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stimboard for my d&d character b/c im a hopeless nerd with no life

senka is agender and uses they/them pronouns!

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Brandon: *looks at paycheck.*

Brandon: *looks mildly distressed*

Me: You good?

Brandon: Yeah, I got my Raisin Bran and milk the other day. I’ll be good for a while.

Me: *is now a worried friend*

Brandon: *continues to look distressed*

♡ sweet asks ♡

vanilla - how has your week been?

chocolate - what do you crave right now?

red velvet - what type of music do you like?

ice cream - if you were an animal, what kind would you be?

cake - describe your ideal location

mocha - what are three things that make you feel warm inside?

frosting - describe your appearance

marshmallow - do you sleep with plushies? if so, which are your favorites?

sorbet - describe an ideal summer day

butterscotch - describe an ideal autumn day

caramel - describe an ideal winter day

pecan - describe an ideal spring day

mint - what’s new in your life?

pie - “home is where…”

macaroon - list three things you feel inspired to do


Ok, but hear me out: Pidge and Matt spending time in Italy with their grandma and she makes them very embarassing sweaters and tons of lasagne.