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A Dangerous Game (Suho Mafia!au fic) Chapter 12 - Red

Warnings: blood

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The color of passion, fresh apples, spring flowers, roses….and blood.

Looking down at my shaking hands which were stained red; my clothes, my shoes, my arms, my face…it all had red….

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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings : violence, drug abuse, cussing 

genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 1,624

character profile 

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey hey hey! this is my first bts x reader fic i’m kinda excited!!!, english is not my first language so please be nice with the critic! i had my friend matt proof read this so to make sure that i didn’t make any mistakes. this is going to be be multi chaptered, ill try to update once and if i can twice a week so i still have time to write one shots! also this one is more of an introduction but there is a teeny bit of yoongi x reader interaction at the end of this fic. hope you have fun reading this- sora 

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun wanted me to tag them when the chapter comes out so here it is dear!  

 Intro           chapter one 

Sighed y/n walked into the living room,  the evening sun illuminating her friends brown skin who was laying on the couch playing with her phone.“Wheres your sis’ y/n asked the short haired girl.’'She has a game , supposedly shell be pitching for all nine innings.’’ came a lazy reply. One would think that for twins they would be similar which turned out it wasn’t the case all. while rukiya had the same face as her sister imara they couldn’t be more different Imara was the bubbly, popular one who loved sports and early mornings ,while her sister was more stoic, cynic, a homebody who loved to sleep and watch tv.

 Don’t misunderstand rukiya was popular too but it was more that people were drawn to her because of her good looks and ’‘mysterious” aura instead of her personality. ‘’By the way akiho sent me a message that said we should be at 9pm at sin city’’ said the girl. ‘’Well lets hope there wont be a brawl or she’s going to lose her job’’ came a muffled reply from y/n as she was taking off her hoodie.

’’If that happens she’s going to kill ya you know’'y/n laughed ‘’ill burn that bridge when i get to it.’’ ‘’don’t you mean cross the bridge when you get to it?’’ rukiya asked confused ‘’i like the sound of burning a bridge better, kinda dramatic don’t you think?.’’ y/n said.  Rukiya rolled her eyes at that ‘’anyways hyun-jin cant come she has a date night with her girlfriend but if something comes up we can call her’’ ‘’aight aight’’ said y/n and walked towards the kitchen. Today’s mission wasn’t really that big or important just a meeting with a low grade gangster who thought he was slick by running his business in the streets that was obviously y/n’s territorial.  

As she arrived in the kitchen she immediately took out some vegetables, meat , noodles and started to cook. Thirty minutes later she took out two plates , placed them on the table and called rukiya to come to the table. The tall girl  plopped on the chair not bothered to sit upright and started to shovel in. ‘’myour food rally isch the bescht’’ y/n frowned ‘’stop talking with your mouth full you’re going to-’’ rukiyas coughing interrupted her , sighed walked over and hit her on the back several times and sat back down ‘’from the way your scarfing down that food someone might think you haven’t eaten for days’’ Rukiya looked at y/n ‘’you know damn well that akiho  cant cook and hyun-jin has a girlfriend who cooks for her the whole time’’ 

 Y/n raised one eyebrow ‘’and your point is?’’ she asked ‘’I’m trying to preserver just in case that day comes’’ rukiya shuddered , to be fair akihos cooking was disastrous how she always managed to mess up a simple recipe was a mystery to y/n ‘’You do realize that i cook most of the times?’’ ‘’exactly most of the time which means theres a time where you don’’ rukiya replied. ‘’Gosh what would y'all do without me’’ she sighed , stood up and started to collect the dishes and walked into the kitchen ‘’we’d probably be dead’’ came rukiyas voice from the living room who was still sitting at the table

‘’anyways-’’ she continued ‘’ I’m going to take a shower start getting ready.’’ ‘’Aight aight heard ya don’t use all my shampoo tho its from lush and was expensive as fuck!!’’ Y/n replied as she was putting the dishes into the dishwasher. She walked back into the living room looking for any mess that needed to be cleaned up. The apartment was simple. The walls were painted white , there were a few decorations on the walls , mostly paintings that either y/n or praveena  hyun-jins girlfriend drew. 

