food mission

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless


  • Find your nearest food bank or mission, for food
  • grocery stores with free samples, bakeries + stores with day-old bread
  • different fast food outlets have cheaper food and will generally let you hang out for a while.
  • some dollar stores carry food like cans of beans or fruit


  • Sleeping at beaches during the day is a good way to avoid suspicion and harassment
  • sleep with your bag strapped to you, so someone can’t steal it
  • Some churches offer short term residence
  • Find your nearest homeless shelter
  • Look for places that are open to the public
  • A large dumpster near a wall can often be moved so that flipping up the lids creates an angled shelter to stay dry


  • A membership to the YMCA is usually only 10$, which has a shower, and sometimes laundry machines and lockers.
  • Public libraries have bathrooms you can use
  • Dollar stores carry low-end soaps and deodorant etc.
  • Wet wipes are all purpose and a life saver
  • Local beaches, go for a quick swim
  • Some truck stops have showers you can pay for
  • Staying clean is the best way to prevent disease, and potentially get a job to get back on your feet
  • Pack 7 pairs of socks/undies, 2 outfits, and one hooded rain jacket


  • first aid kit
  •  sunscreen
  •  a travel alarm clock or watch
  •  mylar emergency blanket
  •  a backpack is a must
  •  downgrade your cellphone to a pay as you go with top-up cards
  •  sleeping bag
  •  travel kit of toothbrush, hair brush/comb, mirror
  •  swiss army knife
  •  can opener
Apps for age regressors/pet regressors

Tap Tap Fish
* You start with a large rock called a Lonely Corallite. Your job is to make it friends. You start by growing coral then you can buy fish, octopi, dolphins, etc.

* A claw machine game where you win friends for Clawbert. You grab eggs and when they hatch you get cute creatures or coins!!

Camp Pokémon
* A Pokémon game where you play mini games to earn the Alolan forms of the Pokémon at the camp.

Emoji Blitz
* Kind of like candy crush but with Disney characters. They frequently have events when they add new characters into the game. And you can play with individual characters. Each character has its own power.

Monster 1 & 2
* Sesame street books featuring Grover and Elmo. They’re called The Monster at the End of the Book 1 & 2.

Little Broken Robots
* Can be a bit difficult but you fix up robots! You rearrange “wires” till they’re fixed. And each robot has a special diagnosis

Little Kitten
* You get to play with a small kitten! You can play with a truck, hide-n-seek, blocks, etc. You can put the kitten to bed and so much more!!

Zen Koi
* You play as a koi fish and you eat up dinner kinds of bugs and other fish to create stones to expand your pond!

* You play with, feed, dress up, and raise an egg! And when it hatches, you get a creature based on specific personalities (athletic, girly, nerdy, etc.). There are many different kinds of eggs and each egg produces a different creature per personality.

MY LITTLE PONY: Magic Princess Quests
* You create your own version of Ponyville. You arrange the buildings and decorations as you want. You do small things to achieve goals and earn new ponies.

* You mix together ingredients to get other ingredients and relics!

Pakka Pets Village
* You raise a small pet called a Pakka. Depending on how you raise it, there will be different outcomes. You can mine for gems, mix together foods, go on missions, etc.

Animal Jam
* You design your own animal and play games. You can interact with people from across the globe. You can buy pets, clothing, accessories, etc.

Magikarp Jump
* You raise Magikarp by feeding and training them. Then you compete in leagues where the Magikarp jump to see who can jump the highest. You can also earn/buy decorations and Pokémon companions.

Neko Atsume
* You put out food and toys which attract cats that you can collect! You can also nickname each cat!!


ICYMI: Angela Dimayuga is the queer executive chef of Mission Chinese Food. She recently received a request to be featured on, a “non-political platform of empowerment for modern working women.” (Okay.)

Here’s the badass way she responded. Full text:

Hi Adi,

Thank you for thinking of me. I’m glad you are a fan of my work so much that you want to provide more visibility for my career to inspire “other working women.” However, I’m for women who actually empower other women.

I don’t believe that is truly “a non-political platform of empowerment for [women]”. So long as the name Trump is involved, it is political and frankly, an option for the business to make a profit.

I don’t see anything empowering about defunding Planned Parenthood, barring asylum from women refugees, rolling back safeguards for equal pay, and treating POC/LGBT and the communities that support these groups like second class citizens.

