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Update: Rusty came back

We went and played with him outside hes a really sweet cat

he does the thing where if you bend over and put your hand out he sticks his head in your palm

we’ve been feeding him hot dogs 

I’m pretty sure he was really lonely before we found him he seems pretty starved for food and for affection

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roughly a dozen or so teeny peridoodles i made while trying to work through some heavy sads

my friend said “finger beans” so thats what inspired me to draw peridot with pudgy little finger beans

(the doodles still get sorta sad toward the end anyway cuz thats just who i am as a person)


ah ah hung out with @splatterfilm downtown today and had yummy matcha latte and ramen while discussing the BEST GAME (◞ꈍ∇ꈍ)◞♥

sam also drew my fav THREE FE:IF BABIES SCREAMS
we also had the funniest / friendliest waiter it was great xD
*i shamelessly stole some of these pics from her twitter


I’ve always wanted to try out this Green Arrow Chili Recipe, and I finally did so last Sunday.

For any of the ingredients I didn’t have, I mostly bought them at Stater Bros., including all of the chili powders. Cooked in a crock pot on Low for almost 8 hours, dropped the beans and brown sugar in the pot about 6 hours in… and I don’t have Tabasco nor did I want to buy any; but I do have Tapatio (and also Sriracha) on hand along with chips (instead of Saltines). Added onion on top in the end.

… And it’s not as hot as this picture would like me to believe. Actually, it was pretty mild without the hot sauce. I mean unless the “Tabasco to taste” was Ollie dropping the whole bottle in, I can’t imagine this kind of reaction lol. Still, p good.