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Grazia, September 2017 Issue

[Interview Cut]

Congratulations. On Hanteo’s Weekly chart, you ranked first.
JB: Honestly, because it’s a unit that’s returning in 5 years, I paid a lot of attention to it. Rather than the results that are visible to the eyes, I am prouder to hear things like, “my heart is crying”, “the lyrics are good,” when people listen to the songs.

In this album, you’ve participated in the composition and/or lyric making of all tracks.
JB: At first, it was merely the mindset that I/we have to work hard. But when we got down to actually doing it, the greed of “gotta make a good album” grew and as we went along preparations, I think we paid more attention to it.
JY: There are many fans waiting for GOT7′s album but instead if we were to return with weird songs for a unit album, I would be apologetic. As GOT7′s representatives, we worked hard in order to make an album that does not cause harm or embarrass (the members). All these while, we’ve not participated in either the composition or the lyrics making of our title songs but in wanting to show that actually we are ‘people who can tell our own stories’, we worked together.

We met Mark last month and he strongly recommended JJ Project’s song.
Mark is currently JJ Project’s promoting king (laughs)

Listening to the album, I can feel that you’ve grown. I’m sure there has been a lot of changes in these 5 years?
JB: I think I’ve been able to accept reality positively. In the past, I would insist on doing things my way but now I’ve been able to compromise to a certain extent?

You’ve become an adult. 
JB: I’ve come to realize that not only my thoughts are the right ones.
JY: I’ve become quieter compared to 5 years ago. Back then I spoke a lot but now I feel that it’s not necessary to talk a lot.

Is there any special reason behind that change?
JY: Through various stuff, I’ve learn that ‘silence is the best medicine’. And unlike hyung, I’ve developed my own opinions. Back then, with an amateur mind, I was the type to accept others’ opinion but now I’ve realized the need to express my opinions too. As I developed my skills, slowly I began developing thing/traits of my own.

When do you feel ‘I’ve aged’?
JB: Lately, as we head to music shows, there are many new (rookie) friends. When we look at their staged and we don’t go ‘wah so sauve’ but instead say ‘it’s really refreshing’. that’s when I realized I’ve grown older.

The trait that is unique to rookies is the overflowing passion, isn’t it?
JB: I see that now. We too work hard when we stand on stage but I think the feeling is a little different. I thought that I did it with ease/in a relaxed manner when I was a rookie but to anyone else, that look alone was ‘Why is that kid doing it with so much force?” (laughs)
JY: It’s the same for me too. When I see rookies stand on stage with their extremely bright selves, I feel the same way but on the other hand, I think ‘Ah these friends are going to regret this in 5 years.”

Why would they regret it (laughs)
JY: After 5 years, those things will, in a way, be their shameful past*. No matter what you do, it looks a little overboard. Just like what we feel.
*Shameful past meaning things that you would be embarrassed of when you look back on your past. 

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Me trying to goad the screaming toddler in my skull into shopping: You can buy one (1) face crayon of your choice if you come to Farmers with me and make adult purchases.

The screaming toddler in my skull while at Farmers: I want all l this cocoa butter, I wanna go home, I want starbucks, hitmen are coming to kill me, I want to fight that old lady, I want Denny’s, I want another tattoo,  I want this 200 jacket, there are cameras everywhere,  I want 2 face crayons. I want an animal onesie, I want to set things on fire, I want a new binder,  I want italian leather shoes i’ll never wear, I want to die, I want a cigarette, I want this scarf, I want this contour kit.

Me (through clenched teeth trying to purchase necessities): No. You only get one face crayon and that’s final…

You Do Something To Me - Steve Rogers

Originally posted by vinnikaite

Hello! YOUR WRITING IT SO AMAZING I CANT EVEN!!! Can I please request a Steve x reader where the reader is an intern for stark tower but she loves history and the 1940s so her and Steve become best friends and fall in love and one day he finds her listening to the Andrew Sisters and confesses his feelings? Thank you so much!!

N/A: Baby, thank you so much! It’s really short and quickly BUT I hope you like it  ♥


When you became an intern in the Stark Tower, you did not think you would end up meeting all the avengers. You would never imagine that would meet Captain America and that he would remember your name later. But he recalled. With common interests and tastes, you quickly became closer and started to talk whenever you had free time. Soon you were completing one year working in the tower, you lost the shame and everyone knew about your love for history and the 40s, knew your mania about food and that you were made to sleep. And then you were trying to hide your passion for Steve Rogers. That’s right, you knew Steve, you admired Steve. You had fallen in love with Steve, the man who carried the burden of being Captain America.

“Andrew Sisters?” Steve’s voice sounded from the door, making you startle in surprise and move away from the window. The loud ‘You Do Something To Me’ playing of your notebook had distracted you to the point where you did not even have notice that you were engrossed staring at the window.

“Yes, I love them.” You blushed slightly because of the way that Steve was staring at you. You cleared your throat and smiled, waiting for him to finish approach “What?”

“Huh, you look beautiful today.” You frowned, opening your mouth to make a comment, but Steve held up a hand and you waited “I’ll be straight because I’ve lost too much time thinking about whether it was right or wrong.”

“Steve… What’s going on?” your voice trembled slightly worried, but Steve ignored your question and pulled you by your waist so he could seal your lips suddenly. Your eyes widened before you correspond the kiss and close your eyes in the midst of a sigh.

“I’m in love with you, (Y / N).” He whispered against your lips, slightly breathless and smiling, you were not far from it. You smiled stupidly, holding the back of his neck to pull him for another kiss, now even more passionate, your way to show all that you felt for each other.