food of my dreams


here’s some upscaled render of the pdp girls i did myself! they’re okay to use as long as you don’t claim it as your own — also pls rb / like if you use!!

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NCT Dream Waiting For Food at Restaurant
  • NCT Dream: *orders food* *waits for a good 30 minutes*
  • Waitress: I'm sorry but you're gonna have to wait another 30 minutes for your food.
  • Donghyuck: You know when they come with the food let's just clap.
I think I ate fae food in a dream...?

This is what happened in my dream just now:

I entered an old sweet shop in a place I did not know and the sweets and jams and everything were named after different fae and other creatures. I remember picking out three different things with vampire in the name, a jar of what I could only assume was a preserve of some kind, one small square sweet and a sticky elegant bat-shaped sweet on a stick. As I was browsing I got given a free sample, it was delicious and I picked up a pack of the wrapped product and a book.
I left my stuff on the side of the counter and went to the man behind it. Only it had changed, it was now open plan into the room behind it with no sweets in it. Two men were sitting behind a beautifully carved desk, the third was sitting behind me. I talked about the products and how I needed the recipe, they discussed how they should deal with me quickly because they had been working on ‘this’ for so long. (There were other words spoken but I can’t remember). The young bespectacled man gave me a sheaf of pages covered in writing and I asked if they were cursed. They all laughed and said no.
I remember going back to fetch my purse because (being me) I forgot it. But when I came back there were only people with streaks of blue in their hair who kept talking about ‘our world’ and were angry that I was there. I explained that I was getting my stuff and they allowed this but I think I woke up before I had a chance to pay (with human coins anyway).