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170302 | SEHUN, L’Optimum Thailand Magazine March 2017 [TRANS]

“i want to go to america, i want to feel free like american”

“….cat is a little scary, i prefer dog”

“CATMAN…film is already finished and will release on MARCH”

“now i think im not famous…”

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*pls note im adding stuff as i see more trans

When exo goes to a wedding

Suho : made inappropriate jokes during the speech and now is dancing his guilt out on the dance floor

Chen : read xiumin

Lay : popped the champagne hours ago and is still finding for the cork

Baekhyun : is the wedding photographer, later discovers all the pics he took was fronting face

Chanyeol : poor boi was yawning when lay’s cork went in,choking the living fuck out of him

Kyungsoo : dropped the wedding cake. He is now 185 years old and still hasn’t held a cake ever since

Xiumin : both are the ones getting married

Kai : just came for the food

Sehun : tried to leave but got caught