Pictures frames were scattered everywhere around the apartment some with people  that were long gone or not involved in her life anymore some with her current friends . A red couch was to be seen on the left side of the living room with a tv and  a small zen table that had a vase full of sunflowers that were withered. ‘’I need to throw them away-’’ y/n thought as she spotted them. ‘’Maybe ill go by the florist tomorrow when everything goes well tonight.’’ she continued.  She decided that shed throw them away another day as she simply didn’t feel like doing it at the moment and walked out of the living room straight to her bedroom. 

Turned on the light, opened the wardrobe and took out a pair of black jeans and a black sweatshirt. ‘’too much black?’’ she asked herself and chuckled remembering how once akiho told her ‘’that you couldn’t go wrong with black even if it means you’re head to toe dressed in it.’’ She quickly got dressed, took a hairband and pulled her hair into a low ponytail. Brooding over tonights plan she didn’t notice the tall girl standing in her doorway ‘’you kinda remind me of those ninjas or spies from the movies.’’ Y/n jumped

 ‘’Holy mother of fuck, can you stop doing that you’re going to give me an heart attack’’ she wheezed her hand on her chest trying to calm herself down. Rukiya chuckled and revealed her pearl white teeth. ‘’ I’m called panther for a reason’’ ‘’ok first stop that cuz you look creepy as fuck right now and secondly i gave you that name when i was drunk as hell but for some reason it stuck with you’’ ‘’ah yes-’’ rukiya replied , her hand on her chin looking up as if that would help recollect the memories of said night. ‘’That was at the freshmen frat party wasn’t it? didn’t you-’’ ‘’we don’t talk about that night’’ y/n interrupted and grimaced ‘’just like how barton and Romanov don’t talk about Budapest, which i still wanna know what happened  but i digress’’ she continued. 

‘’Anyways i’m ready lets hit the road i want to check out the fuckers before we officially meet’’ rukiya smirked and dangled the car keys. They both put on their shoes and walked out the door. Similar to y/n rukiya was wearing black pants with a dark purple hoodie with a black beanie on top. They arrived at the car , y/n sat into the passengers seat while rukiya walked around the car and sat into the drivers seat.

 ‘’Please for the love of god , just for once drive safely’’ y/n said. ‘’The hell do you mean i always drive safely’’ rukiya replied while lifting an eyebrow ‘’uhm no remember how you almost ran over that old lady at a crossroad? Or the time where you almost crashed into the car in front of us? god its like you’re playing need for speed or something’’ y/n countered back. ‘’Aight granny-’’ y/n playfully glared at her ‘’ at least let me pick out the music.’’ ‘’Yeh whatever we have the same music taste so sure go ahead.’’

The sun has already gone down, taking with her the bustling and business of people trying to get to their destination. The sky was painted dark blue, speckled with stars that could faintly be seen because of the city lights. the window rolled down as the summer wind blew into her face. Yn truly loved summer, the time where all types of people came out a night to gather and drink, talk have fun together and just live life. ‘’How ironic’’ she thought and scoffed bitterly. 

Here she was , on her way to something that could lead into a blood bath while people around her wont be knowing whats going on in the shady parts of Seoul. ‘’We’ve arrived’’ came Rukiya’s voice pulling y/n out of her thoughts. She unclasped the seat belt , reached to the backseat and fished out a backpack. ‘’We cant take the whole backpack with us so you gotta hide the guns and knives on your body’’ said y/n. Rukiya nodded absentmindedly while storing a few pocket knives into her holster around her forearm.

 They got out of the car, locked it and started to walk towards the club. Already from a far you could see people lining up to get inside. ‘’Apparently theres this rap battle going on and a few famous underground rappers are here’’  Rukiya said and lifted her eyebrows looking excitedly at y/n  ‘’we’re here for work’’ she reminded the tall girl . ‘’Honestly i could give a rats ass about work’’  ‘’me too but if they continue to do this bullshit in our district what do you think will that say about our group?’’ Y/n countered. 

