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theres no right way to make kale because it tastes terrible and everyone who says they like kale is a big liar. also those shirts that say trendy variations on “eat kale!” are propaganda. discuss


… the terrors of carrots! by James Vaughan


They Eat LARD !! by jim goodyear

<br /><i>Via Flickr:</i>
<br />'They're young ... They're in love ... They eat LARD.' 1957

‘Issued by The British Lard Marketing Board in conjunction with the Department of Health.’

anonymous asked:

Do you have some advices if i have to lose some weight?

Hi anon! First of all I should say I am not a dietician or nutritionist, but this is a topic a certainly know a lot and have mixed feelings about. First of all, I suggest asking yourself the following questions: Why you want to lose weight? Is this for your health? Are you truly overweight? Fighting your body’s set point rarely ends well. Some people are naturally curvy, others naturally rail-thin, some tall, some short, etc. There is no one ideal body type and we all have unique traits to be proud of (externally and internally). This is tricky, but I DO recommend focusing on a healthy lifestyle (for some it even means gaining muscle and weight, for others it may mean losing fat and developing muscle). I firmly believe dieting “fails” because of the restriction. Even if you get to this ideal weight, now you are stuck dieting to stay there. So a healthy lifestyle is really what I think should be promoted and aimed for. 

Here are some tips I advise for having a nourished and healthy body: 

  • Eat mostly vegan/vegetarian (I do not believe in eating meat but I do think that being a strict vegan can become restrictive, so you can eat 99% vegetarian and not stress about if your out to dinner and they used butter instead of olive oil or if you just are craving a greek yogurt. Eat vegan when possible, try vegan alternatives, but don’t deprive yourself. You don’t have to be perfect)
  • Eat nutrient dense whole foods (as close to the ground as possible)
  • Remove processed foods from your diet as much as possible (this will save your wallet as well!) 
  • Make things from scratch! So many ingredients are versatile and can be reused in completely different meals with a different sauce/set of spices.
  • Limit processed sugars and incorporate more natural sugars from fruits
  • Limit alcohol. Go out with friends and have fun every now and then, but I like to view alcohol as any treat/indulgence. I would have 1 or two but I probably wouldn’t have 10 on the reg. Alcohol is poison and I learned in medicinal chemistry just how much “getting drunk” is actually immense damage to your insides. Now of course, have fun every now and then but getting hammered probably should be minimized. 
  • Eat a balanced diet (adequate carbs, protein, fats)
    • Here are some good vegan examples
      • Carbs: potatoes, corn, oats, veggies, fruits
      • Protein: lentils, garbanzo beans, tofu, edamame (legumes in general)
      • Fat: avocado, olive oil, nuts/nut butters where there’s no added oils/sugars, seeds (chia, hemp, flax, etc.)
    • Try not to worry about the “my food plate” or “food pyramid” propaganda you’ve grown up hearing. Yes you need protein and carbs and fats but a well balanced/cohesive meal should have all of those things already. You don’t need to obsess about getting 20g of protein in each meal or eating a “fist size” quantity. Your body is strong and it will tell you what you need if you are willing to listen. 
  • Eat intuitively. I like to really read into my cravings and if it’s a “junk food” I think deeper about what nutrient I may not have gotten enough of or if I am craving this because I am stressed, hungry, or feeling deprived in general.
  • Indulge! Try to make healthier swaps, but every now and then eat the regular gooey chocolate chip cookie. I like to have a moderately “healthy” dessert every night! 
  • Take at least a multivitamin! Even eating all of those nutrient dense foods, a general multivitamin I swear does wonders for your health (and I take many more to support the many miles i put on my body). 
  • EXERCISE!!! this doesn’t always have to mean running on a hamster wheel (treadmill) at the gym. This can mean going for a hike, going for a walk or a run, rollerblading, biking, you name it! I believe some strength work is good and I believe it’s recommended trying to get like 3hrs of cardio a week? Not sure? 

Health is all about balance and indulgence. “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Now replace excellence with health and whatever you can do long-term and sustainably is more valuable than any kind of yo-yo diet between restriction and binging.  

I hope that helps! :) 

Seen this sign before? Did you know it was World War I propaganda from the US Food Administration?

Published in 1917, signs like this one were a plea from the government to citizens to consume less meat and wheat so more would be available for soldiers. The U.S. Food Administration (USFA) was the wartime administration responsible for apportioning the nation’s food reserves.  Despite the vastly different context and end-goal from today’s food movement, this poster’s message has become applicable to our current movement to support sustainable, locally grown food. You might spot this vintage poster around—and now you know where it originated!