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How would the Boys react to a crush s/o asking them out..?

This is my very first ask! I hope you enjoy!

Korekiyo Shinguuji    

  • You are the slightest bit nervous when you initially come up to him
  • So is he
  • But you can’t tell under that goddamn mask of his
  • You shyly approach him with…
  • In you hands are not one, but two roses!
  • You knew he liked roses, but two was even better so you could match!
  • When you tell him your reasoning for the second rose, he can’t help but bring a hand to his cheek and sigh
  • He just sorta stays like that for a moment
  • You’re a little confused
  • Until you hear him say
  • “…How truly beautiful of you to think of that.”
  • You ask him about going on a date with you
  • He can’t hide his excitement
  • …and neither can you!

Amami Rantarou

  • Amami was browsing the books in the library on his own
  • Or so he thought-
  • “Ahah! Hey, s/o! What’re you doing here?”
  • You give him a shy wave from across the room and make your way over to his spot at the shelf - the romance section?
  • Amami notices that by your expression you’ve recognised what section you two are in
  • He blushes
  • He can see the lightbulb flash on top of your head.
  • You have no idea what you’re doing
  • All you know is that this boy is cute and single
  • And really sweet and nice and funny and caring and-
  • Before you know it, you’re standing in front of him and all these compliments are uncontrollably spilling out of your mouth all at once
  • You add a stammered “Do you want to go for a trip to the art gallery sometime?” as a cherry on top.
  • You hope that wasn’t too creepy-sounding - all he’d said was ‘hey’
  • Amami’s expression is blank for a moment
  • You can see the gears ticking in his head
  • Finally, he shows you his signature relaxed smile
  • He takes your hand in his
  • “That sounds pretty fun, s/o. I’d love that.”
  • The two of you spend the rest of your afternoon browsing the books the library has to offer…

Kokichi Ouma

  • You approach him at the vending machine, just as planned
  • He pays no attention to you, focused on punching in the correct digits for his Grape Panta
  • The Panta bottle doesn’t clank against the bottom of the machine because his hand was already there to catch it - he brings it up to his lips to take a sip
  • He glances at you
  • And immediately starts choking
  • Once he’s caught his breath, you hear him mutter
  • “C-crap…”
  • Oh no! You must look like such a stalker right now! Say something already!
  • Act natural, you told yourself
  • You had only practiced a 1000 times.
  • “Does Laser Force sound like your scene? I was wondering if you’d wanna go with me, Ouma.”
  • Well played.
  • He notices you giving yourself a mental pat on the back and smirks
  • “A soldier never goes into battle without a plan. What is yours, s/o?”
  • How ironic.
  • He’s absolutely stumped you, and he knows it
  • You tell him you’d be happy to come up with one, but only with his assistance
  • He smirks again, this time slightly more shy-looking. Is he blushing?!
  • “I suppose I have nothing better to do, s/o.“
  • The rest of your afternoon is spent strategising for your grand trip to Laser Force! Those 10 year olds will never know what hit them with you and Ouma on the scene!

Shuuichi Saihara

  • When you first approach him, he’s a blubbering, blushing mess already
  • He cannot believe that you, his crush, is talking to him
  • You’re worried you’ve done something wrong - his face is redder than a tomato
  • The poor boy starts sputtering even more
  • He assures you that you haven’t!
  • He blushes and stutters a little more, but you can make out his soft voice saying something
  • “A-as you were saying!?”
  • You tell him you’d like to see a new mystery movie that opens this weekend at the cinemas - it’s a sequel to one of his and your favourites!
  • Oh boy
  • Saihara.exe has stopped working
  • You have to ask again if you’ve done something wrong - did Ouma set you up by telling you Saihara’s least favourite movie? No, that can’t be right…
  • “I-I’d enjoy that a lot, actually!”
  • Saihara is ecstatic
  • You decide to take a seat next to him
  • The two of you rewatch the trailer and spend the rest of the afternoon theorising on who the murderer is together…

Kaito Momota       

  • You’d been planning this for weeks now     
  • You were finally going to ask your friend Kaito to go stargazing with you!  
  • How exciting!        
  • You were hoping, though, that by the end of the date you’d be more than friends.        
  • You find him in the dining hall, poking at his food        
  • The usually pumped up boy looks tired        
  • Until you approach him        
  • Now he’s looking at you like an excited puppy        
  • Weird, you think        
  • “You like stargazing, yeah? Wanna do it with me sometime?”        
  • You internally facepalm        
  • That wasn’t what you spent weeks rehearsing! Dolt!        
  • You pray your slight improvision goes unnoticed        
  • Looks like the odds are in your favour!        
  • “Me?! Stargaze? With y-you!?”        
  • Yeah man        
  • He’s back on his feet        
  • More pumped up than ever!        
  • You’re happy to see Kaito back to his energetic self·
  • The two of you discuss constellations on your way out of the dining hall… 


