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Quickie Guide to the Falcosaur Battle Pets *updated w/ last pet*

Hi everyone! I wanted to make an amateur guide on for anyone looking to find the new 7.1 Falcosaur battle pets.

These pets are special in the way that they’re similar to the Winterspring Frostsaber or Venomhide Ravasaur: you pop them out and they give you quests for you to do their bidding!

You can obtain these pets individually - there’s 4 total, one for each zone - by the respective falcosaur World Quest up in that area. I’m going to try to include screenies but we’re subjected to my bad memory.

But before you do any hunting, make sure you grab food to feed them. Everyone knows the way to anyone’s heart is a full stomach!

There’s tons of vendors in the Broken Isles that sell the food each baby wants, but we can acquire everything in our very own Dalaran.

Fialla Sweetberry outside of the cheese shop sells 2 of 4 food items: Pungent Vrykul Gamalost and Dried Bilberries. Your local innkeeper in Dalaran should sell the Smoked Elderhorn, and the Azsunian Grapes can be purchased off of the fruit vendor Applebough.

Note: You only need 1 (or 5 if you right-click like me because money ain’t no thang) food for the dialog to enable on the baby.

Now that we’re equipped with our baby-napping weapons and briberies, it’s time to locate the little dumplings.

The Orphan babies will always spawn in the same spot and are available to anyone who qualifies on the tag for the Matriarch.

Because of this, you might need to kill her a few times to get him to spawn, but the average amount is anywhere from 1 to 5 kills.

As previously mentioned, they are only able to be caught when the World Quest for that zone is up.

In Azsuna (the Bloodgazer Hatchling)

the Orphan will spawn between the rocks at 35, 7 with the Matriarch nearby as depicted in the screenshot below.

above: babby location. below: mama location

Tip: You CAN /target Orphan him, but otherwise his name will be yellow and you’ll be able to click on him for dialogue speech to pop up. You will feed him food and he’ll be added to your Pet Journal.

In Highmountain (the Snowfeather Hatchling)

The Matriarch is located at 35, 21 around this area.

The Orphan baby is up on a hill (it’s all hills!!?1) at 32, 28, and depicted below

In Val'Sharah (the Sharptalon Hatchling)

The Matriarch spawns around 48, 9 and the baby spawns at 47, 10. I’ve highlighted the spots in this screenshot (why didn’t I do that for anything else omg)

Don’t worry, there’s a slope/ramp-type object that levitates us. I did not hack in the first screenie. We can do this, team.

In Stormheim (the Direbeak Hatchling)

The Matriarch spawns near 78, 76. For those without coords she’s around the bottom of the WQ icon on the map, in plain sight for all of us to slaughter. The Orphan is a little bit unique in this case: because of where he’s at, you have to run up this hill:

(the pathing is above - it’s the rock cluster with seagulls on it, the orphan spot is marked with an orange flare in the distance)

and here’s here on this cliff below:

Note that he’s got some weird phasing so you won’t see him when you’re walking up the hill until you land back on the cliff. It might help you to put a raid flare down on the cliff.

Also: as a healer, this one for some reason was ungodly difficult to do by myself. I had to have someone come help, if the screenshot wasn’t evident enough.

And lastly - my favorite - they like to make noises. Remember to name yours to something cute for when they talk!

Babby says: Errrrrrr…

Additional information such as initial locations, coords, etc. were provided by Wowhead users - I’m just trying to compile it more easily. Thanks for reading and thanks to anyone who contributed!