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Oliver’s in Granger Market, Newcastle


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I had forgotten about Gwyn's sweet tooth until the last chapter. Does he have such a sweet tooth for a reason- like something to do with his light or how he was raised? Or is it just a really adorable and endearing habit that he would have developed no matter what. I love those random bits of characterization that don't necessarily seem to mean much but add so much realism to characters. It's just such a funny and sweet thing that the big scary fae general/king eats sugar by the pound.

It’s partly to do with his light? But mostly that guy just has a sweet tooth. *grins*

Basically he burns so much energy via his muscle mass and also his inability to feed properly, that he craves foods that are high in protein, fat and carbohydrates. Sugar is pretty much pure carbohydrate. But I mean, he doesn’t crave other foods (except maybe meat / bone marrow) in quite the same way that he craves and then just enjoys sugar / sugary things. Plus the lucky bastard doesn’t have to worry about cavities or tooth decay. *shakes a fist*

And yeah, it was one of those things I just liked about him as a character. It started off ages ago, when I knew he had no problems eating greasy ‘human food’ and from there, it stretched to me realising he would love a lot of hearty things, like stews and fresh baked bread (influenced by what he could freely access during his upbringing), but that sugary foods were always special because of Delphine, and as a result he adores them. :)

Raspberry Nutella Brownie from Pet Lamb, Granger Market, Newcastle

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I brought my chocolate Megaldon tooth from fossilera to share with the volunteers at the Natural History Museum in London today! It went down an absolute treat. Not only did it taste great, it looked fantastic and none of us could resist a quick comparison with our own Megaldon and Great White shark teeth we use on gallery! 

We all loved it and it was so delightful to have a natural history related treat as opposed to the usual biscuits! 

Cedfia Pizza XP

Drew half of this a while ago, forgot about it, and just finished it this morning. XD Here’s the dialogue…

Cedric: Blech! People in the future call this greasy stuff “food”? >_>

Sofia: Try it, Cedric, it’s good! Also, PFT LOL, you’re already greasy…

Also I imagine despite the catchphrase, Cedric doesn’t like mushrooms much more than other vegetables. PFFFT. And if anyone’s still interested, here’s the Cedfia Pizza recipes! ;P

“Cedric’s ‘Merlin’s Mushrooms’ Pizza”:

Just buy some pre-made pizza dough, coz there ain’t no reason to be stupid complicated about it, roll it out, apply either a homemade tomato sauce (tomato sauce + Italian herbs = BAM!) or maybe leftover spaghetti sauce if you got it. Then grate your favorite kind of cheese on top, and I say chicken but if you prefer whatever other kind of meat go for it. And of course, the namesake, your favorite kind of mushroom slices. =) Bake as the pizza dough directs, slice, and enjoy.

“Sofia the Dessert Pizza Version 1 - S’more Sofia:

Again, just get the premade dough. This time though, drizzle it lightly in crisscross patterns with maple and chocolate syrups. Then add a light sprinkle of cinnamon-sugar. Throw some graham cracker crumbles, extra bits of chocolate bar, and mini-marshmallows all over. And maybe a bit of oatmeal  too if you want.

Sofia the Dessert Pizza Version 2 - Aunt Tilly’s Apple Pie Pizza:

Store bought dough, maple syrup, maybe some apple butter jelly if you like that stuff, and cinnamon sugar. Then add some thin sliced apple slivers, graham cracker crumbles, oatmeal and  maybe some mini-marshmallows. 

Alright, hope you’re hungry and inspired! x3

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are you okay?

Bit hungover. Stressed about the future. Miss my boyfriend. Need food.

I want to move out of home, that’s all I want. xo

But yeah. I’m okay. For now xo