‘’Yeh yeh whatever you say boss.’’ They arrived at the front door of the club where a big buffy security guard was standing ‘’business again?’’ he asked, his voice being almost drown from the beat that could be heard till outside. ‘’As usual’’ y/n replied. He stood aside and opened the door, just as they were passing y/n saw a boy that had striking mint blue hair . 

He was leaning against the wall next to the security guard holding a cigarette , dressed in black skinny jeans a white shirt and gold chains.  As she met his eyes, that seemed to be darker than the night, she saw that he was smirking as if he knew what kind of effect he had on people. She scoffed and rolled her eyes, she couldn’t believe it! the nerve he had to be smirking at her like that. Unknowingly to her he continued to stare at her as her figure vanished as she stepped into the the club.

part two tba next week!  


✿ i think this is the most carried away I’ve ever gotten on an ask! Major route spoilers follow, and each section sort of assumes you’ve played that character’s route. There are some vague mentions of the MC having suicidal thoughts and tons of mentions of them hating themselves, so proceed with caution, there’s a lot of serious stuff mixed in with the humor. (it’s hitman headcanons what do you expect.)

also at the top there you can see the doodles i did while I was planning all this out. Drawing helps me think!


  • At best, your association with the RFA is bizarre, and at worst, it’s pathetic.
  • Really. What sort of all-consuming, crushing ennui must you have been experiencing to accept some stranger’s phone-delivery quest and, even worse, to then agree to become a party-planner for a dubious charity organization?
  • (Because they ARE dubious, don’t think you didn’t catch on that they were threatening you into participating. Credit given where credit was due, it did get a chuckle out of you.)
  • It did concern you when Luciel, self proclaimed Hacker God, started doing a background check… but either he didn’t realize that your workplace - Hyundai Electronics - was a front for an assassination agency, or he just didn’t care.
  • Or - hah. Maybe he thought it was just as funny as you did that a hitman was now a philanthropist?
  • Was this atonement? Was it boredom? Maybe you just didn’t want to think of where you’d be going in two weeks, and who you’d be offing once you got there. Killing kids left a sour taste in your mouth, but apparently some politician in Cambodia needed to be reminded what exactly he stood to lose… and at this point? You didn’t have much of a choice.
  • (just keep telling yourself that. maybe one day you’ll believe it.)
  • Eleven days… You’ll spend eleven days with these strange people, plan their party, and then you’ll be gone again, off to sell the last dregs of your soul for profit. That was how you’d expected things to go.
  • Of course, nothing ever works out as planned, does it?

(headcanons proper are underneath the read more)

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Chibs Telford - Gypsy Magic |3|

It had been about a week and Clay allowed me to work for them there. I had no memory, as far as they knew, no money, no place to go, and it only helped my case when Gemma told Clay how good of a worker I happened to be.

So I’d been working at the club as I said for about a week. I kept the place clean for the most part. Helped out behind the bar. And did just whatever they needed from me. Most of the guys didn’t interact with me at first. I figured this was because I was an outsider and they didn’t know a whole lot about me.

But it was funny because I knew so much about them.

I guess that’s a major plus to watching the show as much as I have.

As I was cleaning down the bar the guys all came inside. I overheard something being said about guns.

Jesus what a time to be alive and in the SoA fandom.

“Hey darlin’.”

Chibs said approaching the bar. I gave him a friendly smile, over the anxiousness that I felt the first week around him. He was nice, charming, and extremely cheeky when he wanted to be.


I asked him. He nodded as I bent down behind the counter to grab him one and popped the cap open, setting the beer down on the counter.

“There you go.”

I told him still smiling. He just grinned and nodded his head. I stood there pretending to wipe down the counter in front of him. It was then I noticed he wasn’t really paying attention to his beer. Out of thr corner of my eye I looked up and seen he was looking at me.

“You okay?”

I asked wondering the reason why he’d been watching me. He ran his hand across his chin as he looked at me with those dark eyes.

“Just taking in the hair, darlin’.”

He said. I couldn’t help but snort a little as an awkward smile came to my lips.

“Cotton Candy?”

I asked causing him to look at me oddly.

“What it looks like. Cotton Candy.”

I said explaining it better. His grin spread apparently seeing it now.

“Aye. It does remind me of it now.”

