food lmao

i weighed myself for the 1st time in a month and i was so sure i gained weight bc i worked out only 4-5 times and ive been eating like shit lel i started eating cheese and sweets and all the cookies etc. i never ate and had things like pizza at 4 am etc. but i actually lost a lil weight and im like sbdjsjkskss ???? ???

Soft boys in flower crowns, this must be heaven (ᅌᴗᅌ✿) 

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If I Were in a Wizard Duel…

i hate when ppl r like ‘i don’t have any guilty pleasures bc u shouldn’t feel guilty about what u love!’ uh i feel guilty about everything

literally any tv show? guilty pleasure. drinking coffee? guilty pleasure. sleeping? eating? converting oxygen into CO2? guilty pleasures