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So i just read how some EXO-Ls apparently filed a complaint against Bangtan winning the Best Album of the Year award. And I gotta say IT DISGUSTS ME.

I am both an EXO-L and A.R.M.Y and this right here is one of the reasons I am ashamed to be part of this fandom sometimes. Both groups work incredibly hard. They have different backgrounds, but it doesn’t make their efforts anything less than amazing.

EXO gets pushed hard to exhaustion by their company, sure, but they work hard as hell to live up to standards and expectations that we, THEIR FANS, made. BTS came from a dark place, almost starving, wearing cheap clothes, not affording to even shoot a proper mv, but they work hard as hell to satisfy us every single time because THEY WANT TO. Both these groups offer us everything and all we give to each other is hate.

EXO and BTS are friends and support each other so why the hell can’t we, their fans, chill the fuck out and do the same??? Both groups deserve the awards they have received. Just because BTS won that award instead of EXO it doesn’t mean they are not “worthy”. Look at their reactions and tears and you’ll understand. They didn’t even believe they actually won something after 3 years.

And EXO.. they don’t have to win every single award. We have to be happy and grateful to the ones they already have because each award carries sweat, tears, exhaustion, pain, and so many other feelings. We should just love our idols instead of hurting them through this.

Exo's reaction to their gf saying 'I love you' for the first time


Acts like a child because he’s so happy

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So glad you said it first, I was so nervous I was gonna be the one to say it

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Now that’s my style

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I thought I was gonna have to pay you to say it

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*was asleep*

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*smiling puppy*

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Don’t lie jagi, lying isn’t good

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Haha that’s cool jagiya

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Says ‘I love you’ back

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I love food too

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Lol,Of course you do, I mean who doesn’t?

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