food lit


Isaiah and Harry share cast secrets (aka the roasting of Matthew Daddario).


[11.01.2017, 22:26] some food and nutrition notes in preparation for my test tomorrow [ft stabilo and steadler tiplus fineliners ] as well as some English lit notes (The Merchant of Venice). I still have more history revision to do before i go to sleep bc i started studying late :/
Kind of hyper though bc I’m listening to the Moana soundtrack whooo

I scanned in my food and nutrition notes but they came out a weird colour [?] My title is inspired by @islandstudies !!! Her notes are really informative and v nice to look at :) Also the paper I used was the ‘gradient notes’ by @ennui-for-me [i printed a whole stack of them so I’ll probs be using it religiously from now on] go check their blogs out !!!!
[day 11/100]