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Come on Dean, we know you love it

my flock: treats
  • me: *throws whole piece of bread onto the ground*
  • chickens: jesus CHRIST we gotta consume this as quickly as possible and shove the LARGEST pieces down our throats lmao what is pacing??? what is choking??? what is tearing off a small piece supposed to do??? waste of time
  • me: *throws down whole strawberries, blueberries, chunks of broccoli*
  • chickens: exCusE mE???? the fuck is this??? did your dumb ass forget how to cut food down to size??? why have these not been carefully sliced to accommodate our delicate throats and beaks??? you forget your purpose here, human

Finding your thoughts drifting toward food, unprovoked, is a hunger cue.

Feeling your attention drawn toward food around you or in front of you is a hunger cue.

A mild brain fog or trouble focusing is, often, a hunger cue. 

Fatigue is often a hunger cue.

A sense of emptiness high up in your stomach is a hunger cue. 

A feeling of increased acidity or emptiness in the stomach is a hunger cue. 

Increased preoccupation with food is a hunger cue. 

A craving for salt, sweetness, sourness, or brothy-ness is, likely, a hunger cue. 

Eating something when you start to get one of these cues. Don’t wait for a rumbly stomach or lightheadedness. 

What are some other hunger cues you recognize in yourself? 

Chef the whale shark loves to cook and specialises in seafood. Chef is a little clumsy with the knife, but with every dish she gets a little better.

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Oh no, it’s another road trip travelogue. At the beginning of August, my two best buds and I drove up to Montreal from New York and had an extremely charming time. Here are my notes, featuring narwhals, toilet plants, a garbage barge, a graveyard, several breakfasts, Leonard Cohen, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly, “luxury rubbish,” Blink-182 (Syd wanted to note that we all sang along), dirt bowls, nickel-sized hail, and disco water. Please forgive my awful French.

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Pets at Home is taking dry cat food off the shelves after animals started fitting

PETS at Home has recalled four lines of cat food after some animals collapsed and started fitting. The major pet retailer said the three cats became “seriously unwell”.

A statement on the company’s website says: “We are sorry to inform you that we are recalling these AVA products from our range of dry cat food.

“An investigation has revealed that, in the four affected products, the level of thiamine (vitamin B1) was much lower than we had specified. Testing confirmed only these four products are affected.

“We are aware of three cats which, sadly, became seriously unwell four to six weeks after switching to one of the affected products and required veterinary care. All three cats exhibited symptoms of sudden collapse, fitting, widespread twitching and general unsteadiness which are not the classic symptoms of thiamine deficiency.”

What AVA products are affected?

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Mature 7+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 2kg

Product code (under the barcode): 7120400

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6181 – best before 30 June 2017

6295 – best before 22 October 2017

6363 – best before 29 December 2017

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Mature 7+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 4kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712401

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6169 – best before 18 June 2017

6210 – best before 29 July 2017

6252 – best before 09 September 2017

6325 – best before 21 November 2017

7016 – best before 16 January 2018

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Senior 12+ Cat Food Optimum Health

Pack size: 2kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712402

Batch codes:

6161 – best before 10 June 2017

6166 – best before 15 June 2017

6229 – best before 17 August 2017

Product: AVA Veterinary Approved Grain Free Adult Cat Food Indoor/Neutured

Pack size: 1.5kg

Product code (under the barcode): 712407

Batch codes:

6165 – best before 14 June 2017

6166 – best before 15 June 2017

6188 – best before 07 July 2017

7006 – best before 6 January 2018

“If you have bought any of the listed products with the specified product codes, please return it to where you bought it for a full refund or call 0800 328 4204.“If you have concerns that your cat may be showing any of these symptoms after switching to one of the four affected products then you should stop feeding and seek immediate veterinary advice.“You can also contact one of Pets At Home customer advisers on 0800 328 4204 for general advice.”

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stellafelice  asked:

hello ! Do you have any advice for a first time snail purchaser?

i’m so happy that you’re interested in the wonderful world of snails! i would love to give you some advice.

getting ready for your new snails

snapartment (snail apartment)

before you adopt any snails, you should prepare a cozy home for them. i keep mine in a 10 gallon aquarium that works perfectly. if you decide to use this aquarium, i highly suggest you also get a cover like this. it’s not the exact one that i have, but i’m sure it will work great. next, you will need some kind of substrate. i use plain soil that i found at walmart for my snails, and i recently bought some coconut soil that i’m going to try out (ill post about that soon!) i also bought two succulents and planted them in the aquarium. succulents are great for snail habitats because they’re cute, they don’t need a lot of water or sun, and snails love to climb them! i found some rocks outside and washed them thoroughly in the sink and placed them in the aquarium as well, along with some glass stones which i also washed. i also added a little terra-cotta pot for them to crawl all over and hide in. the first couple of nights, snails would sleep inside of it, but now it’s old news to them and they just ignore it. i use a spray bottle to regularly mist the aquarium, as snails like their homes to be a little moist. i keep a shallow water dish in their home. it’s important to keep it shallow because snails can drown.

