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guess what today is?!?? My BIRTHDAY!! I’m celebrating with the most epic naked birthday cake ever (it’s on the blog now) with lemon curd, swiss buttercream + sparklers!!! 🎂🎉🎊🎂 it’s extra pretty because that’s what happens when your besties are food stylists + food photographers! @adamfoodstyle + @mattarmendariz by whatsgabycookin


Celebrating the Start of the Jewish New Year with Israeli Food Bloggers @matkonation

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It’s Rosh Hashana, the start of the Jewish New Year. And, like many Jewish people around the world, Israeli food bloggers Deanna Linder and Danya Weiner (@matkonation) are celebrating — and eating — with their families. Deanna is a food stylist, Danya is a food photographer, and the two joined forces six years ago to channel their creativity in a fun way. “Together the two of us have five boys, and as working moms, we’re really appreciating this time we have to reflect with our boys on the new year to come,” says Deanna.

The two moms’ collaboration has led to big opportunities, like a recent photo shoot for a major brand where they made this dish: fresh figs baked and stuffed with goat cheese and a balsamic crumble, meant to be served at the upcoming holiday Sukkot, a celebration of the harvest season. “For the new year, we would like to let everyone know that Israel (especially Tel Aviv) is a major hub of creativity, liveliness and really, really good food,” Deanna says, with an offer to hit them up for the best places to eat.


Henry Hargreaves + Caitlin Levin - FOOD MAPS
typography by Sarit Melmed

These food maps created by stylist Caitlin Levin and photographer and former model Henry Hargreaves originally were inspired by a passion for travel. Exploring new places through the food you eat is often a portal to the cultural complexities of that place.

“In this series we have taken many of the iconic foods of countries and continents and turned them into physical maps. While we know that tomatoes originally came from the Andes in South America,  Italy has become the tomato king. These maps show how food has traveled the globe - transforming and becoming a part of the cultural identity of that place. Who doesn’t know the saying "throw some shrimp on the barbie” and not think of Australia? Who goes to France without eating bread and cheese?  And who makes a Brazilian caipirinha without a fistful of limes?

These maps are a playful representation of our interpretation of food from around the world, painstakingly created with real unadulterated food. This project speaks to the universality of how food unites people, brings us together and starts conversation -  just as we hope these beautiful maps will do too.“

[more Henry Hargreaves + Caitlin Levin | art project found at Co.Design]


Heeeeere’s Claudia Ficca and Davide Luciano! The full-time couple and part-time collaborative team — Ficca is a food stylist and Luciano is a photographer — have recently embarked on a witty series together: a sequence of photographs created in homage to “The Shining” (and its most iconic scenes), just in time for the 35th anniversary of the film. But the timid and horror-film-averse needn’t fret. The cinematic scenes won’t challenge those with weak stomachs — although they might tempt those with empty ones. The images in the project, aptly named “All Food No Play,” are composed entirely of comestibles. The results — from “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” cherry pies, to a meticulous frozen-pea recreation of the Overlook Hotel hedge maze, to eerily perfect cupcake versions of the Grady twins — are clever and spirited. (Via


Illustrating Eastern Europe featured on Mashable

Food stylist Anna Keville Joyce and photographer Agustín Nieto’s food photography series illustrated four famous capitals in Eastern Europe with delicious foods. The series was originally commissioned by travel site Foodie Backpacker.

Joyce worked with fresh ingredients to captured the unique moods of each city. “Each pieces has different challenges. For example, transmit the feeling of fog amidst the light of Prague; give the sensation of water in the Danube river in Budapest; show the colors and designs of Bucharest; and create the idea of height and sky in Warsaw,” said Joyce to Mashable.

Some of Joyce’s favorite tools included raw sugar to create fog on the streets of Prague, mashed potato clouds in Warsaw and skinless grapes to recreate the waters of the Danube river. The lesser known beauty of these cities shines through in her colorful arrangements.