leave trash behind when you sneak food into a movie theatre because the employees can get fired on the spot for it, which, I mean, I don’t know, maybe some theatre managers are bigger assholes than others, but what gets me is all the comments adding onto it like “yeah I work at a theatre and they go thru the garbage at the end of the night and if they find anything they make us walk the garbage down the road a block to another trash compactor, it’s not fun”, LIKE WHY DO YOU PEOPLE INSIST ON MAKING UP COMPLETE BULLSHIT for attention when you could tell them about all the ACTUAL CRAZY SHIT that happens working at a movie theatre?! Like okay for real guys I used to work at a theatre for 5 years and why don’t I see any of you talking about the usher’s broom pole-vaulting contests after hours? Or the giant rats they keep locked up in cages behind the screens? Seriously what the fuck guys

  • Erik: Christine, make your choice!
  • Christine: Ermmmm....
  • Erik: Christine....
  • Christine: Uhhhhhh.....
  • Erik: Christine! For the love of God, do you want pizza for dinner or chinese!?
  • Christine: *Muffled murmuring*
  • Christine: *wailing* I don't knowwwwwwwwww!

muscials AND anime, because apparently fuck my social life all together really ?

The Food Chain/ Amanda/ Nicky Silver


SoI was reading my paper when the waiter came over and asked if I was…alone. Well! It was obvious that I was alone! I was sitting there, in a booth, by myself -did he think I thought I had an imaginary friend with me?! I was alone! Did he have to rub it in? Was he trying to be funny? Did he think he was, in some way, better than me? It was in his tone. He said, ‘Are you alone?’ But what he meant to say was,  'You’re alone. Aren’t you?!’ And I can’t imagine he’s not alone every single day of his miserable , pathetic life! He has terrible skin. And it’s not attractive. Not the way bad skin is attractive on some people. On some men!!! I’ve strayed. The point is this waiter has terrible skin, and greasy hair and his breath stinks of something dead and his face is too entirely close to mine. I want to pick up my butter knife and stab him in his sunken caved-in chest! But I simply respond
'No, I’m married thank you’
I realize now, of course, that my answer was illogical. I realize that it was innapropriate. But at the time it was all I could think of to say. 
Well he leans back and really in the the most supercillious manner, he leers at me and intones, 'I meant are you eating alone.’ 'I KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT! I KNEW WHAT HE MEANT!’ I’m not a person who shouts, generally. I don’t like shouting. It hurts to shout and it hurts to be shouted at. But I shouted. I was standing. I must’ve leapt up when I shouted. So I was standing and everyone was staring at me. The place was very crowded, much more crowded than I ever recall seeing it before.