if you are going to get a giant african land snail, there are some different requirements, like a heat mat and a larger tank.


for feeding, i highly recommend using a mandoline like this one to prepare food for your snails. it makes thin slices that are easy for them to eat. my snails love carrot the most, but they are also fond of kale, asparagus, and mushrooms. all snaily food should be sliced into a little snaily size!!!

foods that snails can eat:

  • apple
  • banana
  • beans
  • blueberries
  • fish food soaked in water
  • mango
  • romaine lettuce
  • potato
  • dandelion leaves
  • strawberries (mine are not fond of strawberries, but many snails are!)
  • plum
  • cauliflower
  • cherries
  • watermelon
  • tomato
  • mushrooms
  • raisins
  • turnips
  • cabbage
  • basil
  • cuttlebone
  • boiled egg
  • and more! google will be your friend.

foods that you shouldn’t feed snails:

  • salt
  • salty foods
  • avocado
  • onion
  • grapefruit
  • lime
  • lemon
  • leeks
  • spinach
  • rhubarb
  • parsley
  • celery

tips about feeding:

  • the darker the greens, the better! darker greens like kale have more chlorophyll which makes it healthier and more nutritious for snails (and humans!)
  • avoid cucumber. snails love cucumber, but sometimes they love it so much that they become “picky eaters” and will only want to eat cucumber.
  • have a designated eating area, above the ground. this makes clean up easier. plus, snails will learn where to go if they are hungry.
  • wash food before feeding. snails have survival instincts that will keep them from eating food treated with pesticides or chemicals. a lot of our food has those, so always give the food a nice rinse before preparing it
  • feed your snails once a day, and remove any food that they didn’t eat the next day.
  • give them clean water each day. they like to bathe, and sometimes the water can fill up with dirt, poop, or even slime. it’s just nice to replenish their water every day.
  • feed snails, especially babies, a variety of foods each day. otherwise they can become fussy eaters. snail babies who are introduced to many foods opposed to just one or two are healthier and live longer.
  • notice a soft shell? your snails need more calcium!!

acquiring snails

i adopted my little garden snails from… a garden. i think looking for snails in nature is fun and a Good Time. i haven’t purchased a snail online (yet), but i know there are a few websites, and even shops on ebay, that sell snails. snails are social dudes that like having friends so probably buy more than one.

the snails are HERE

⚡️always wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling snails!! ⚡️

snails have personalities. some are shy while others are little party people. if your snail is not coming out of his shell, don’t worry. try massaging their foot or lightly spraying them with water. give them some time to adjust to their new crib.

if you notice any eggs in the soil, crush them or boil them or freeze them, unless you want hundreds of little cute baby snails that you cannot practically care for but will inevitably become emotionally attached to.

if your snail bubbles up when you try to touch or hold them, don’t worry, they are not dying. this is what snails do when they are anxious. just give your snails some time to get used to you.

one thing i’ve noticed, at least with my snails, is that they will immediately try to escape their new home before settling in. i imagine it like a human being locked in a luxury hotel. at first, they’ll try to get out, because that’s the instinct… but once they realize they’re stuck in there for a while, they’ll probably take advantage of all the amenities like the food and the pool and everything else.

your snail friends will learn who you are and recognize you by your scent. snails are good little sniffers. i’ve had snails who love to be held and pet by me, but bubble up when held by anyone else.

if a snail is sticky-stuck to something, DONT pull on their shell!!! slide the snail along the glass and eventually they will let go. if you must lift a snail, lift from their head because that is the stickiest part and less likely to hurt.

be sure to clean the tank at least once a week.

bonding with the snail dudes

my snails love me. i’m sure your snails will love you as well. at first, they might be scared of you, but soon they’ll recognize you as the big warm thing that gives them food and love. once your snail is comfy with you and likes to crawl on your hand, try petting them. start by gently petting their shell. they love it. you can also gently stroke their little bodies and heads, but don’t poke their eyes please. it hurts them and makes them sad. if you accidentally poke em, don’t worry too much, they’ll forgive you.

SNAILS LOVE CLIMBING. ok this is probably my favorite thing that snails do. when holding a snail, try to putting a finger or two directly above their head. they will get really excited and CLIMB UP ONTO YOUR FINGERS. they just love climbing. one of my little snails, rocco, loves climbing the most. he will lift up his entire head and body in hopes that i will give him a finger to climb on. when i put him back in the tank, he will immediately climb wherever he can, especially onto another snail. be attentive. snails sometimes get really excited about climbing. rocco has fallen off of my hand from trying to climb when there wasn’t anything to climb on.

there is nothing cuter than a snail drinking out of a sink. while i opt to give my snails bottled water 99% of the time, i can’t resist letting them drink tap water every now and then because it is so cute. take your (awake) snail to the sink. turn it on so it is barely running, but not just dripping. have it warm or lukewarm if you can. put your hand close to water. your snail will be very confused for a moment, but then they will drink and shower under the water. it is very good.

