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this may come as a shock to some of you but fictional characters dont….need….to be skinny . and when they aren’t skinny they dont need to be comic relief/food-obsessed/”the ugly friend”/uncomfortably and expressedly hypersexual!! scandalous, right?

facts on hunger in australia:

• 3.6 mil people report having experienced food insecurity in the last year.

• 652.000 people receive food relief from Foodbank agencies, every month.

• 27% of those are children (216,000).

• 65.000 people are turned away every month because of food shortages (14,600 of these are children).

but sure capitalism is awesome lmao
112 Degrees With No Water: Puerto Rican Hospitals Battle Life And Death Daily
An American disaster medical team is now setting up cooling tents to help some patients. "When they transferred me here ... they rescued me from the dragon's mouth," one patient said.

The government calls them “indirect deaths" 

Each deployment has its challenges. In the Arecibo hospital, it was the sweltering sixth-floor cardiac unit.

The temperatures up there were as high as 108 degrees and even higher. "This was a huge stress on the patients who were quite sick. So we have ended up moving them to these tents where the hospital staff is caring for them,” says Dr. Jim Fehr, who is on the DMAT team.

“We don’t have any air conditioning. We can handle maybe a week, but it’s already been two weeks almost.”

“Very hot, very hot! I was suffocating. When they transferred me here on Sunday, they rescued me from the dragon’s mouth.”, 77-year-old retired factory worker named Georgina Gonzales

Trump smiled and said: “Have a good time, everybody!”

Paper Towels to Absorb the Sweat and Flooded Homes

Cake Surprise

Summary: Being pleasantly surprised that Sebastian Stan shows up at the restaurant you work at, you take the extra step forward to make his birthday special.

Word Count: 2,063.

A/N: Before we start things off, I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALIVE, SEBASTIAN STAN. And of course, a very special thank you to my great friend, @galaxayy for coming thru with a cute idea!! Hope you guys enjoy <3 (ps: im a slut for feedback, k thx)

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Jealous (William Nylander)

Request: Will you write a Willy Nylander one? Maybe a hot, jealous willy cus wow I need that in my life

A/N: Leafs won. My boys were on point. (Also, I hope this is close to what you wanted. IDK, I was hella distracted by the game.) I could probably write another one of these jealous Nylander ones, I feel like he’s probably very territorial. 

Word Count: 1641

Warnings: Language, mentions of sex.

Up Next: Demers, Matthews, Alex Nylander

William is always so happy. He really gives Mitch a run for who smiles the most. It was probably what drew you to him a little over a year ago. What most people don’t get to see is the other side. The jealous side. This was a side you’d only heard about. Mitch and Auston mentioned it a couple months after William asked you to be official. You’d almost forgotten about.


Opening night. You weren’t sure who was more excited for hockey to be back, you or Will. You spent a crazy amount of money to have glass seats. Something you didn’t tell Will about. He would have insisted on paying for the ticket, and you didn’t want him to. So instead you let him believe you would be sitting in the seat provided by the Jet’s for the visiting teams’ significant others.

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We are 1.8 million meals short,” said one senior Fema official. “That is why we need the urgency. And it’s not going away. We’re doing this much today, but it has to be sustained over several months.

Richard Wolffe reporting in The Guardian. Puerto Rico: US officials privately acknowledge serious food shortage

US government providing 200,000 meals a day to meet needs of 2m people
‘There is no urgency in the government response to this humanitarian crisis’

MY I [Jun]

GUYS! I’m not dead!!!!!!!! 😂

Soulmate AU: When your soulmate is listening to a song, you are also able to hear it. The closer you are, the louder it gets.
You mentally cursed your soulmate. Hearing the words “MY I~ I~ I~” on repeat. Always hearing it stop and then restart at certain times. It was 2 am for crying out loud! You had an exam, and at this rate you wouldn’t get any sleep! Dragging yourself out of your bed, toward your dorm kitchen in hopes of finding the relief of food. Heating up water, and grabbing a mug for tea. You heard it again.

“What the heck…” You muttered to yourself. You had to admit, the lyrics were great and the melody was nice. Hearing it on repeat at different parts just drove you crazy. “I swear to God!” You yelled at nothing. At that, the music seemed to stop. Sighing in relief. Was your soulmate a crazed fan of a song or what? You had heard other songs, but never made the effort to look them up.

