food safey

Imagine Grantaire seeing his friends in the stands of his fencing competition and blushing and grinning when hey cheer him on. He’s so disappointed when he loses, but they rush to him after the matches are over and tell him he was amazing and that they liked how smooth his movements were (Jehan shows him a poem inspired by him and he nearly cries)

Imagine Combeferre mentioning to Bossuet that he’s worried about finding a few people to proofread his dissertation and Marius, Enjolras and Joly read it through and offer suggestions (Marius for grammar, Joly because hes in a similar field, and Enjolras because this is Combeferre’s dissertation- he might not have constructive critisism but he wants to help)

Imagine Feuilly mentioning that he barely has time too cook in the evenings and usually ends up eating ramen noodles because they’re fast and cheap. A few days later he comes home from work and finds tupperwares labeled “veggie stir fry with tofu and rice“ and “black bean stew“. After a few week, he ends up leaving ingridients and recipes out alond with thank you notes- but he’s still not sure who is cooking the food. (They all are, except Bossuet for safey reasons)