food plushies


I bought these tiny snacks~~ they are like macaroons~~the middle parts are filling with cream~ but I think diaplushies don’t know they suppose to Eat them, not Play with them!!!!!

Subaru: okay don’t move Shu, I’m going to place the 4th one.

Shu:I don’t like you put food on my face, but cannot be helped it’s too cold I don’t want to leave this blanket…

Ruki: how can you guys waste food like this!?

My bad, Ruki is the one who knows to eat them.

NCT Reactions: When he comes home to see you cried yourself to sleep

Request: Will you do a NCT reaction to coming home late to find their gf had such a bad day that she wanted to cry to them, but instead cried herself to sleep, hugging their pillow? 💕

A/N: Thank you for the request! This was so fun to write!! (Although it made me sad bc I’m not dating an NCT member lol) Also I know there’s a lot of uncertainty with Hansol, but I’m going to include him mostly because I don’t want to face reality :’((

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Taeil: Taeil would be so worried about you, seeing your tear-stained cheeks after he entered the bedroom. He would immediately rush over to you, only to hesitate, remembering that you probably need your rest. He would promise to apologize repeatedly to you in the morning and wouldn’t be able to get much sleep considering how his girlfriend felt.

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Johnny: He would feel so awful that he wasn’t there for you when you needed him most, he would legit start crying, accidentally waking you up in the process. Somehow you end up being the comforter in this situation, holding him and reassuring him that you don’t blame him at all. This of course wouldn’t be enough for him so he would promise a whole day dedicated to you tomorrow.

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Hansol: Hansol would be so confused at first, not understanding why you were crying by yourself. He would immediately wake you up to ask what’s wrong, only then realizing his mistake. After realizing that he left you with no one in your time of need, he would hold you and sing to you until you fell back asleep.

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Kun: He would know exactly what’s wrong, seeing the missed calls on his phone on the way home. He would decide to just let you sleep and would make you a MASSIVE breakfast the next morning. One you kissed him on the cheek as thanks, he would know that all is forgiven.

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Taeyong: He knows you so well that he knew you would be upset when he got home from practice, so he would arrive with flowers and chocolates already in hand. Just hearing him come through the door would be so comforting because you knew there were no need for words. He would just lay the gifts down, climb into bed, and take you in his arms, whispering to you how much he loves you.

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Doyoung: I think he would try to put up a front for a bit, pretending it didn’t get to him seeing you curled up with his pillow with tear trails down your cheeks, but as soon as you stir a bit and sit up to look at him with those big puppy eyes, he loses it. I mean, he’d literally get on his knees with your hands in his as he begs for forgiveness. Little does he know, just seeing him was enough for you.

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Ten: He would, of course, feel terrible about not being there for you. He would be at a loss at first seeing you like that, but he would then decide to make it his mission to make you the happiest girl in the world in that moment because you didn’t deserve to ever be sad. He would wake you up and tickle you/make bad jokes/pout like a puppy/etc. until you’re smiling so much you can’t even remember what it’s like to be sad.

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Jaehyun: This softie would be a lot like Johnny because it would be absolutely devastating to him that you ever felt like this to begin with. But instead of breaking down, he would go out to buy you a ton of your favorite foods and plushies of your favorite cartoon characters, no matter how late it is. He would start cooking before you woke up the next day so you would be treated to all of his surprises as soon as you got out of bed.

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Yuta: AWWWW ok Yuta would be so loving because skinship is his middle name tbh. He would drop everything as soon as he saw you and take you into his arms, kissing you before you even had a chance to wake up. Of course, knowing Yuta, that would lead to other things like makeup sex (what who said that not me)

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WinWin: SIcheng would be at a complete loss at what to do when he saw you like that. He wouldn’t want you to be tired tomorrow so he would let you sleep, but he would toss and turn until morning when he could apologize to you.

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Mark: This big ol softie would know he screwed up right away and do something ridiculously kdrama-esque like write you a super long apology letter while you slept, tape it closed with a heart shaped sticker, prop it up on your bedside table, and then crawl into bed next to you and caress your cheek while you slept as a silent apology.

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Haechan: Donghyuck would see you asleep on the couch, curled up with his pillow, and immediately go into ultimate bf mode. Not only would he carry you to bed, but he would also sing you a lullaby after apologizing to you. After you drifted off, he’d place a soft kiss on your cheek and lay back down next to you for the rest of the night.

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Renjun: Renjun would be so upset after seeing you like that, it’d probably make him upset at himself like Johnny, but instead of crying, he would get super mad. You’d wake up to see him sitting in the rocking chair across from you with his eyes closed, rubbing his temples in frustration. Once he saw you wake up, he’d apologize and promise you that he would never let it happen again.

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Jeno: After seeing you all alone, he’d run over to the kitchen and slave over your favorite homemade dishes for hours. You’d wake up to see his smiling face next to several plates of delicious food, one of them spelling out “sorry” in noodles.

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(I legit could NOT find a relatively sad gif of Chenle. He smiles too much. Someone come collect this kid.)

Chenle: This little rascal would act a lot like Ten, just wanting to see you smile again. He’d wake you up with his signature aegyo and wouldn’t stop until you’re both cackling, including his dolphin scream of a laugh.

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Jaemin: He’d be so worried about your health that he’d just let you sleep, but he’d hate the idea of you being so sad when he wasn’t there to help. He’d promise himself that he’d stay home all day tomorrow to have a cartoon marathon with you just to cheer you up.

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Jisung: Jisung would be a startled by how upset you appeared, a little confused as to what was wrong. Once he woke you up to ask and you began crying, he’d immediately hold you close, sharing a quiet moment before he apologized.