cute and good snail quirks

  • when a snail decides they want to go somewhere, they GO. they don’t rly understand the concept of going around things, they just GO. so, when a snail wants to go, they will climb over literally anything in the way, whether it be the entire water dish, a pile of food, or another snail who is trying to eat or sleep… the snail will just GO until they get to THE THING.
  • snails are a little dumb. they will learn where the food and water is, and they will get very confused if they go to the spot and there is no food/water. i have come home to find a snail just sitting in the empty water dish, waiting for the water to show up. it’s cute.
  • i’ve been holding a snail as i’ve typed this and the little dude FELL ASLEEP on my HAND. he trusts me!!!! he trusts me to keep him safe and to stop him from falling. oh my goodness, live tweet, he is just now waking up. he is peeping his little eyes out. i love this snail.
  • snails can’t hear… but i still tell them i love them bc i need to vocalize it.
  • snails are most active at night and will eat/drink the most then.
  • snails keep all their important organs in their shell, so don’t try to remove it or paint it!!
  • snails can live for YEARS!!!
Comfort Food (Leonard x Plus Size!Reader) Imagines - Anonymous Request

Rip yelled at you for completely messing up the navigation system and calculations to finding Savage’s next whereabouts. In doing so, he made you cry and Leonard came to comfort you…


“Hey, ________.”

You looked up to see Leonard.

“Catch,” he said. Swinging his hand back, he threw an easy underhand to you and you caught whatever it was he had in his hand. Wiping your bleary tears away with your arm, you were finally able to see what the small package was.


Nacho cheese flavor.

…Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Rip just blasted off about how you were the most incompetent, untalented, lazy being to have ever come to existence in front of the whole team. He made several off-handed comments about your contribution to the crew, the most hurtful one being that you only got up from the couch to get food.

Granted, you deserved that comment, since you screwed up his chances of killing the world’s greatest tyrant and saving his son and wife; but, it didn’t change the fact that what he said still hurt.

And, of course, you - being the self-conscious, quiet person you were - stayed silent and walked away.

You had gone back to your room to calm your nerves. Think about something else aside from your weight and appearance and how you felt completely gross.


Here was Leonard, trying to feed you.

Setting the bag of chips down on the ground, you shook your head. “Sorry. I don’t want any…”

Leonard couldn’t help but roll his eyes.

“What’re you talking about?” He took a seat on the floor across from you and cast you a very dry stare. “You love food. It’s what cheers you up when you have a bad day.”

Yeah, but…

“Rip called me lazy,” you said, voice low and ashamed. “And - I don’t know. I know he doesn’t mean it and all; but, I can’t help but think that he was calling me…”

You trailed off.

You didn’t know how else to end the sentence without using the words ‘fat’ or ‘obese’ to describe yourself. Just thinking about it made you want to cry.

Fortunately for you, Leonard never let you dawdle too much on the negative and scoffed.

“You’re stressing out over nothing,” he nudged the bag of Doritos with his foot. “Go eat.”

You stared at him, hesitant.

He nudged the bag once more.

Sighing, you finally caved in and grabbed the bag. With little difficulty, you popped it open. A very small, hidden smile played on Leonard’s lips.

“Now, that’s my girl,” he purred.

You blushed.

You always liked the way Leonard called you his girl. It made you feel special. And the fact that he really didn’t care much about you appearance and knew when to come to your aid…

Your heart beat more for him.

Gripping the bag tightly, you nodded. “Thank you.”

“No problem…” he said in the most aloof way possible; though you knew, deep down, he really cared. As if reading your mind, Leonard pursed his lips, deep in thought.

“Listen…” he drawled, inattentively playing with his pinky ring. “I’m not one to talk or yammer on about feelings, but…if you need to say something, tell me.”

Once again, you flushed brightly. “Okay.”


Reaching into his pocket, Leonard took out another bag of Doritos - Cool Ranch flavor - and opened it as well. You both ate in comfortable silence, with him occasionally brushing against yours.


Requested by: Anonymous
Prompt: Hi if your request are open or if you are taking request could maybe please do a plus size reader and Leonard imagine kinda like your mick imagines 

you know what the world doesn’t need?  another empty, hollow body that exists purely to shrink and suffer and starve into fitting a society’s skewed sense of ‘beauty’

you know what the world needs? more genuine, raw, sweet souls that are not defined by numbers or sizes, but focus their energy on changing lives and healing hearts to fix society’s brokenness

you know what will not be remembered? bmi, lowest weight, daily calorie intake, calories burned, jean size, foods eaten and foods not eaten, hours spent at gym, waist measurement, thigh size, presence or lack of stomach rolls

you know what will be remembered? your passions, you confidence, your radiance, the memories you made with friends, the crazy things you did, the places you visited, the people you invested in, the mountains you scaled, the depths you survived, the purpose of your existence 

c h o o s e   w i s e l y.


💕🌻Bought a laptop for $310 w/tax on eBay, new just open box but everything in it. I looked up the model to put a picture up on stories, ITS GOT A VALUE OF $630! I’m thinking of investing in a video camera, maybe to do videos? Just because of the features the laptop has, it’s got enough power to edit videos. TBH I wouldn’t even know what I’d create videos about! Of course this is more in the upcoming months, but I’ve just been thinking about it often! :)

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