I smiled as I moved down the bar a bit still cleaning it.

“And what about those piercings in yer face?”

He asked I glanced down the way at him. He was talking about the piercings under my lips.

“Oh these, I dunno, guess I just liked the way they looked?”

I said with a shrug. He’d either take it as I couldn’t remember why I got them or that was the reason for having them. Regardless it was the honest answer.

I removed the rag from the counter as I walked back over to the bucket of cleaner. I heard someone else come up to the bar.

“Working hard again I see?”

Turning around I seen Gemma standing there with a hand on her hip. Chibs was no longer watching me and had his attention on her.

“Trying my best.”

I said with a small smile. Gemma nodded at me. She turned to her purse and pulled out a list.

“Here’s somethings I need you to get from Murphy’s store. I’m having a dinner tonight and I need the food and other things on the list.”

She informed me. I dried off my hands on my pants and took the list from her. I looked over it and seen that there was a lot here. Murphy’s was about a two mile walk from here and with all the things on the list It’d be hard to bring them back.


I said looking back up at her. She raised a brow and looked at me oddly.


She asked sounding kinda suprised. I stood there quiet for a moment as the two of us just looked at one another.

“Is that not… right? Was I not suppose to agree?”

I asked not understanding. She gave a slight smirk and lifted her head a bit.


She told me as she turned her head toward Chibs.

“Chibby, will you run her down there? I’d feel bad making her walk all that way.”

“Course ma.”

Gemma leaned down and gave Chibs a kiss on the cheek.

“Thanks sweetheart.”

She told the man. Gemma handed me some money for the things as I stood there confused. After she left I turned to look at Chibs.

“What just happened?”

I asked confused. Chibs shrugged, he didn’t seem to sure about it either.

“Test I think. Gem does that to a lot of the girls round here. See how dedicated they are and their personality things like that.”

I just looked at Chibs with a small smile. I snorted and shook my head for a moment.

Glad I passed this time.

Joker Imagine - Zombie Virus

Anonymous said:hi can you do joker x reader where he kidnapped her but then there’re this virus that started to turn people into zombies. joker and reader are the only two people who didn’t get infected. reader is an innocent girl who didn’t know how to fight or protect herself so the joker has to protect her from the zombies and they ended up falling for each other? this would be fun xx love your blog

AN: Thanks for the request. I’m glad you love my blog haha AND SORRY FOR THE LONG WAIT :C

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Joker’s P.O.V.

What a fucking mess.

Somehow the entire city of Gotham was a complete destruction. The CIA had tested something here secretly and failed miserably. A virus started spreading through the city and the lucky people managed to leave before it was too late. Now the entire city was isolated from the rest of the world. It was a huge city, but millions of people escaped. Now we were here, but still about hundreds of thousands of people were left here, spreading the virus and turning soulless braineaters. Leaving would be very hard since literally zombies were lurking around everywhere. I even lost my henchmen and my only friend, Frosty. It hurt, but I had to stay strong. I had hope that I could get out of this city that would probably get burned down someday.

I was alone in my big block of flats ,packing bags so I could fill my car and flee. I was so pissed at the CIA and overall the government for letting this happen. Gotham City was never going to be the same. Everything would have to be destroyed completely to get rid of the virus and it could take tens and tens of years. I’d be lucky to get out of here.

Suddenly I heard something. I froze on the spot and grabbed my gun tightly. I looked around the dim hall and tried to find whatever was moving. That’s when I saw a reflection of someone behind me from the mirror, causing me to turn around and point at the person with my gun before I’d get bitten. ‘’No! P-Please don’t shoot me!’’ A girl whimpered and stepped back, raising her arms in surrender. My grip loosened on the gun and I looked at her in surprise. A fucking healthy person.

She had Y/H/C hair, put into a ponytail and she had some wounds, but she didn’t seem infected. I looked into her pretty E/C eyes and saw how scared she was. ‘’Please Joker..I’m not infected. I thought..I thought you weren’t either so ..maybe you could help me’’  She admitted very nervously while staring at my gun. ‘’Me? Help you?’’ I laughed at first and lowered my gun. Damn she had guts tho!

