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Reira’s Adventures in the USA Part 1

Cousin: I’ll take you to Target to get soy milk.

Me: …Target has food?

Cousin: Yep.

Me: O.o

For context, Target also exists in Australia but does not have a grocery section.


*Goes through security in LA to proceed to NYC* 

*Sees everyone taking off shoes*


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*Nearly face plants into TV cabinet after 3-month old second-cousin grips my finger tightly and pulls*


*Passes food place advertising ‘Fried Oreos’*

Me: …I don’t think I even want to know. 

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If you are feeling sad, never fear! Just watch this video of those little kittens popping out of eggs! These are heaven!!

(Note: This commercial is from Thailand and it is a cat food product called Me-O.)

PHEW made it with twenty minutes to spare, but this is for the lovely eks birthday ! ;3;

hope you had an excellent day, friend !

all i want is a jewish cooking competition show… i want judges accused of playing favorites with matzo balls varieties… i want the most indulgent sufganiyot… a whole TOWER of challah… the battle of kubbeh soups… i want kugel!!! sabich!!! hamantaschen!!! sambusak!!!! the seven species!!! i want to see pesach themed challenges!!! i want NOT A SINGLE JEWISH CHEF FORCED TO COOK WITH PORK AND SOME GOY TO MAKE A JOKE ABOUT IT!!!!! I WANT JEWISH FOOD CULTURES TO BE RECOGNIZED FOR THEIR DEPTH AND COMPLEXITY INSTEAD OF THEIR PERCEIVED LIMITATIONS!!!!

kpop idols the hets can’t have 3.0

thanks to everyone who gave their input in helping make this list better than ever!


  • all of vixx (especially sanghyuk, taekwoon, hakyeon, ravi)
  • heechul, ryeowook, kyuhyun (super junior)
  • jaejoong, junsu, yuho (tvxq)
  • all of got7 (especially jackson and bambam)
  • all of bts (especially yoongi, hobi, and jimin)
  • taeil (block b)
  • all of monsta x (especially wonho, minhyuk, and hyungwon)
  • hansol, a-tom, jenissi, xero (topp dogg)
  • zuho, rowoon, chani, inseong, taeyang, and jaeyoon (sf9)
  • all of imfact (especially jian and sang)
  • 26, woosoo (masc)
  • sungjin, wonpil (day6)
  • all of seventeen (esepecially jeonghan, seungkwan, wonwoo, hoshi, and joshua)
  • seungjun, inseong (knk)
  • jonghyun, key, taemin (shinee)
  • all of cross gene (especially takuya)
  • luhan, sehun, chanyeol (exo)
  • xiao, sunyoul, jinhoo (up10tion) 
  • woosang (double a)
  • all of map6 (especially jjun and sign)
  • hon (mr mr)
  • johnny, taeyong, ten, haechan, winwin, jeno, jaemin (nct)
  • kisu, daeil (24k)
  • jinjin, eunwoo, moonbin (astro)
  • youngjae, jongup, zelo, and himcham (b.a.p)
  • minhyuk, peniel (btob)
  • e’dawn, shinwon, yan an, yuto (pentagon)
  • jo kwon (2am)
  • ren (n’uest)
  • byungchan, sejun, seungsik (victon)
  • hanbin, jinhwan (ikon)
  • taehyun (winner)
  • bm (k.a.r.d)
  • seungyoun (uniq)


  • hanbit (mercury)
  • all of twice (especially sana, momo, and chaeyoung)
  • somin, jiwoo (k.a.r.d)
  • all of mamamoo (especially moonbyul and hwasa)
  • iu (solo)
  • amber, krystal, luna (f(x))
  • ailee (solo)
  • nari (wassup)
  • jimin (15&)
  • jo sojin (9muses)
  • all of exid (especially hani, solji, le, and hyerin)
  • cheetah (solo rapper)
  • all of red velvet (especially seulgi and irene)
  • yuna (aoa)
  • hyuna (4minute)
  • dara, park bom (2ne1)
  • jisoo, lisa, rose, (blackpink)
  • all of gfriend (especially sinb and eunha)
  • bora, hyorin (sistar)
  • sunny, yoona, yuri (snsd)
  • all of wjsn (especially eunseo and dayoung)
Pregnant Omega Headcanons

-About two weeks after a heat an Omegas scent will become much sweeter and calming if they’ve become pregnant

-Old wives tales that the sweeter your scent becomes the more pups you’ll likely be having

-Pregnant Omega nesting groups, where Omegas get to be all comfy in a giant nest with other pregnant Omegas and they all exchange stories and useful information and compare belly sizes, and it’s so peaceful and stress free that it’s recommended for Omegas to attend at least once every couple weeks

-If an Omega already has children their sweetened scent filling the house will help keep the children calm and easier to manage

-Dedicating a lot of time constructing the best nest possible to stay in with the babies for after they get home from the hospital and becoming extremely stressed that it won’t be good enough to the point that their Alpha has to forcibly pull them away and make them relax for a while

-Alphas gently crooning and rubbing their Omegas tummy to help their exhausted mate relax and fall asleep

-A couple finding out that all three of their pups will be Omegas and the Alpha low-key freaking out because what if he (or she depending on how you write it) can’t protect three little Omegas? And their mate taking on the comforting role for the first time since the pregnancy started

-Talking about names and the Omega being very serious about wanting unique and meaningful names and being ridiculously upset when their Alpha says “you know what’d be cool? If they all rhymed!”

-The Alpha painting the entire nursery, because they don’t want their Omega around the paint fumes, and being forced to repaint it every time the Omega goes through a major nesting phase and suddenly decides it’s not the right color

-Alphas always being told that pregnant Omegas eat weird things but not thinking much of it until they find their mate dipping pickles in chocolate pudding while spraying cheezwhiz straight into their mouth at 3 AM like it’s perfectly normal