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Our Baby Bird’s impressive talent that came out as a result of the members’ continuous training over years! 
Junjin: “I have magnetic hands that catch anything thrown at me thanks to the members’ training.”


Okay, coz this is really impressive! to catch very small pieces of food with a chopstick, this is what I call an impressive talent!
Junjin’s magnetic hands that catch anything thrown at him thanks to the members’ training over years!

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Hey! Could you do a Richie and Eddie headcanon where they aren't out yet to the school or losers but they keep almost getting caught kissing or something like that. Thankssss!

  • Richie and Eddie are so fucking gay for eachother
  • But nobody knows yet, not even the losers
  • Well at least, thats what Richie and Eddie think.
  • Each one of the losers have walked in on them kissing at different times
  • Ben was first. 
  • They were having their respective movie night when Richie went out to “smoke” and Eddie needed a “drink”
  • They really just met outside to make out against the side of bills house before they had to go back to pretending to be just friends
  • Ben saw them through the window when he walked into the kitchen, and promptly turned on his heel and walked back out, pretending he didn’t see anything for all of their sakes
  • Bev was next. 
  • They were at school and Eddie had to leave school for a doctors appointment
  • Well thats what he told the losers and his teachers
  • In reality, Richie had convinced him to skip the rest of the day so they could go on a date before any of the kids would get out of school
  • so they could have some privacy
  • Bev was walking to the bathroom when she saw Eddie leave the school doors
  • He was running so she was worried he was in trouble
  • She followed him a few feet, before seeing him run straight into Richie’s arms and kiss him on the cheek 
  • She smirked knowingly as Eddie got into Richie’s car
  • Mike was the next one.
  • Richie had spent the night at Eddie’s house, cuddling in his bed and pressing his face into Eddie’s neck.
  • Both of them had totally forgotten that they had promised to help Mike with his farmwork today.
  • So Mike walked in to Eddie’s room, thinking he was already awake and ready to go
  • What he found instead was Richie draped over Eddie, legs intertwined and Eddie’s fingers in the taller boys hair. 
  • He definitely spotted the hickeys left on Eddie’s neck
  • Thank god Mike always has his polaroid camera with him
  • He snapped a photo, which he gave to them when they came out officially to all the losers.
  • Bill and Stan found out together.
  • They had planned to hang out at the barrens that day, packing food and a little radio to bring with them
  • When they got there, they saw Eddie on top of Richie, giving him little kisses all over his face and telling him how beautiful he was
  • Thankfully they didn’t spot Stan and Bill
  • “Quarry instead?”
  • “Yes.”
  • When they finally came out officially, all the losers just laughed because they’ve known for months
  • Eddie and Richie were scared when they started to laugh, until Bev pulled them into a hug and told them they were proud of them.

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The Montmorency tart cherry is pretty much the only sour cherry grown in the U.S. And cherry growers in Michigan know the tree really well. It was brought here from France a couple hundred years ago. “This is older than most people think of as heirloom varieties and it’s our main variety to this day,” says Jim Nugent, a cherry grower in northern Michigan.

The tree is “very cold hardy” in the dead of winter, he says, and grows well in the state. But it is susceptible to damage from spring frost, making it very sensitive to the extreme weather shifts made more likely by climate change. And that made tart cherry growers nervous.

Warmer days in early spring have caused cherry buds to come out earlier on average. That combined with erratic spring weather, especially when it brings severe cold snaps, has already proved disastrous for the crop.

Michigan’s Tart Cherry Orchards Struggle To Cope With Erratic Spring Weather

Photo: Peter Payette/Interlochen Public Radio

_The Beatles; England/Inglaterra; London/Londres; Playhouse Theatre; BBC Radio Show “Saturday Club”/Programa da BBC Radio “Saturday Club”; May 21st 1963/21 de maio de 1963. 

_The Beatles, drinks and food/Os Beatles, bebidas e comida.

_George Harrison, drinks and food/George Harrison, bebidas e comida.

_Photo/Foto: Paul Popper.

_Source/Fonte: “Do you have any BEATLES photos I’ve never seen before?”/Music Corner/ Steve Hoffman Music Forums.

Send a ship to my inbox and I’ll say who:
  • eats breakfast food for dinner
  • turns the radio volume up until their ears bleed
  • waves at random animals
  • binge-watches shows until 2 in the morning
  • takes all the pillows
  • plays with rotating doors
  • would 100% fight with a sword if they could
  • forgets every little thing
  • loves the thought of a double-date
  • has to eat fast food, like, three times a week
  • enjoys hugs
  • could kill with a stare if their partner is flirted with
  • remembers all the holidays and goes above and beyond on gifts
  • would cosplay as their favorite character
  • stares dreamily at their partner like they’re the sun and stars
  • could fall and still look annoyingly perfect
  • loves pumpkin spice, like so much
  • would fight for their partner’s honor

Summary: Very carefully and skillfully, you have been stealing from the Saviors for over a month now. Until one day you allow your ego to get the best of you and you challenge Negan to try and catch you, himself.
Prompt: I had one of the Hide and Seek prompts! I decided to put a twist on it and incorporate more of a cat and mouse type of game.
Word Count: 4,265
Pairing: Negan/Female Reader
Chapter: One-Shot
Warning: NSFW, Smut, Language
Author’s Note: I’m so sorry this took so long to complete! Thank you Ash for extending the deadline. Congrats on 2,000 followers! I’m not sure if I’m 100% happy with this but I hope you enjoy!
Tags: @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network

“God-fucking damnit!” You heard the loud, thunderous voice of the Saviors leader, Negan, roar out into the woods. “Someone better catch that little fucking thief, TODAY!”

Laughing to yourself, you hurried through the woods, maneuvering your way through the series of trees.

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