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Since it’s gonna be quite some time before we get next shimanami tasogare chapters I have a manga I would like to recommend that I think people who liked shimanami tasogare will also like!

Ohana Holoholo by Shino Torino

the official summary is:

Saya, who works as a translator, lives with her bisexual former girlfriend, Michiru, and Michiru’s son, Yuuta. Residing in the same apartment building is an actor called Nico, who drops by for a visit almost everyday, and knows about Michiru’s past. Somewhat like family, and somewhat not, their lives interweave full of warm days.

Every single of the main three adults is bisexual (Nico was involved with Yuuta’s dad) and they all rise the kid together. It’s just a nice slice of life about unconventional family with a lovely art.

The manga is complete in japan (six volumes) and while the translation for it is slow it’s steady enough (we are by the end of second volume now).

Anyway, I would give it a try cause it’s not real popular but it’s a real lovely manga.

Sidenote: while I wouldn’t say it’s canon or was even necessairly the author intention theres a few stuff that seem to imply that Saya is a trans woman. Please note that as far as I know it’s not said outright or even if it was the author intention at all, but I still think it’s worth mentioning. Unfortunetly, if you want a manga with explicitly trans character this is not one of them.

  • me picking food for my hamster: okay so if i blend these three mixes i get 18% total protein, 5.67% total fat, and 7.83% total fiber which is about right for her, there's plenty of unprocessed ingredients in addition to pellets and probiotics, there's some added sugar in one of these mixes though which is unfortunate
  • me picking food for myself: eh, ill just make instant ramen again

angeryginger  asked:

I cooked and ate probably expired eggs and made a proper breakfast with them, which I hadn't done for myself in months. I love to cook and I hadn't eaten anything healthy for days but I'm 80% sure the eggs were bad so... Is that self care or self harm???? WHOM KNOWS

did i ever talk on here about how i once ate 10 month old sour cream because i didn’t read the year on the expiry date and thought it was still 2 months away from going bad

Me: I love green beans

Some rando who I’ve never spoken to before in my inbox, completely unprompted: idk… I’ve tried green beans several times but I just don’t get what’s so great about them? I think they’re gross. maybe it’s because I don’t like the color green, or beans. but everyone seems to love them and I just don’t get the hype. in my opinion cauliflower is the best vegetable. that’s just my opinion, anyway

every day at two in the morning the washroom on my dorm floor smells unmistakably of bacon and i live in perpetual fear that the end of the semester will come and i still won’t have identified the source

ive gotten to the point where like, i can recognize things that i do for instant gratification (weed, caffeine, snacking, buying shit i dont need) but i havent made any motions towards not doing those things because like… i feel very empty and joyless if i dont

music is a good substitute but sometimes it doesnt Work and it is frustrating