A distant sound of a phone ringing pulled you away from your thoughts. Bringing it to your ear, “What do you want?” You sighed at your friend. “Y/N, WHY ARE YOU AWAKE?! Never mind that, SEVENTEEN’s comeback is soon and I’m not ready! My camera is broken, and I absolutely NEED to borrow yours.” She quickly hurried. “My camera?” You half asleep self had to register it. “Yes! You have that new one don’t you?” She asked. “I have an extra ticket to the SEVENTEEN album showcase. If you let me borrow your camera, I’ll let you come with me!” She bargained.

“You know I don’t listen to them right?” You grumbled. “Please~” She pleaded. “Fine, but you have to buy me food after.” You dealed. “Okay, okay.” She sighed before hanging up.

“MY I~ I~ I~”

“NOT AGAIN!” You yelled, flopping down on your bed. Having a rocky ride to sleep.

The ride to the showcase was particularly uneventful. You kept hearing the songs from the other night. “Gosh, it’s so annoying. I mean, the songs are great but…wHY?!” You exclaimed. Your friend simply laughed at you complaining about how you failed your exam because of your soulmate. “I keep hearing ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ too!” You yelled. “Well, it’s your turn to annoy them. We get to listen to SEVENTEEN, and thanks to you my fansite is gonna look so high quality!” Your friend praised you.

Getting into the venue, it was quite packed. Your friend had your camera around her neck, patiently waiting for the boys to start. The lights dimmed, screams grew louder.

Then, the first note hit. Ringing in your ears, completely drowning out the fangirls’ screams. Another note rang, you writhed in pain. Grabbing you head at how loud the noise was, you screamed. Falling over into another girl. Gasps rang through the crowd, “Jun hyung?!” Voices were all you heard from the speakers. Hearing the words “I don’t wanna cry~” as the song continued, repeating loudly in your head. Another commotion had happened on stage. Soon, darkness was all that filled your vision.

“Hey, she’s waking up.” A hushed voice spoke. “Y/N?” You could hear the worried voice of your friend. Feeling that you were on your side, you slowly blinked to consciousness. Finding an absolutely beautiful man in front of you was the last thing you expected. Though he was at least a couple feet away on a different couch, you came to the realization of what happened. Jumping back in surprise, falling backwards off the couch you had once laid on. “Welp, she seems to be fine now.” You heard another voice chuckle.

Looking around the room, there seemed to be many guys (+ your friend). You peeked over the couch at the boy laying down. He looked so peaceful, until he slightly winced in pain. He stirred on the couch, and you could only feel like hugging him. You heard someone clear their throat, “So, I think we all have a sense of what happened.” One of the members spoke. You could only remember him as the leader from what your friend told you. “Isn’t it obvious~” Your friend giggled.

“W-What? What?” You were very confused to say the least. “ You’ve met your soulmate.” A tall one piped up. “S-Soulmate?” You stuttered out. There was absolutely no way that that beautiful man in front of you was not only a famous kpop idol, but your soULMATE?! Or so you thought. “Nonono, I would’ve heard all your music. I would’ve known it was one of you guys from the start. You guys are idols! I should’ve heard it at some point, I always heard ‘akkinda!’ ring in my head.” You belt out.

“Y/N, you never listened to their songs whenever showed you remember?” Your friend laughed. You recalled all the memories of your friend fangirling to you about certain members, telling you to give the group a listen. You always brushed off the thought, for you were too busy to listen to the songs. “But I-” You were cut off as the movement of the sleeping figure rose up. “Oh, Jun hyung.” A tall, lanky figure ran to the guy. “Minghao, my head hurts.” The boy, Jun, whined. “What happened?” You could only stare at the boy who was sitting down on the couch. He looked so confused, like a lost puppy. “And who are they?” He focused on your friend before turning to you. His eyes slightly widened before he turned away, his cheeks a pale pink.

“她很漂亮. (She’s beautiful.)” You heard the Jun boy mutter. This caused the Minghao guy to laugh. “Well, it’s your lucky day. She seems to be your soulmate.” A very small figure bluntly spoke from the group. “No way, bu-but…she’s so out of my league.” He muttered the last part. “We’ll just leave you two be, I guess.” The leader spoke, motioning everyone to leave the room. Including your friend, you started to panic.

