food theatre

Theatre kid’s grocery list:
a loaf of bread
a little priest
the grey stuff
a spoonful of sugar
a cow as white as milk
a cape as red as blood
the hair as yellow as corn
the slipper as pure as gold
five miso soup
four seaweed salad
three soy burger dinner
two tofu dog platter
And one pasta with meatless balls


Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I love Thanksgiving, it’s my all time favorite holiday! I’m taking a break from cooking and getting a few Hamilton sketches done. Happy turkey day!

  • Erik: Christine, make your choice!
  • Christine: Ermmmm....
  • Erik: Christine....
  • Christine: Uhhhhhh.....
  • Erik: Christine! For the love of God, do you want pizza for dinner or chinese!?
  • Christine: *Muffled murmuring*
  • Christine: *wailing* I don't knowwwwwwwwww!

America: He’d be totally down to go to an all-you-can-eat buffet – maybe Sushi? Afterwards, he might suggest going to the theatre to see that movie that nobody else wants to go with you to – that weird one that none of your other friends are interested in. Before you hit up the movies, you’ll need to swing into a grocery store to buy all sorts of snack food to stuff into your pockets so you don’t have to spend a ton of money on theatre-food (he is the grand master at sneaking food into theatres. You’ll be surprised by how much he can hide on his person).

England: It’s to the local pub! He loves to relax with a pint and gradually let off some steam and perhaps catch the local came on the telly there. If not at the bar, he might invite you to come along with him to some sporting event he happened to get tickets to. He is fiercely competitive for someone who doesn’t play sports. He will have full face-paint, a sign, and his favourite team’s jersey on. Opposite end of the spectrum, he’d be down to just hang out at his place and watch silly soap operas on the TV while cross-stitching.

France: He wouldn’t mind pursuing a bookstore and just getting lost in the aisles, reconnecting when you each find something interesting. He will end up spending way more money than he had intended… Afterwards, he would ask for company running errands – all normal stuff he doesn’t like to do by himself. The last stop is the liquor store for a bottle(s) of wine – want go back to his place and crack it open to watch old movies? He’d be down. He might suggest Funny Girl, and then dramatically reenact it as it plays, singing to all the songs.

China: He’s low-key – he’s at home doing nothing, you’re at home doing nothing, you may as well sit in the same room and do nothing together. He has some pretty interesting suggestions on how to pass the time – his favourite being heading to the closest airport and people-watching at the Arrivals gate. He likes making up stories to go along with the strangers he watches. After he might ask if you want to hit up a grocery store to get ingredients to cook something neat for dinner back at his or your place.

Russia: The day might start off innocently enough, grabbing a coffee at a local coffee shop, going for a walk, visiting a local animal shelter to play with the animals… but hanging out with him in the evening takes a very different shape. He’d invite you to go to the local bar and end up getting into a drinking competition with some strangers. You would wind up watching him do shots with crowds of strangers cheering him on and participating in arm-wrestling contests. For someone who is so shy, he is quite loud with a couple (several) drinks in him.

Canada: He’d come over (or invite you to his place) for a night of beer and board games. He’d play something like Settlers of Catan or Risk. If you have more friends that like to play games, he’d be down for inviting them along and participating in a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. This is when you’ll see he has a fairly twisted sense of humour… He’d find it fun to bust out the Super Nintendo and playing some Mario, or even challenging you to a fiercely competitive game of Mario Kart.