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september goals

- No needless spending 
- Pay tuition fees when they come in 
- Some sort of income 
- Email work about reading week shift 

- Stay on top of online course, work on it for sure Mondays and Wednesdays between classes
- Library 2x a week
- Make guidance appt re: possible second major
- Spend one hour a week (divided if I want) on HESI/EAQ questions

- Something active 10x
- Follow new eating plan 
- Stretch daily in morning
- Stay consistent with supplements 
- 3L h20 daily
- Less drinking 
- Less mindless snacking 
- Actually try and meal prep properly 

Apartment Things
- Make bed daily
- Sweep and vacuum weekly
- Clean bathroom weekly
- Empty litter box every other day
- Dishes daily
- Tidy living room daily 
- Deep clean desk and dresser 

Mental/Self-love/All else
- Shower daily
- Begin practicing meditation 
- Lavender tea and diffuser before bed
- Plan for week ahead Sunday nights 
- Text dad every other day at least, call once a week
- Face masks and hair masks and shaving and painted toes and white strips cos they all make me feel good!!!
- Mail cards to L and W 
- Utilize planner 
- Clean makeup brushes weekly 
- Skin care routine nightly

Bacon Bookmarks

Keowee Courier, South Carolina, October 8, 1919

The Daily Times, Salisbury, Michigan, May 23, 1925

The Sandusky Register, Ohio, July 25, 1937

Fitchburg Sentinel, Massachusetts, January 31, 1939

The News-Herald, Franklin, Pennsylvania, January 15, 1940

Valley Morning Star, Harlingen, Texas, Demceber 5, 1941

The San Bernardino County Sun, California, 1943

The Escanaba Daily Press, Michigan, February 6, 1947

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times, Texas, May 16, 1951

The La Crosse Tribune, Wisconsin, January 6, 1957

Pasadena Independent, California, January 31, 1961

The Progress-Index, Petersburg, Virginia, April 2, 1961

The Eugene Guard, Oregon, April 8, 1961

Residents of the Library: A Practical Guide for New Librarians
  • The books
    • Not to be disturbed unless there is an emergency
  • The shelves
    • Ask politely before attempting to clean, some are exceedingly fond of their dust
  • The woman in the reference section who is perpetually searching for a certain unknown volume
    • She will always refuse to tell you which one it is, but it’s good manners to ask her a few times a day anyway
  • The cat with five eyes
    • We recognize that this terminology can be confusing, as there are at least a dozen of the cat with five eyes living in the library, but each of them insists on being treated as though they’re the only one. Therefore, each of them is The Cat With Five Eyes
  • Unidentified cryptid
    • Possibly just The Cat With Five Eyes pulling a prank
  • The lost child
    • At this point we must assume, as the child has not aged or been picked up for several years, that it is not so much lost as it is stuck. In the meantime, until its parent returns, it must be placated hourly with new picture books or tantrums will be thrown
  • Library patron
    • ??????????
  • The helpful ghost
    • A benevolent presence that keeps trying to help shelve books and putting them back in the wrong place. Actually exceedingly unhelpful, but the title makes it so happy
  • The Stacks Goblin
    • DO NOT offer food!
    • Shame on you, there’s no food allowed in the library anyway.
If Celaena was in ACOTAR.

After entering Tamlin’s estate for the first time:

Celaena: *breaks into every room*

Celaena: *mutters to herself* Luxury and comfortable interior - check. Fabulous clothes for free - check. Delicious food - check. A library - check.

Celaena: *bursts into dining room where Tamlin and Lucien are waiting for her with a look of total despair* Why are you keeping me here?! What will I do? *covers her eyes and pretends to cry* My poor family! How will ever escape? I have to stay here forever! *faints on the chair*

Celaena: *opens her totally dry eyes a few seconds later* Do you think you can get me a piano?


dream daddy: a dad dating simulator aesthetics

hugo vega + orange

please support @dreamdaddygame! they’ve all worked super hard on this project!

Things that I NEED in my Life
  • Coffee
  • To Marry Cisco Ramon
  • A Card with an Unlimited balance to go Shopping
  • The Beast’s Library 
  • A week-long nap
  • Bucky Banes to be my Friend
  • Pablo to sing to me
  • A hug by Brock O’hurn
  • Junk Food
  • Carlos Valdes to be my Boyfriend
  • A Marauders Book
  • NEW SEASONS! (Stranger Things, OITNB, Prison Break, HTGAWM…)
  • Francisco Ramon
  • For Ed Sheeran to write the soundtrack of my life and become my bestie
  • To Travel the world so I can take as many Pictures as I Can
  • Someone to Give me Flowers (just because)
  • A REALLY, Stupidly, Good Music Session
  • A New Tattoo

that’s it… that is all I need… thank you for your attention

ceres in aries: physically stimulated 
ceres in taurus: comfort food
ceres in gemini: library aficionado 
ceres in cancer: home body
ceres in leo: true artist at heart
ceres in virgo: workaholic mentality
ceres in libra: dreams of becoming a beautiful poet
ceres in scorpio: healer, therapist 
ceres in sagittarius: finds solace in a belief
ceres in capricorn: self-fulfilling profecy 
ceres in aquarius: social butterfly
ceres in pisces: thalassophilia [gene for the love of the sea]

If those two wrote a book about there love life from the beginning believe me bebe’s it will hit the newyork times best facking book sellers of the yearssssssss even more then Harry Potter books sells 😂😂😂😂📚


I am having a book signing, artist talk and a cooking demo at George Mason library in Northern VA next Saturday March 25th. It’s a free, public event. I’ll be making Kimbap and there’ll be tasting for Korean food including Kimbap and Japchae. You’ll also ask get a chance to ask me any questions about Korean food and comics, and get your copy of Cook Korean signed. Hope to see you there!

George Mason Meeting Room, 7001 Little River Tnpk, Annandale, VA 22003

Event: March 25, 2017, 12 PM

Well Read - Smut

Author: @dumbass-stilinski
Rating: NSFW 18+
Pairing: Void/Reader
Words: 3,369
AN: Here is my contribution for the Princess Squad’s July prompt! Special thanks to @accioshepherd for helping me with Spanish translations, @thelittlestkitsune for help with proofreading and the title, and spitballing ideas with me, and of course @writing-obrien for putting this thing together and just being an overall great human who I love a lot.

Prompt:  “You keep reading that same book. There’s so many other books, why that one?“

The first time you laid eyes on him you could feel the darkness around him. It left you feeling slightly terrified, but at the same time, you were intrigued. He hadn’t said a word, but you’d felt his dark eyes on you as you sat at a table in the library, your favorite book cracked open before you. You crossed your ankles beneath the chair, pushing your hair behind your ear as your eyes moved back to the slightly yellowed and weathered page before you.

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