“I-It seems y-you’re my s-soulmate.” Jun stuttered. “I-I guess so…” You trailed off. Awkward tension filled the air. “Let’s start over.” He declared. “Hi, my name is Wen Junhui.” He gave you a smile. “My name is Y/N, and it looks like you’re my soulmate.” You smiled back. The tension cleared a bit as you sat, it was quite peaceful. Taking in the feeling of your new significant other. “Can I just say something?” He asked. Which of course you have a slight nod to. “I’m so sorry for annoying you with all the music, you must have hated me.” He blurt. You laughed at his apology, “Yeah, I had an exam yesterday! I couldn’t get any sleep, I kept hearing a song go ‘MY I~ I~ I~’ I think I failed!” You playfully pouted. “I truly truly am sorry!” He chuckled at the exaggeration.

“I know, I forgive you. I just don’t know about my teacher, though.” You reassured him. He gave a cute smile, making your heart melt. This was the man you would spend the rest of your life with, a bit of a rocky start, but what matters anymore when you find your soulmate?

Newcomers Pt 23

“Karen! KAREN!” Creten screamed her name trying to rouse her, even after they pulled him from the rubble and separated him from her vines “KAREN WAKE UP”

“Shut up” Hopkin shouted throwing him to the ground “You wanted to see this, you wanted to see what war was, well here it is” he pointed at Karen laying there.

“This is war, people die, your friends die and maybe even you will die, war is little more than organised murder of thousands or even millions of people. Look, this is the face of war” Hopkins held Creten facing her, tears were flowing freely as he saw her lay there unmoving. He screamed, she had died saving him, she had a choice to either dig her way out of the rubble or save him and she had chosen him without a second thought.

Hopkins’s grasp on his arm loosened and he ran to Karen’s body and shook her.

“No! Oupa! Oupa wake up!”

Oupa in the Benemar language means mother or second mother considering the context. He shook her crying this name laying his head on her body as if trying to hear her heart come back to life. Hopkins knelt down next to him and Creten swung his arms around him, Hopkins was angry he blamed this child for her death. But he also knew that Karen would not want him to, he like all Humans in the Link had felt her fade, felt her die, she was not afraid except for Creten and even though Sharn had begged her to save herself she refused. Even when her body died her mind had lingered in the Link, bidding her final farewells before her voice was little more than a whisper and then gone completely.

“Creten” Hopkins said and he looked into the eyes of the life that Karen had saved. “If I remember correctly in Benemar culture when one sacrifices their life for another, the survivor become as Polintarin, a spirit carrier and holds the spirit of the life that was sacrificed. Correct?”

Creten wiped his tears away and nodded.

“Then you are a Polintarin and you now carry Karen’s spirit. I can think of none more worhty to do so”

Creten looked into Hopkins eyes again seeing no mockery of their ways or beliefs and once more he wept, he felt a presence behind him and turned to see a Human he did not know looking down at him.

“Is this the one?” she asked.

“Yes” Hopkins said standing and taking a step back.

“I am Sharn, Karen’s wife”

Creten’s eyes widened, did she blame him for her death? Did she want revenge?

He knelt before her and exposed the back of his neck, in Benemar culture this means he was offering his life to her. In fact in Benemar culture Sharn had to right to kill him and release the spirit of Karen from his keeping. But she only stood there, as if deciding what to do. Finally she knelt down before him and raised his head and embraced him like a son.

“Thank you for being with her in her final moments”

Creten returned the embrace “I will try to be a worthy Polintarin for Karen”

“If that is to start you need a better name” she said releasing the embrace.

“But I am a creten, we cannot change our names”

“Well now you hold the spirit of a Human and we can, how about…Ceran”

(Pronounced Care-rahn)

His eyes widened “Ceran” he whispered over and over again as if he couldn’t believe it.

“You are no longer an unwanted one, Ceran”

The city had been hit and hit hard, fires were still burning all over the city and the Humans were struggling to get them under control, many shelters had to be emptied less they become buried under the collapsed buildings. In a strange turn the local Benemar offered to help fight the fires and were quickly put to work doing so as the Humans could not afford to refuse. The death toll rose continuously as more bodies were found and thousands more were still missing and it would be likely their remains would never be found.