  • You weren’t entirely sure if this was a good idea
  • What if robots couldn’t feel emotions like love? What if they could, but he just didn’t like you? What if he doesn’t understand that you’re trying to get him to go on a date with you? What if-
  • Deep breaths, dammit.
  • You’re in the deep end here.
  • But little do you know, so is he.
  • When you walk up to him, you remind yourself that he’s just like any other boy!
  • There’s nothing to worry about!
  • The robot senses your presence and turns around excitedly
  • Hello, s/o! Iruma just taught me a new trick - Would you like to see me make my lenses brighten by a maximum of 70%?”
  • Iruma is cackling not too far behind him
  • She sees the look on your face and bolts
  • You blush at the robot’s random offer
  • “I’d love to see that, Kiibo!”
  • Just as he said, his blue eyes glowed like stars in the night sky!
  • Not to mention his cheeks
  • You remember why you’re here
  • “That’s amazing! Maybe you could show me even more of your tricks on a date, possibly?” you tell him
  • His eyes dim immediately
  • So do his cheeks
  • He’s resetting himself???
  • He suddenly comes back to life with a jolt, and is surprised to see you still in front of him - it wasn’t a 'dream’?
  • O-Of course, s/o! I would enjoy that very much!”

Gonta Gokuhara     

  • You and him were admiring some flowers the two of you had come across
  • Whenever you pointed out a bug he’d start spouting random facts about it
  • It was pretty cute
  • The reason you were here is both of you had bumped into each other earlier
  • It seems your routes overlapped when it came to going for walks!
  • He seemed more than a little excited when this had happened
  • But Gonta couldn’t possibly have planned it, it just was not the gentleman thing to do
  • Your flower-admiring session is cut short when you hear someone call something out in the dining hall, so the two of you head over to investigate
  • Gonta is disappointed he didn’t get to admire flowers with s/o a little longer…
  • Suddenly, an idea pops into your head
  • You ask Gonta if he’d like to do this again sometime, but as a date!
  • Gonta is!!!!!! Screaming internally!!!!!!
  • He says yes!
  • You’re both so happy!

Ryouma Hoshi

  • ….
  • He’s a lot shorter up close than you expected
  • But you came here for a reason!
  • And that reason is to ask Hoshi on a date!
  • He turns around and sees you
  • You think you can see something light up a little behind his eyes?
  • But his expression overall is a bit…
  • Sorrowful?
  • A little more than usual, at that
  • Yikes, maybe I should come back later, you think…
  • “What is it, s/o?”
  • Here goes nothing
  • You ask him out on a date
  • You let him decide what he wants to do for the date because you honestly have no idea
  • The light behind his eyes shines a little brighter when you say that
  • And the look on his face is anything but sorrowful!

Wednesday I’m at the National Theatre like, all day, seeing Angels in America, but still looking for suggestions of what stuff to check out in London next week.

I like to wander around without plans, but ya know, what’s good London? Any off the beaten path stuff?

y'all today was so good i took an uber to the next town over to go to a local Pride event and then walked to a theater and saw Cars 3 (which was awesome btw) and now i’m takin a lyft home and i’m!! so alive!!! lmao

My charms are finally in! Now to attach loops and they’ll be ready to send out! 

Thank you so much for your patience~ 

If you want one they are available on my online store 

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This is an opinion brought to you by a rancher, who knows quite a few other ranchers and dairy farms.

I recently watched a documentary called Earthlings, which gets praised on a lot in the Vegan, animal rights, and animal welfare tags.

This documentary is complete, biased, exaggerated, and twisted bullshit (At least when it comes to beef and dairy, which is what I’m talking about)

It opens on beef with branding, showing an animal being hot ironed on the face. In my state, you cannot register to brand a cow on a face. In fact, the face is the least common branding site available, as it can damage the cow’s jaw and make it difficult for her to eat. The most common branding site is the hip, rib, and shoulder, but the documentary simply says, cows are branded on their face.

Does it say why? No. Because obviously we scar our animals for fun, right? Cattle don’t have microchips like a dog. If your dog gets stolen, you can usually find it because of it’s Microchipped. Cows don’t have that. Cows are so expensive, they’re like gold, so often Ranchers brand their cattle. If a cow has a brand, she cannot be sold without the brand owner’s authorization, meaning, someone can not steal young, healthy animals from my pasture, and sell them for slaughter.

Next they go on to dehorning, stating that it is cruel, painful, and often done with simple pliers. HAaha.

If I have an animal, I don’t want to ruin it by painfully tearing off it’s horns. This animal will never let me touch it again!