As a queer person of color and daughter of immigrant parents I am not interested in being profiled as an aspirational figure for those that support a brand and a President that slyly disparages female empowerment. Sharing my story with a brand and family that silences our same voices is futile.

Thank you for the consideration.

Oh, HELL yes. (via the Huffington Post)

Concept: Mika used to leave things for the livestock children when he was in Sanguinem in between missions.

Not food, because he has no reason to eat, so being caught would incite suspicion. But other stuff- old clothes, blankets, colourful books, essential supplies. Maybe, to prevent vampires from thinking the kids stole stuff from them, he’d tear up some of the blankets then stitch them roughly back together so it looks like something they might have made. I mean, the vampires have way too much stuff anyways, right? He’d sneak out the backways of the castle and into the depths of the human district to hide them where people would find them, then he would work detours into his patrols to make sure that they took them. Maybe he’d get a few odd looks from vampires who saw him toting around some of the items, but they’d probably shrug it off, since Mika was always a bit of a weirdo.

Of course, none of the kids actually knew it was him, because he always made sure nobody saw him so he wouldn’t scare them, or so his old neighbors would reconize him and be horrified by what had happened to him. But maybe he would see some kids with fresher clothes and thicker blankets, and it would make his day a bit better, even if only a little.

I don’t understand why some people rage at you when you pick an ADC or AP carry for Invasion mode. I mean, sure if you wanna try hard to accomplish your missions, just play with 4 friends of yours? Don’t have any friends? Riot implemented clubs just for you! You can also use Discord to communicate with them. Stop telling random strangers who wanna try the new skins what to play in a chill mode, jeez.

Baby Makes Four

Imagine the boys learning that you are expecting.

Relationship: Lovers

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Roy and Jason

You sat in an examining room waiting for the doctor to come back. You felt a buzz in your pocket and pulled out your cell to see you had gotten a text from Jason asking where you were. You told him the doctor and nothing more, as another text from Jason came through as the doctor walked into the room. You quickly shoved your phone in your pocket and as the doctor started to talk

The talk was short as he handed you the results of the medical test you had him take on you. You sigh as your folded the paper and put it in your purse before heading out of the office. You tried to rack your mind on how to tell both Jason and Roy. You had only gotten back into your hero work a few months again and this was most definitely going to stop all of it. As you got into the car you pulled out your phone to check your text. Both Jason and Roy had sent text after text asking if you were ok. You smiled lightly at the text as you sent back that you were fine and you were going to get takeout for dinner since there was no food in the house.

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Okay so this prompt is for you @taylor-tut <3

Imagine: Lance catches a cold but Does Not Want Anyone To Know. He comes up with ready excuses for any and all questions directed at him regarding his health, and he thinks he’s got everyone fooled. However, literally everyone knows basically from the beginning, they’re just humoring him because that’s less annoying than confronting him… until his deteriorating health gets in the way of a mission.

**Excuses including but not limited to**

Lance: *sneezes*
Keith: You got a cold? 
Lance: *huffy* Nah dude I just woke up and I always sneeze in the morning, don’t you?
Lance: *struggling not to fall asleep while everyone’s taking turns training*
Shiro: Hey buddy, if you’re not feeling well you can go rest a while.
Lance: *hurriedly sits up* What? Me? I’m fine! I’m the picture of health, see? *flexes*
Shiro: …you were falling asleep, Lance
Lance: Nonono I’m just bored see, when’s it gonna be my turn??
Lance: *pokes at his food*
Hunk: Hey if you’re not gonna eat that I’ll take it off your hands *hopeful grin*
Pidge: Wow, Lance, you usually inhale your food after a mission, you must be sick or something
Lance: o.o *starts shoveling food in his mouth* *mouth full* I d’knw wtyr tlkng’bt *swallows thickly (read:painfully)* I was jus’ trying to decide what to eat first y’know??
Lance: *nearly suffocates with a rib-crunching coughing fit that blindsides him in the bathroom one morning*
Keith: *toothbrush forgotten in his hand as he looks on in horror* Dude, seriously, go back to bed!! *trying to mask concern with disgust*
Lance: *wheezing* N-Nah I’m good, j-just choked on my spit hahahah–….

Bonus if, when finally confronted by the team, Lance gets so worked up trying to defend himself that he collapses from the fever and Keith has to carry him back to his room (grumbling and scowling but V. Worried!!)

