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I bought these tiny snacks~~ they are like macaroons~~the middle parts are filling with cream~ but I think diaplushies don’t know they suppose to Eat them, not Play with them!!!!!

Subaru: okay don’t move Shu, I’m going to place the 4th one.

Shu:I don’t like you put food on my face, but cannot be helped it’s too cold I don’t want to leave this blanket…

Ruki: how can you guys waste food like this!?

My bad, Ruki is the one who knows to eat them.

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Would you be able to do some hamilsquad/reader birthday headcanons when it's s/o's birthday? Your headcanons are really heckin cute .3.

boss’ memo : thank you!! i hope you like these !

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  • john buys you lots of gifts and you don’t really have a birth “day” for him so much as you have a birth week because he thinks he’s being sneaky when he places gifts on your bed,,, did you know he’s semi-familiar with the language of flowers?
    • (though he does ask alex about it, ‘cause alex knows from sending “fuck you” bouquets to people he hates,,, sometimes he just sends them orange lilies, which mean hatred)
    • john gives you red and pink camellias !! though, he may also toss a white carnation in there, ‘cause you’re talented !
    • most of what he buys you are comfort items, though–especially if he knows you’re allergic to flowers–he might buy you your favorite food, a plushie,,,
      • and this is mostly ‘cause he likes if you have physical reminders that he loves you !!
    • he’ll also draw you stuff,,,
  • of course alex writes you something! he actually starts writing you a lot of things early on in the year, so by the time of your birthday, he’s got a lot of poems / sonnets / letters about how much he adores you ! he leaves them for you in different places ‘round the house,,,
    • and he ends up early that night, because he wants to spend more time with you :0 !
    • alex’s stuck to your side for most of day, and if anyone attempts to upset you, then he’s ready to Fight,,, no one messes with you on your birthday,,
    • he’s kind of tempted to make this a Big Thing, ‘cause you deserve a big party with presents and everything, but if that’s not your type of thing, then he’s fine with doing something lowkey,, just be aware that he’s in the mood for you to have the kind of day where you’re tired but happy when you get home so you all get to pass out on the bed together in a pile !
      • so you might all go to an amusement park, or a carnival, or something kind of tiring,,
  • hercules wants to make something for you ! so he may make you a stuffed animal, or a custom outfit!! he may also buy you your favorite sweets,, he’s pretty good at baking, so he may bake you something, as well ! if you’re not a fan of sweets, he’ll do his best to learn how to cook your favorite food !
    • he’s not the biggest on buying things, and prefers to make them by hand ! (he likes the feeling of creating)
    • he wants you to be happy, so he’s not afraid to take you out somewhere nice if you don’t want a gift! he’s pretty observant, and will notice if you’ve mentioned wanting to go somewhere,, there’s a chance that he’ll probably take you there !!
    • he may also get you flowers, and, like john, tends to be big on not only flower symbolism but color symbolism,,, not one flower in that bouquet is a mistake !
  • so, laf kinda wants to make this as chill as possible (may be some conflict with alex over this), so he’s most likely to just relax with you at home,,, he’s curled up against you, and will probably be content with staying there for the entire day,,,, there’s a big chance that once you all come back from doing whatever alex or herc had planned, you all get to relax on together !!
    • it’s only after everyone’s gone and given you their gift that he sleepily tells you to check your coat pocket in the morning (in the morning, because otherwise you would get up and he and john would no longer have a pillow, and alex would get cold, and herc would have nowhere to center his warmth)
    • it’s something expensive, likely !!
  • and if you’re feeling grumpy on your birthday? you don’t really have a good experience with it normally, and kind of want it to be treated like a regular day?
    • that’s also fine, and the boys are v fine with just being a little extra affectionate–if you really don’t want them to get you anything and just want to stay home? they’re find with just playing video games and watching movies!!
      • (alex tends to criticize movies and stays quiet, otherwise, while herc loves talking about symbolism when he catches it–and he’s v good at catching it !)
    • but regardless of how you feel, they’re ready to make this a smooth and overall good day for you ! they love you very much, and they’re all pretty accepting of whatever you choose to do on your birthday, as long as you’re aware that they adore you on that day !

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Roadhog crush hc's !!! ♡♡

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  • roadhog is a man of few words, but don’t think for a second that it means he’s not interested
  • his physical presence can be intimidating, so he tends to be a little softer and gentler around you. he might rest his hand on your shoulder, or stand behind you as a silent support
  • he’ll quite literally let you talk for hours. he won’t even interrupt you, or get annoyed - if you happen to fall asleep, he’ll just wrap a blanket around you and let you lean against him
  • he likes to share his plushies, food, and other likes with you! it’s a rare sign of affection that should never be taken for granted - roadhog is not one to share normally
  • protective. if he sees you’re in trouble, he drops what he’s doing and gets to you, stat

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I noticed something in the characters: They always have their signature stuff toys in the Kiss and Cry. Like Yuuri with sushi pillows, Yurio gets sutff cats, Otabek gets bears, Chris gets a cows. IF the other skaters don't have, what do you suggests to have their signature stuff toys?

LOOOL I had to double check when you said “Chris gets cows” bc I was like REALLY??? But yes, he does:

Is it a cow? Bull? Is it a cheese reference?? I have not a clue why he has a cow…


Well, let’s see, to first go through other charas you didn’t mention who have stuff in canon: Yuuri actually gets all kinds of food plushies, not just sushi ^ ^ Phichit gets hamsters, of course <3  Guang-Hong gets a teddy bear! very different from Otabek’s Mister Eyebrows tho. If other characters get plushies, I’m unaware of it at this moment.

So what characters are left? It’s a shame that they don’t show any for JJ, even tho he was in the GPF too. Going by the trend of nationality stereotypes I sorta want to say moose, but his GPF chibi in the new Animate Cafe merch has him holding a lion plushie which I feel is probably more appropriate and is super cute too be the King LOL.

Seung-Gil is definitely huskies, if we go by the pet trend. Easy. First thing that pops into mind for Leo is sunflowers, bc I associate him with sunshine and growing things, but given his love of music I think music note plushies would be super cute too ^ ^ Is it terrible that I want to say peacock for Georgi? Or some other kind of bird, it’s the hairdo I can’t shake the association… Mickey’s nickname in some official Japanese merchandise is “cherry boy” which I think is hilarious, so uh, cherries? or things with Sara’s face printed on them wow I unfortunately really, really can’t think of anything for Emil as much as I love him, probably something simple, elegant and practical like more flowers, or if I had to choose between cat and dog, he strikes me as a cat guy ^ ^; And Minami, adorable child, you are a pomeranian….(also I forgot if we ever see it, but Victor definitely gets poodles so…).

And if we add in the ladies, because we should, I dunno how cute it’d be but spider plushies for Mila (I’m sorry I also can’t shake the Black Widow reference…it was too strong before we even found out her name orz, maybe she’s the kind who likes the ugly-cute aesthetic?? not saying that spiders are ugly BUT if you get what I mean okay shutting up). And Sara…idk, something cute but strong, I want to say she’s dog type over cat, maybe she likes wolves? Either way, different from Mickey, which makes him sad ^ ^;

are just my thoughts on the spot lol

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