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I don’t know if other diaspora kids have run into this issue but something I’ve been learning to make a distinction between is when someone Not Liking Certain Food is actually racist or they legit have issue with things like taste, texture, etc. The reason this is important is because it can bleed into ableism. Some people literally can’t eat certain foods, it’ll make them very sick, or they have negative sensory reactions to them.

For me it really comes down to nuance, but one of the main distinctions for Not Racist is if someone hates a food, but doesn’t stop other people from eating it.
Example: my partner is white and on the autistic spectrum. The texture of soy milk and other things are just awful to her, but she’ll encourage me to have those foods. We’ve reached an understanding that doesn’t sacrifice my culture for her sensory limits or vice versa.
(Keep in mind that some people have smell issues too though! Some smells like peanuts for people with severe allergies, can still cause bad reactions. So they may not want you to eat it around them, but ideally a cool friend won’t mind if you do it on your own time)

Of course, this doesn’t absolve them of responsibility either. I think regardless of someone’s dietary needs, they need to learn how casual language can hurt. Calling food disgusting or unsanitary is awful, and another distinction of Not Racist is if they’re open to conversations about editing their language. Some people do racist things ignorantly, but a malicious racist won’t listen or have a conversation about your experiences.

When making friends and getting into relationships, have talks about non-white foods and see what kind of language they use. Often it helps when they keep their distaste to a personal level
Example: “That food’s just not for me” or “I’m allergic to ____” or “Oh I personally can’t eat that”

The converse red flag is when they condemn all of it just because of their personal preferences/needs
Example: “That food’s disgusting” or “I don’t see how anyone could eat that” or “How can you stomach that shit?”

Food is a huge part of culture and it sucks getting into fights about the way our friends and partners talk about it, but sometimes we can get over-defensive and ruin relationships over small things that can be worked out with communication and good listening

apparently sausage party is out today and not only has it already made over $3 million it’s generally got about a 70/100 on various review sites and I wanna give a heads up to anyone thinking about going to see it. I read the script and it is exactly what has been produced. If you read the script you already know how garbage this movie is, but if you haven’t (don’t), here’s a few key points for you:

-all of the food items are racist stereotypes. all of them. the movie opens up with a song specifically pointing out these stereotypes. half of the “jokes” in the movie are based on these stereotypes.

-the other half of the jokes are sexual. not even in a clever or nuanced way, more like middle school level “lol sex” type jokes.

-every other word is fuck I s2g

-there’s literally a point in the movie/script where the only females in the movie are abused so badly by another character that the script doctor literally had to go in and be like “woah hey maybe tone down that violence towards women there friend”

-the above mentioned character is actually the movies Mexican stereotype (a container of guac) who literally says out of his mouth that his whole thing is abusing women. that’s it. that’s his whole character.

-the food has sex. and not just for 30 seconds. for like 5 whole minutes. it’s graphic. a whole montage of disgusting food orgy.

-there’s also a lot of body horror, gore, and vore(? if it’s food being eaten does that count? I’m putting it on the list anyway bc it’s still pretty fucked up) and when I say gore I don’t just mean the food. human beings are also graphically murdered in this movie.

-there’s a rape scene. also beastiality. it’s the same scene. the main villain rapes a rat. (and it gets worse from there somehow)

-the whole thing is a thinly veiled commentary on the “futility” of religion and any people who are religious or believing of God are spineless sheeple living in ignorance.

I could honestly make a point for every minute of this movie, but I think this is more than enough to convince anyone thinking of going to see the movie otherwise. one last comment I would like to make is that I noticed a lot of the people actively supporting the movie are white men, and I believe that’s why it’s getting relatively good reviews. but don’t be misled, the movie is shit.

so if yall could please spread this around so people know what the fuck is up and hopefully don’t waste their time and money on this fucking shitstorm of a movie that would be gr8 👌

tl;dr dont go see sausage party. trust me, you don’t want to see this movie. it’s disgusting (more so than Seth Rogans other movies)

Florida teacher suspended for making wildly racist jelly beans “joke”

Lauren Ulseth, a former teacher in Seminole County, Florida, is suspended from teaching for a year after she made some racist jokes during the 2014-2015 school year, according to WTFV 9, a local news station.

She can still legally teach in Florida, though she had to pay a $1,000 fine and pass a course on education ethics. The “joke” she made is less a joke and more of a blatantly racist opinion.

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sh*t my friend said while catching up with Miraculous Ladybug:
  • “what kind of high school is this that takes up particle physics?????”
  • “The mayor drives a shiny chrome car if that doesnt scream abuse of power I don’t know what does”
  • “oh Roger I do apologize for BEING CORRUPT AS FUCK
  • “why does he look like goku”
  • “so not only did he become evil but he also became super fluent in french”
  • “wait isn’t naming the villian ‘kung food’ as racist as calling him ching chong chew
  • “why does plagg sound like he fought in the war alongside napoleon”
  • “so black bill cipher is attacking france”
  • “what does adrien have against the zoo??”
  • “is the panther getting salty from kim—wait so the main issue in this episode is that kim made the guy and his cat salty?”
  • “these puns are giraffing me crazy”

and every 10 minutes:


i actually saw someone claiming that the name “chalupa” for lup would be racist because it’s a tex-mex food

  • Seth Rogen: Okay, so it's a fucking animated movie about talking fucking food, and the fucking food says curse words and smokes fucking weed and has fucking sex, right? And all the food are racist caricatures straight out of a fucking minstrel show from the fucking 1880s - BUT FUCKING GET THIS, MAN - It's all a metaphor for how religion is evil and god is fucking dead, man! It's gonna blow fucking minds! And we'll fucking call it Sausage Party, because sausages are fucking dicks!
  • Producer: If you were anyone else in the world I'd have security escort you out and I'd make sure they'd break your writing hand to keep you from actually finishing this screenplay. But, you're a rich celebrity and you have tons of famous friends, so I have no choice but to give you carte blanche on this project.
  • Seth Rogen: Fucking weed! UH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH-HUH!!!!
  • Producer: Get the hell out of my office before I dip your weed in ricin and watch you smoke it.

Well, off the top of my head, all I can think is….

  1. He was picking up shopping for someone else with their vouchers
  2. The money was someone else’s
  3. It’s none of your fucking business
  4. Both the cash and the voucher were his and he chose to use the vouchers for food
  5. It’s absolutely none of your fucking business
  6. Some other combination because you know nothing about his circumstances
  7. It’s. None. Of. Your. Fucking. Business.

But that’s just off the top of my head.