Nice Things Jack Can Do For Gabe 


- Learn recipes from Gabe’s family so he can cook Gabe’s favorite comfort food

- Set up appointments to cat cafes on days Gabe’s looking stressed

- Massages

- Buy him books on subjects that Gabe’s passionate about 

- Write silly, stupid love poems to make Gabe smile

- Take Gabe to comic cons and ren faires even if Jack doesn’t quite get his boyfriend’s obsession with cosplay

SEP Era:

- Find something in the mess hall that Gabe can keep down after a brutal round of shots (bonus if it’s Gabe’s favorite kind of Gatorade)

- Exhausted cuddling

- Distracting Gabe from pain with stories of all the stupid shit Jack got up to in Indiana and random corn facts

- Bedside vigils

Strike Team:

- Keeps Gabe’s family in the loop so they don’t have to worry when Gabe gets injured ( “it’s okay, Ms. Reyes, he’s just sleeping it off right now”)

- Takes first watch so Gabe can crash after a day of fighting

- Smuggles along small datapads with Gabe’s favorite movies so they can decompress on the way back from a mission


- Allocating more funds to Blackwatch than Gabe asked for

- Practicing plausible deniability to try and keep Blackwatch out of more trouble with the UN

- Going to Blackwatch funerals to support Gabe

- Making an effort to spend time not just with Gabe but with Gabe’s favorite agents and learn their names and personalities

- Shuffling missions around so Gabe can have time to go visit his family on special holidays

- Setting aside money in the budget for spontaneous food delivery so he can surprise Gabe with his favorite foods after a stressful mission

- Commissioning someone to make Gabe’s signature shotguns


-  Going to therapy at last like Gabe’s been trying to make them do all these years because at this point they probably need some professional help

- Not bringing up old grudges

- Steals pain pills from Mercy’s stash so Gabe doesn’t have to interact with her when the chronic pain is getting too bad

- Finds out what Gabe’s favorite bands have been up to while he’s been busy being Reaper and makes him a mixtape of all their new music

- Tries to help Gabe disengage from patterns of taking on too much responsibility

- Finds them safehouses where they can relax

Feel free to add more!

In it for the money

She cannot, will not ever understand this man.

This man who swore up and down to her in the cockpit of his ramshackle ship, “I’m not in it for your revolution, and I’m not it in it for you, Princess. I expect to be well paid. I’m in it for the money.” And then came back when any real mercenary would’ve flown far away.

And stayed, while every other day complaining about lousy payment and shit food and suicide missions. Sassing her right back when she called his bluff, when she pulled herself into her most imperious posture to declare, “Well, Captain Solo, you certainly are welcome to find employment elsewhere if this arrangement no longer suits you.”

He refused to go, he refused to stay, and somehow his refusals had turned into three years of this arrangement he continued to swear was about the money, damn it, both his reasons to stay and his reasons to go.

If he weren’t so damned useful, she would’ve told the High Command to cut him loose ages ago, but she somehow kept defending him to them. If he didn’t always have those fresh juices and that asteria water and those home-cooked meals on his ship, she would never have set foot on that piece of junk after landing at Yavin. If he hadn’t been the only one to make her feel something, anything after Alderaan—even if that something was sometimes irritation or the occasional burst of rage—she wouldn’t have deigned to even speak to him, much less become friends.

And yes, they did seem to have become friends, somehow. Good ones, even. (All the whispers that it was more than that tripped the silent alarms in her brain, but she ignored them. She wasn’t afraid of rumors; what had her years in the Imperial Senate been if not excellent training in ignoring that?)

Still, that exchange she’d overheard this morning had thrown her a bit.

“Of course he wants to accompany her on this mission—he’s just waiting for a chance to cash in on another reward for rescuing her,” Dodonna had said bitterly.

Rieekan had sounded angrier than Leia had ever heard him. “Jan, HE GAVE IT BACK!”

Leia felt oddly vulnerable as she walked up the Falcon’s ramp and into the ship. Naked, almost. Not really fully in control of her body, but somehow propelled forward. She greeted Chewie and headed to the cockpit, where Han was rewiring the communications systems. Even Han accidentally bumping his head on the control panel as he turned to look up at her failed to break her focus, though his gentle smile steadied her.

She could not, would not ever understand this man, but she had to know—

“Were you ever going to tell me?”