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☠ : Opinion on death
➶ : Opinion on killing
☮: Opinion on peace
☯: Do they believe in karma?
✤ : Do they believe in luck?
✟ : Religious beliefs
♂ : Sexuality
☿: Opinion on gender
❤: Opinion on love
❥ :Opinion on love from the first sight
♞: Favorite animal(s)
☕: Favorite food(s)
♛ : Opinion on outer beauty
☀ : Favorite season(s)
☽ : Favorite time of day
☂ : Favorite weather
◎ : Opinion on lying

aaw, LOOK AT THEM <3 !
They’re @nerdgasrnz  fusion children (and fusion-fusion child, haha)
and holee shit, i really needed to draw them when i saw them. They are so gorgeous and… -wink wink- 

So here’s an update.

Over the summer Michael and I did a lot of reading and discussing about polyamory, having more than one romantic relationship. It is something we both immediately felt comfortable with so we left the option there in case we met the right people. Honestly we are in a better place in our marriage than we have ever been. Like holy shit things are fantastic. Just talking more openly about how we feel, being straight forward in asking for what we need, making sure the time we spend together is focused on each other. We are so good. ❤

Almost two months ago we were at a social meet up and we met this guy Richie. All three of us got along really well, and later we met his girlfriend Tracy. Now Richie is my boyfriend and we have a hilarious group chat with the four of us to share memes and we hang out and watch baseball and eat vegan food. It’s beautiful.

They both have met the boys, and yes the kidlets know what is going on. They all really like Richie, and he is so great with engaging with them. We aren’t fully open about it yet but friends are slowly getting told when we get the chance. So far everyone has been supportive.

Here’s us at the Celtic festival last weekend. 😊 Tracy just started a college course and stayed home to get work done, so I had the full attention of these two wonderful men. ❤

(Richie has a genetic disorder called EB that affects his skin. I can answer questions if you have them.)

Related: Michael went completely vegan two months ago and Richie and Tracy are vegan now as well! I have my little vegan community now and it’s fucking spectacular.

So that’s my news. I’m so happy y'all. ❤

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  • โ˜ : Opinion on death
  • โ˜ฎ: Opinion on peace
  • โ˜ฏ: Do they believe in karma?
  • ♠: Gambling habits
  • Ω: Supersticious beliefs
  • โ™ค: Favorite card games
  • ♣: Sports they have played/play
  • โ™ง: Opinion on conservation
  • ♥: Favorite animal(s)
  • โ™ก: Favorite food(s)
  • ♦: Opinion on outer beauty
  • โ™ข: How do they spend their money?
  • โ™”: Opinion on economic classes
  • โ™•: Favorite location
  • โ™š: How would they be as a parent?
  • โ™›: Opinion on their family
  • โšœ: Any ties to a certain religion, following, group or cult?
  • โ˜…: One wish they have
  • โ˜†: Their hopes and dreams
  • โ˜พ: Favorite time of day
  • โ˜ฝ: Favorite season
  • โ˜ผ: How long does it take for them to get sunburned
  • โ˜€: What makes them happy?
  • โ˜: What makes them sad?
  • โ˜‚: Favorite kind of weather

saltyspitfire  asked:

โ˜•: Favorite food(s); โ™› : Opinion on outer beauty

☕: Favorite food(s)

“If you asked me this a year ago, I probably wouldn’t have a very good answer. There isn’t anything i’d consider my ‘favorite’, mostly because one thing doesn’t stand out above the rest. At least until Rick introduced me to this odd candy he made? It’s just sugar and milk, boiled down. It’s so sweet and soft, I could eat that all day.”

♛ : Opinion on outer beauty

“Spending much of my years around ghouls, I’ve learned to read people for who they are and not what they look like.”

“But when someone comes around who’s easy on the eyes… I notice. Can I appreciate them for looks alone? Of course. Does it really mean anything to me personally? Not really. Outer beauty is just a bonus, but being too ugly can be just as distracting.”

“Especially the cyclops people. Ugh.”