Most cattle, and I DO mean most, are dehorned either as calves (Less painful, not remembered), or have a shot to numb the area at the base of the horn before it’s CUT off, not YANKED off. This way, the cow can still be handled.

Does the documentary say WHY cattle are dehorned? Does it mention that a cow with horns is a danger to itself, humans, and other animals? No? Of course not!

Beef cattle are not stuffed into trailers until it’s so full the animals die. This makes absolutely no sense. If the animals die before they reach the sale ring or slaughter house, no paycheck for you! You make less money if the animals die before slaughter.

Nothing the documentary covers is explained why. WHY do they do that? It’s biased. It makes it seem like ranchers and farmers WANT to hurt their cattle. They don’t. Most of us get attached to our cows. It exaggerates EVERYTHING


According to the documentary, Dairy cattle are CHAINED to their stalls, in their own feces, with no water or food, pumped full of hormones to make them milk more. Wrong.

A dairy barn consists of a long isle down the middle of the barn, with a large alley on each side for the cattle. The cattle can walk down the main alley, or lay in a padded stall. They can stick their head through railings to eat food specially mixed to meet all their needs, or drink water. Dairy barns, because they produce milk that MUST be clean, cannot milk a cow pumped full or hormones and chemicals, and clean their barns daily to avoid bacteria. WOW! It’s almost like we take care of our animals so they produce! WHO KNEW?

Most dairy cattle are allowed to graze in a pasture with their calves, until they’re milked in the morning and the evening. Others keep their cows in a well airated barn. Calves are removed to avoid injury! Calves are often kept it smaller pens, with calf huts, pads, soft bedding, and even blankets! It is counter productive to not care for a calf. A calf is your future cow! Dairy farmers feed them the highest quality milk so the calves grow into strong, productive animals.

Dieing cows are not left in the isles. If a cow begins to appear sick, a vet is called. Simple as that.

The documentary states that a cow’s lifespan can reach 20. WRONG. at the age of 8 or 9, a cow starts to lose her teeth. If you kept a cow alive until 20 she would be malnourished and miserable, unable to eat. The average cow lives until 8 or 9, at which point they are sold. It would be cruel to keep an animal who cannot eat or fulfill it’s own needs.

Cows do not, on average, die at FOUR YEARS OLD because of exhaustion! Four years, at almost any dairy or ranch you visit, is a cow in her PRIME! We do not run our animals to death. We do NOT torture them.

You don’t eat meat? Great! Do your thing! Eat your veggies! That’s fine! But don’t make me out to be devilspawn if I eat meat. Don’t make me out to be cruel, (As stated by the documentary, as cruel as hitler to the jews), because I raise cattle. Fuck. You.

The shit thing about that documentary is it preys on people who have never been on a farm or dairy. If you’ve never been to one, it’s easy to believe things like this. If I made a documentary about how vegans grew their food, and showed it to people who have never met Vegans, or seen how crops are grown, I could easily exaggerate and make Veganism seem horrible, like this documentary does to livestock owners.

Please stop hating on ranchers and farmers. Please?


Hey howdy hello friends! :Y I hope this Summer is treating all of you kindly!

So, I’m heading to the beach for the weekend, going to be camping under the stars and bonding with some friends (lowkey I’m just glad for an excuse to go to the beach lol) I doubt there’ll be a decent signal so far from civilization, plus I wouldn’t want to waste the trip scrolling :p So I will be back sometime, probably late-ish, on Sunday! 

May the wind be at your back ^u^

ATTENTION USA TUBIES:  If your feeding tube tubing looks anything like this these days, something important to know.

As you probably have heard already, in the USA they are standardizing all feeding tubes and feeding tube accessories.  The end goal is to make it so that it’s harder to make potentially life-threatening mistakes with feeding tubes.  And they’re trying to roll this out slowly, in stages.

They have done a bad job of creating an intermediate tube that will work for all kinds of feeding tubes.  That white piece only fits some feeding tubes well, others it just falls out of, either instantly or once you start running food through it.  This is because the piece it’s designed to emulate was shaped differently, with curves that made it stick into the end of tubes better and stay there.  

The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation, or whatever it’s called exactly, was wrong when they said there’s nothing to worry about.  I’ve spent the last month wrestling with this new tubing, getting nowhere, and having to do awful things with the old tubing to stretch it as far as I could get it until someone at the hospital would actually do something useful for a change and get me a j-tube port that would fit this white thing.  And when I talked to a nurse, she said a lot of patients with feeding tubes are having trouble with the white things.  I’m not surprised.  I’m just glad I finally have a j-tube port that fits this thing, it’s a huge weight off my shoulders.

