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Magnus’ arms are stretched out at his sides, his head strained upwards. His blue magic is swirling all around him, starting a whirlwind around him, gaining speed and strength, the blue energy turning to black, getting more and more ferocious, faster and furious. When he suddenly turns, his face is a bleak grimace, his eyes dark, almost black with wickedly glowing yellow splotches.

I See You in the Dark by @sfjessii

Consider the garden as a shrine or altar:

  • Often requires kneeling
  • You give offerings of water and plant foods, you are rewarded with a good harvest
  • You are encouraged to talk to your plants.
  • They require maintenance. 
  • You can decorate them as you please.


Ok y’all I’m putting this group together, but I wanna get specific about the goals and rules to keep things from getting out of hand. Here are some of my ideas, let me know if something seems off to y’all or you have other suggestions:

mission statement: This is a group for people who use both negative reinforcement (pressure and release/conventional training methods) and positive reinforcement (food rewards/clicker training) with their horses, for whatever reason. The goal of the group and its discussions are to prioritize the physical and emotional welfare of horses. Mostly this refers to combining -r and +r in such a way that the horse’s training is as fun and low stress as we can make it, but can also refer to husbandry, tack choice, tack fit, riding skills, etc. This group exists to fill the void between clicker training groups that exclude any talk of -r and the training and riding groups that dismiss +r as a gimmick.

target audience: Competitive riders who want to use clicker training to improve an aspect of competition (ex: counter conditioning a horse to a scary obstacle), traditional riders who want to use clicker training to make their horse easier to handle on the group or for the vet and farrier, clicker trainers who are using traditional -r based methods as a means of improving their education, clicker trainers who need to know how to use -r effectively when working with horses they don’t own, people who are trying to rehab their horses physically or mentally, people who are trying to understand training as a science and not a philosophy, people who mostly clicker train but have an appreciation for the history of traditional training, etc etc etc.

Main tenets:
-The horse’s welfare comes before our own interests
-We reject any training method based in dominance or submission
-We understand that pressure and release is negative reinforcement which necessitates the use of an aversive (unpleasant) stimulus, which can be used very harshly, but can also be used tactfully and with a light hand
-We understand that the use of food rewards must be done carefully to avoid food anxiety, dangerous mugging behavior, overfeeding, etc
-No one trainer, rider, or practitioner is perfect, which is why it’s so important for us to further our own understanding with study and discussion
-Some methods and some tools are inherently more or less harsh or harmful for the horse
-Avoid anthropomorphism (assuming that horses think like people or are acting based on human concepts, like guilt or respect)
-Body language is key in understanding what is reinforcing and punishing to a horse, recognizing and avoiding stress, and being able to recognize when a horse is in pain or severe distress
-Everyone is at a different place in their skill level and understanding, everyone boards and rides and trains in different environments, so what is possible for one person may not be possible for another

-No ad hominem attacks, rudeness, or douchebaggery as a general rule
-Ignorance is not an excuse, and you are not entitled to an ‘opinion’ when that opinion causes harm to an animal (i.e. don’t come in riding your two year old in a twisted wire bit and expect a warm welcome.)
-NO ARGUING PRO OR ANTI -R OR +R EXCEPT IN THE CONTEXT OF TRAINING A SPECIFIC BEHAVIOR. This is the entire point of the group - people being able to discuss both without being dismissed offhand. The only time -r vs +r matters is discussing what is most appropriate for a given horse in a given scenario (ex: counter conditioning an anxious horse with food vs using -r and relying on habituation, teaching a horse with food anxiety lunging behaviors with conventional -r tools and aids vs risking aggressive behavior).
-No sharing screenshots of other groups UNLESS it is to discuss a specific aspect of training, riding, husbandry, etc. No bashing of outside parties, and always black out people’s names. No ‘omg look at how wrong these people are’. People are in multiple groups, and that gets nasty fast.

ok that’s what I’ve got so far, lmk what y’all think

I made the deadline. All parts of the application are in, both of my recommendations are in the mail. Everything is paid for. I made my first deadline.

It you had told twenty-five year old Gwynne that she was capable of doing something like this, she would not have believed you. But to be fair, she wouldn’t have believed it possible to get back into her university after flunking out either. Twenty-five year old Gwynne was in a very dark place. 