‘’Please! My friend is at the borders so we could pass easily. But I can’t get there by myself’’ She admitted and held back tears. Now we were talking. ‘’I can’t fight and even less protect myself. If..If you want, I can get us both out of Gotham’’ She tried to make me listen to her. The deal sounded valid and good. I looked at her darkly and tried to think. She was trembling in fear and I knew she was relying on me. How bittersweet.

‘’Fine’’ I sighed and put my gun into my jacket. Then I reached out my hand so we could seal the deal. The girl grabbed my hand nervously and so we shook hands. ‘’What’s your name pretty?’’ I asked and then looked around us to make sure no zombies were hunting for us. ‘’I’m Y/N’’ She let me know and then looked at me. She was very beautiful.

‘’Well Y/N I’m honoured that you came to me’’ I giggled, even tho I bet she only came because she was pretty sure I wasn’t infected. So what, at least I knew that passing the border would be easier now. ‘’Thank you so much for not shooting me’’ She thanked me and sounded very grateful. Something told me that this would be more fun than I thought. It didn’t suck to be with her because being alone made the voices in my head get stronger. I had pretty much lost everyone I ever had also my home.

‘’Let’s start by packing my car with guns, bullets, loads of water and first aid kits’’ I said with a bossy voice and walked to the stairway. Y/N followed me closely and I knew she was probably scared to death. She seemed innocent, like a good girl and I, an evil villain was her last hope

                      Two days passed somehow slowly. We had packed the car and I taught her how to shoot. Her hands were shaky and she shot far away from the target, but she was getting the grip. Our targets were zombies we shot from the windows. First she was terrified, but she grew to like it. It’s not like zombie lives mattered anyway.

We were packing the last food I had in my penthouse and I knew we were going to leave. I loved this house so much, but  I had to say goodbye. It made me feel so empty it was ridiculous. I never thought that a place could mean so much. ‘’Do you know where you’re going when we pass the border?’’ Y/N asked me while drinking some clean water. She was obviously more comfortable with me know. We both kinda relied on each other so we had to get along.

‘’Yeah, I’m going to New York city. Reminds me most of Gotham’’ I told her while looking out of the big window. The penthouse was so high that I was sure no one could get up here, but the danger was still there. The streets were trashed, full of bodies and then zombies. The sky seemed to have a dirty red colour and the city smelled like shit. Everything was destroyed.

‘’Well what a coincidence’’ Y/N said somehow happily. I turned to look at her. She had taken a shower earlier so her hair was still a little wet. She was wearing all black jeans, a top, combat boots and a leather jacket. She also had a gun that I gave to her even tho she sucked at shooting, at least so far. ‘’Well you won’t get rid of me after all then’’ I chuckled, feeling kinda happy that she was going there as well. At least our ride would be longer together.

‘’So..When are we leaving?’’ She asked me, putting the glass down. I sighed and looked at my golden watch. ‘’In ten minutes. We could already go down into the car’’  I explained and the same empty feeling took over me. I would really miss Gotham City. Y/N nodded and grabbed the last bag with food. I grabbed my gun and led the way out of the penthouse. Goodbye my home, the place of amazing memories..

Just as I opened the door, I saw a zombie in the hall, in front of the elevator. It was growling and shaking. It’s skin was rotten and I could see that it’s cheeks were hollow. The zombie saw us and tried to attack, but I shot it three times in the head until it fell on the ground. It tried to crawl to us, but it was unable to move. ‘’Let’s go’’ I growled and glanced at Y/N who looked scarred for life. We got into the elevator and I pushed her in the corner to keep her safe.

The elevator took us down and the doors slid open. The parking hall was very risky because anyone could come here. Before stepping out of the elevator, I looked around the dark parking hall. I saw a few abandoned cars, but my car was nearly right in front of us because I left it there. It was pretty full, but the front seats were there for us.

‘’It’s clear’’ I whispered and walked out, gun first. Y/N was obviously scared, but she trusted me enough to follow me. First I opened the car door for her and she sat in. Just as I shut the door for her,she screamed. I turned around and started shooting. A zombie had tried to sneak up to me, but now it was on the ground. ‘’Fucking hell’’ I spat and then hurried to my side of the car. I shut the door and then locked all doors so no one could open them. My heart was beating hard in my chest and I felt adrenaline pumping through my system.