Anyway.  The important thing to know… the purple part is what will eventually attach to all new tubes.  Eventually the white part will not exist anymore, and we will all just have tubes that fit the purple part, at least that’s the plan.  I can’t imagine that everyone will have the resources to get their tubes changed to the new ones.

So there may come a time when you don’t yet have a new tube that fits the purple piece, but they have discontinued using the white adapters that add onto the purple piece.  This is why one piece of advice I’ve heard is so crucial I’m going to put it in its own line in bold letters:


When it unscrews it should look like this:

So just save the white part, wash it out, and keep a stockpile of them.  That way if you end up stuck with an old-style tube and a new-style piece of tubing with no white adapters, you’ll have an entire pile of white adapters you can use and reuse as long as you need.  

This has been a public service announcement by a very frustrated adult tubie.

Midwestern Killjoy Headcannons

•jackets are an insane necessity, like you need multiple or you wont survive the winter.
•theres a lot of climbing trees to either escape or snipe dracs
•in large farmland areas you will find the occasional joy hiding in an old farmhouse and farming deep in the back lots to hide their crops from the patrols
•LOTS of cars. Like we produce so many cars up here that the joys would have acess to a lot if scraps and parts
•reliance on nature for food not pumped full of drugs
•joys with all their bright hair and piercings farming and caring for farm animals
•old middle of nowhere diners being turned into radio broadcast centers and stops for supplies

Next up on the “babies need a lot of stuff” saga/report, I have packed FOUR bags, plus my purse for a 2 hour road/day trip tomorrow.
- one with swim stuff for the 3 of us
- a diaper bag
- pumping bag
- food bag

Seriously so crazy.

scenes that moonbin could have picked instead of the shirtless scene:

  1. aegyo song with yuri
  2. eunwoo’s deduction skills while thinking about what is sky, what is earth
  3. the motorboat ride in the beginning
  4. eunwoo cleaning fish
  5. eunwoo waking up glowing and asking how his hair looks
  6. eunwoo touching a squid
  7. eunwoo knowing literally everything about new caledonia because he did research
  8. eunwoo and yuri’s food hunting
  9. eunwoo pumping yuri’s boat
  10. coconut crab hunting in paradise
  11. eunwoo getting all dirty because of food
  12. catfish fam
  13. coconut crabs fam
  14. eunwoo and yoon park making swings
  15. sukchun teaching eunwoo how to do stuff and basically how to do life

but yet he picked the scene where eunwoo was shirtless and walking slowly like this suave bad boy.

so what i’m trying to say is…

binu is canon

i rest my case

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cont. from (x)

Steven most likely wouldn’t be able to understand the legendary, though her thoughts were of course projected towards the steely dual type.

“Hi I’m Heatran! Can we be friends? I like being friends!”

Suddenly, she’s bobbing her body up and down. Almost robotically really. It’s…kinda cute? It’s hard to really tell what she’s thinking(as a human) when she’s not exactly able to express her feelings through facial features. Kinda stinks when you have no eyelids.

“Is that your human? They seem nice! Do they have food?”

….Pump the brakes Heatran. Please in Arceus’s name.


“I’m Chinese, Imran’s Malay. So Hari Raya is mainly his family’s thing, since by race, I celebrate Chinese New Year. Every Hari Raya, I take part in Hari Raya celebrations where we visit Imran’s relatives together, and stuff ourselves silly with tidbits and food served at his relatives. Though both of us come from completely different backgrounds, but at the end of the day these differences hardly matter - we consider ourselves each other’s best friends and life partner-in-crimes.

So what’s it like dating someone who is of a different race and religion than you?

Well, firstly you become mortified at friends who believe that Malays HAVE to – as if by some sort of law – get married at void decks. It is not mandatory guys!
Then you start to wake up in the middle of the night craving amazing homecooked Malay food – omg Nasi Ayam Penyet and Keropok Lekor. You get so excited whenever you see a Pasar Malam (night market) or better yet, when a new restaurant has a Halal food sign (*imaginary fist pump*) because now there’s a new place to try out during couple date night!

Then you start listening to Malay songs and memorizing their lyrics by heart, and after engaging in a duet with your Malay significant other, you realize that maybe, just maybe, the saying that ‘Malays are the better singers’ is correct because EVERYBODY in your boyfriend’s family CAN SING except you.

Funny realisations aside, my relationship with Imran has made me a better person in that I have gained new perspectives and new understandings of a different culture. Most importantly, I learned to love unconditionally and unrequitedly despite our racial and religious differences. I look forward to many more Hari Rayas together with Imran. My goal in 3 years? Be an expert at cooking all the flavorful Malay dishes, because what would be a Hari Raya family gathering without some tender-loving home-cooked meal?”