I have no idea if I’m even close to getting accepted or if I have a chance. I’m still going to apply to the other two schools. Yesterday was a dark day because of reasons, but I still pulled it out.

Mom: “We could go to Chick-Fil-A but I know you won’t go there.”

Me: “No, I won’t.”

Mom: “You’re ridiculous, Michelle.”

Me: “No, you’re ridiculous. If there was a restaurant that was actively against your human rights, you wouldn’t fucking go there. But you don’t have that problem now do you?”

Mom: “Amazon treated me like shit and I still worked there!”

Me: “That literally is not even remotely the same thing.

// 28. 4. 15 //

2/100 days of productivity 

writing essays all day doesn’t exactly make for exciting photography, but I was so productive today that I rewarded myself at the end of it all with a cacao smoothie and a new magazine 

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After a successful seance you went to the kitchen to grab yourself some food as reward. Pleased to find some gummy bears you made your way back to your room.

The tasty treats soon fell out your hand as you froze in the doorway, wide (color) eyes staring at the man whose back was to you. Sucking in a breath, you released it a moment later, watching the man closely as he turned to face you.

His snake like eyes scanned you up and down, a small smirk forming on his pale face.

“W-ho are you?” You uttered, unable to take your eyes away from him.

“Who? Me?” His cold stance was replaced with fake enthusiasm and an overly sweet voice “Oh, you hurt me, (Name)” A smug smile stretched on his lips “First you invite me here, and now you pretend you don’t even know me.”

the-booger-ing  asked:

As far as wasteland cooking goes, I really adore Wastelander's Cookbook on the Nexus. (I use it combination with a mod that adds more kinds of canned goods and Wasteland Imports.) It covers a lot of complaints you had and makes finding ingredients/ preparing food fun and rewarding! :D I haven't found anything quite like it for Vegas yet, which makes me sad. Although there is mod that lets you cook more kinds of meat and make sand-baked eggs!

Well I just download Skyrocket Cafe, and i really like it! You can buy a recipe book for 30 caps from the vendor, and that adds a good amount of recipes, but require ingredients from that cafe. But it also has meshes for the items!!

The cafe also really feels like it fits in with the atmosphere of the setting, i just wish it was closer to novac lol. but it is pretty accurate to have a cafe out in the middle of nowhere in california/nevada so i can’t really complain. 

take care of yourself

my approach to self care:  take care of yourself like you are your own beloved child.  feed yourself good food.  reward your accomplishments.  make sure you are getting your lesson. don’t let other people treat you badly. make yourself a secure, comfortable, and stable home.  save for your future.  tell yourself everyday: i love you.


preasoiaf meme
⌊ (1/1) king or queen - Argella Durrandon

Argella barred the gates of Storm’s End and declared herself Storm Queen. When Queen Rhaenys flew Meraxes into the castle to parley, Argella announced that the defenders of Storm’s End would die to the last man. However, her garrison refused to share the fate of Harrenhal and revolted, raising a peace banner and delivering Argella to Orys’s camp, gagged, chained, and naked. Orys, however, removed the chains with his own hands, wrapped his cloak around her, and gave her food and wine. Aegon rewarded Orys Baratheon with Storm’s End, the rule of the Stormlands, and Argella.On his marriage to Argella Durrandon, and to honor Argilac’s valor, Orys Baratheon adopted the sigil and words of House Durrandon as his own.

Also, I’ve been listening to more podcasts lately on my walks and I listened to this one about creating habits with Abel James (fat burning man) and Gretchen Rubin. They said that when trying to create a habit and giving yourself goals and rewards to encourage yourself, you should only set rewards that put you deeper into the habit.
So if your goal is to run 4 times a week, your reward is new running shoes. If your goal is to cook healthy food, your reward is a new cooking appliance. If your goal is to take your lunch to work/food prep, your reward is new Tupperware or lunch box and so on!
This is so obvious but something I’d never really thought about before. When I’m doing well with my diet, I always want my reward to be a pizza or something like that. This completely undermines the idea of making this lifestyle an everyday habit!