The bombers that had struck the city were intercepted by three separate squadrons on their return journey, these had been out on patrol and were the very ones the bombers had avoided when they made their run. Now they avenged Geeda, only 29 bombers returned and only 11 of their escorts but the High Chiefs celebrated this assault as a major victory.

Jenkins sat in the control tower watching as the numbers came in, not just the survivors but the dead and the now homeless. It would take weeks to re home them all and probably a few more days before the fires were all out. Not only that, they had discovered the bombers target, their warehouses that held their supplies, nearly all had been levelled and nearly nothing was able to be salvaged.

“You have to admire their precision” Cho said “They knew exactly where those warehouses were”

“Yes, levelling most of the city was just a bonus to them, to try and kill as many of our troops and stretch our resources knowing we would help the population” Jenkins agreed feeling angry.

“This now puts us in an awkward position, it will take us months to resupply to the level we were previously”

Jenkins looked at his second in command “Giving our enemy more time to prepare the defences of Potellan and train their troops”

“So what are our options?”

“Well, we can wait till we are resupplied and drag this war out for at least another year maybe even two, or we can attack now and end it tomorrow, but we may loose the war tomorrow”

“Our enemy wants us to attack now, before we were truly ready” Cho stated “And if we do not, he gains the more time he needs to even call in reinforcements from the Alliance”

“Neither option is particularly inviting” Jenkins sat in thought for a long time “I shall speak to Admiral Winston and Captain Kiev to consult on this. The outcome of this war hangs in the balance”

Cho watched him leave so he may speak to them through the Link in private, he turned his attention back to monitor “Who would have thought a single attack could have such massive ramifications”

“Creten!” Oolana screamed running through the crowed as she saw her son and held him in her arms for a few moments before hitting him over the head. “Don’t you ever scare me like that again, you hear me!”

“I’m sorry mother” he said and she held him close once more.

Malthos came running but when he and his son locked eyes he slowed his pace, Selan was with him but she did not have the same reservations and embraced him.

“Creten” Malthos greeted but he did have a slight smile, he was happy he was okay.

“My name is not Creten any more”

“What?” his father shot at him.

“I have been given a new name, Ceran for I am now a Polintarin”

“Who’s spirit do you carry?” Oolana asked.

“Karen’s, you met her a few days ago”

Oolana’s mind went to that day she found him with her in the bar and how Karen had looked at Creten…Ceran with the pride and love usually seen from a mother.

“Well, my son…Ceran carry her spirit well”

“Cretens cannot change their names” his father said rather harshly.

“But Humans can and the spirit I carry is Human” Ceran replied.

Suddenly there was an uproar as people were shouting at a Human standing on a small stage and he was trying to calm them.

“Please be patient, food and relief supplies are on the way” the Human said holding his hands up.

“You are keeping them for yourself!” shouted one.

“You did this to us!”

“You brought war to our world!”

“You tore our world apart!”

People shouted more and more insults and were working themselves into a frenzy, the few Humans that were present moved their hands to their guns in fear of being attacked. Ceran frowned and took to the stage, some thought he was going to attack the Human but he turned to the crowed calling for them to listen to him. Many there had heard him speak before or knew of him so he stole their attention.

“The Humans did not do this to you, it was the High Chiefs, they sent those bombers knowing full well this city was full of Benemar!”

That made them silent and look at each other, they could not help but agree to that.

“Most of you know me, you know me as Creten, but I a Polintarin and hold the spirit of a Human” He went on to recount what he saw of the bombers and the wall of flame and how the Humans fought hard to defend the city and them. And of how Karen had grabbed him without a second thought and sacrificed her life to save his and did so willingly and without pause.

“I am Ceran now and I hold the spirit of Karen with pride and I will make sure I am worthy vessel for her reside in. And I start by saying truly now and without an ounce of hesitation, the High Chiefs are traitors to our race. It was them and those who came before them that choked our air and burned our soil and made us fight in their wars. The Humans are not here to conquer us, they are here to liberate us! The High Chiefs ordered the destruction of their world and the Humans come here to free us from them. Would they have shown the Humans such quarter as they have shown to you?”

The crowed was silent, a few in the back and out of sight of being identified shouted traitor and when Ceran offered them a chance to come and explain their view they shrunk away.  

“I stand with the Humans…Will you stand with me?”