That’s when I heard heavy breathing. I glanced at Y/N who was finding it hard to breathe calmly. ‘’Hey -relax. We’re okay’’ I reminded her while starting the engine that growled loudly. ‘’I thought it fucking bit you’’ She admitted and rubbed her eyes. I didn’t like seeing her  like this. So I put my hand on her knee and rubbed it gently. ‘’I’m fine, okay? Let’s go now. Freedom is awaiting’’ I tried to make her calm down. Y/N looked into my eyes and then nodded slightly. 

I started driving and I headed straight onto the highway. I had to be careful because the zombies threw themselves on the road and it was full of weird things. I looked at the buildings I once knew well. Now they were broken, burnt and full of living dead.Even my club was a big mess. It was the last time I ever saw Gotham, the city I loved yet terrorized every night.

After driving for a quarter, I decided to turn off the radio. A woman was speaking, trying to reach those who were uninfected. I had heard that speech a trillion times already. ‘’Did you lose anyone?’’ I asked Y/N and tried to start a conversation. ‘’Yeah..’’ She started and then swallowed. Oops, I probably asked something wrong. It wasn’t my fault I wasn’t the best guy to talk to. All I ever discussed was crime, not normal topics.

‘’I lost my daughter’’ She admitted and that’s when my heart made a weird thing happen. I glanced at her again and saw sorrow on her pretty face. ‘’I’m sorry’’ I muttered and then kept my eyes on the road. ‘’It’s okay Joker.. The night the virus spread, I was out with her, playing in the park. She was just four’’ She started, but teared up and sounded completely devastated. But talking did good so I let her open up to me.

‘’I heard her screaming and I..I saw someone biting her..I didn’t know what to do..It..It happened to fast’’ She started crying. I felt bad for her. Losing someone important hurt, no matter who you were. ‘’Then t-they said that we had to evacuate and anyone who was bitten should be left behind. I waited in hopes my daughter was fine..but she wasn’t. T-Then it was too late for me to escape safely..I had to kill her’’ She let me know something so deep. Ouch.

‘’I’m sorry Y/N..I really am’’ I admitted while driving towards the borders. They were extended for safety reasons. She was crying now so I grabbed a tissue from the hand box and gave it to her. She mumbled and thanks and then wiped away her tears.  Based on what she told me, she was a single mother. Or else she would have said something about her boyfriend as well.

After a while we started talking about more ‘normal’ things. That made time pass quicker as we drove. Before we knew it, we saw the heavily guarded borders. ‘’ friend is at the 37th district right there. They..They would probably not let you go but I’ll make her do that’’ She said and pointed to our right. I drove there and then put on the hat and sunglasses I took with me. 

I slowed down and suddenly a redhead walked over. She was wearing a very protecting suit, almost like she worked in a lab or something. I rolled down the window and let Y/N do her business. First she showed a pass to her friend. ‘’Leave quickly, okay? The second you get through, just speed like there’s no brakes. Or else you’ll be stopped. I’ll reassure the other guards that you weren’t infected so you should be safe’’ The redhead told us quietly.

Y/N and I thanked her in unison and then I rolled up the window. I watched as the gates opened for us. ‘’Hold on tight’’ I told Y/N and then hit the gas pedal, making us go quickly The other guards stepped aside and we were long gone before they could do anything. We were out of Gotham city. I looked behind us through the mirror and watched the gates closing. That’s the last time I’d ever be so close.

‘’We’re safe now’’ I breathed out and got on the big road. Immediately I saw more traffic, but not that much. People were just driving far away from that living dead city. ‘’Now what?’’ Y/N mumbled nervously. ‘’What?’’ I tilted my head curiously and glanced at her quickly.

‘’What are you going to do to me? You don’t need me anymore..’’ She muttered nervously and looked at me. I sighed and tried to make up my mind. I couldn’t just let her go now. I hadn’t even taught her how to shoot properly yet! ‘’Well we’re going to New York city together, right? I got millions of dollars so we can stay at hotels while driving, then when we get there I’ll start teaching you how to shoot. I’ll start a new gang there’’ I explained rather casually. Y/N looked nonplussed by my words.

‘’Aren’t you going to dump me somewhere?’’ She nearly gasped. It made me laugh at her. ‘’No dummy, you’re with me and I won’t let you go. You know me too well to just walk away’’ I warned her and then sighed deeply. Instead of making her cry, she smiled. ‘’Good. I kinda always found you fascinating Joker’’ Y/N admitted and that’s when her crazy side was peeking through. No sane person would ever find me anything close to good.

Time to start a new ‘evil’ revolution in New York city with someone by my side!

A Simple Crappy Burger

Just another evening in Wayne Manor.

Jason didn’t really want to be here. “Here” being the hallway. Well, the hallway was fine, it was the rooms it was attached to. Not all of the rooms. Dick’s room was fine. Lots of… feelings attached to it though. Mostly “holy crap Dick, did you really think you could fool me like that, I mean really” feelings. The guy could at least fake his death better. Tim’s room was fine too. It smelled like caffeine though, even though Tim hadn’t been home in over a month. Seriously, he could smell it from down the hall.

He had some issues with Bruce’s room. The guy tried, he really did, but they didn’t really have a relationship anymore. Too many words said and actions done. But that was fine. They were in the same house and they weren’t trying to kill/arrest one another. Compared to before, everything was sunshine and daisies between them.

He had some issues with his own room too. Seriously, Bruce hadn’t done anything with it? It was exactly as he had left it, with math homework on the desk and a pencil balanced precariously on the headboard of the bed. Nothing had changed and it was kind of… creepy. He didn’t like to go in there. When he stayed here, he normally crashed on the couch downstairs. Mostly because of the room, but partly because waking up to Alfred looking down on him in disapproval for something so innocent was really refreshing compared to the disapproving looks he got from Bruce for shooting fourteen thugs in the skulls for dealing to kids. Which had been four months ago. But clearly, Bruce had issues letting go. His room was a prime example.

Of course, neither of those rooms were why he was here.

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Capable Hands

The random RP Generator gave me this option three times in a row. It was fate telling me that there is no way to stop it. 

Angst: Death, assisted suicide, zombie apocalypse AU

‘Lucy is infected by a zombie bite and Natsu has to put her down.’

With a mighty swing, Natsu brought the bat across the jaw of an infected, wincing at the sickening crack of bone as he made sure that this particular creature would not infect anyone and be unable to feast.

At his back, his shotgun rested useless, drained of ammo until he managed to make it back to the base. At his belt, his pistols remained empty as well.

They never calculated the mass amounts of infected that could have been locked away in the warehouse. Wherever the healthy hid during the outbreak, they stayed there after infection. And if an infected hid with them, it turned into a fox in a hen house scenario.

So, when their team unlocked the warehouse, it unleashed hell itself. At least a dozen infected had gathered at the door and they assumed that was all.

They were horribly wrong. 

There were more numbers scattered about the shelves of the warehouse, hidden and waiting for a turned back. The creatures were getting smarter with every encounter. It was only a matter of time before they figured out how to open doors and pick locks, he thought morbidly.

Twisting, his bloody bat crashed into the neck of another zombie, severing the head and clearing his area of threats. 

He could hear the echoes of gunshots, the groans of the ‘undead’, and calls for retreat. His walkie talkie burst with commands that they got enough food and it was time to go.

Turning on his heel, he sprinted down old stores of cans and boxes, reminding him of the time before the infection. History and sustenance filled the shelves, although it was to be used sparingly to prevent scarcity. It would be one thing to starve after risking it all.

 His lean body weaved between the aisles, eyes scanning every dark corner before longingly skimming the palates of food that could only be reached with forklifts.  So much food that cannot be reached without attracting attention, fate was cruel.

His gear beat against him as he moved, feet skidding towards the main doors where the team planned to meet at the first sight of danger.

In his gaze, he saw them, fighting off the black and blue toned creatures and backing away towards the transport truck. On their lips, his name was being called.

“Natsu! Where are you?!”

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