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Well … The eldest, Jin is the most random person ever: *passed by an idol and fed him out of the blue*

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Jhope screams non-stop and do things 99.99% of humanity will be ashamed to ever do

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Suga just dances for no reason with no music 

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The two youngest, V and Jungkook are a tiny bit insane

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One thinks a Grammy is a math award … 

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The other one is possessed by evil spirits or something

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If you think at least the last two will be normal. Well Jimin is soooo clumsy he stumbles and falls because of … air?

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And the smartest aka their leader puts food in his nose

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Now imagine the seven of them in a group. It just gets more EXTRA+ORDINARY!

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But take note, that’s also one of the biggest reasons why we adore them.

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pokemon sm au where hau’s dad isn’t missing, hau’s dad is archie from oras, who has become a marine conservationist. they don’t see each other a lot but they talk a lot over video chat and archie visits whenever he can.

  • “hau, kid, listen. when your granddad gives you your first pokemon… make sure you pick popplio. water types will never let you down.”
  • archie is the best sharpedo rider in alola and don’t you forget it. just imagine him zooming around on his mega sharpedo. nyoooom.
  • part of why archie loves the water so much is because he grew up on melemele island and was just surrounded by it. 
  • half-hoennian, half-alolan archie. (hau would be three-quarters alolan, one-quarter hoennian.)
  • “your. your dad is the leader of team aqua.” “yeah, but he’s a really nice guy, i swear!” “this explains SO. MUCH.”
  • shelly as the cool aunt. matt as the cool uncle. shelly bought hau his hairclips.
  • “don’t go near legendary pokemon. just trust me.” “hey makuakane, this is my friend lillie and her cosmog nebby!” “[ANGUISHED ARCHIE SCREAMING]”
  • family debates over what’s nicer, lava cookies or malasadas. it can get pretty heated.
  • archie comes back to alola and ends up battling hau. “trainer hau sent out raichu!” “…oh, come on…”
  • affectionate noogies. you can tell when archie’s in alola because hau’s hair is a disaster.
  • archie attempted the island challenge but it wasn’t really his thing in the end. he prefers mega evolution to z-moves.
  • weird family bonding activities ft. hala and archie racing. hala’s on land on a tauros, archie’s in the water on his sharpedo. hau roots for whoever’s losing at any given moment.
  • archie meets moon, and is suddenly reminded of another little champion girl who smiles in the face of the apocalypse…
  • bonus hardenshipping: stepdad maxie. or as hau calls him, “land dad”. he is not used to this level of familial affection. but hau introduced him to mudbray and alola diglett, so that worked out pretty well. 

♡ Happy Birthday, Lee Jinki. ♡

Happy Birthday, Jinki. I hope your day is blessed and free of stress. You deserve all the happiness in the world. You are my soul bias and I love and miss you dearly. Seeing the promos, concerts, pictures and interviews without you just isn’t the same. I can’t wait to see you back. I will wait for you! Fighting!



At some point Shigeo can’t wake up for some reason, so Animosity gets to drive his body around for a while. Mobs friends only hang around him to keep an eye on him, make sure he doesn’t do anything weird to Shigeos body.

Hes an extremely big eater, and uses hypnosis on teachers to let him eat during class. The delinquents love the new attitude of their shadow leader, and want to do everything for him.
(If you draw anything for this au, please credit me! <3)

|We Meet Again|

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Pairing: Park Jimin x Idol!Reader
Synopsis: You, dear reader, are an idol. Your debut was a pure success but behind your ambition is hiding something. A dream that can now be realized. You can meet him again, maybe now he’ll notice you?
Warning: None
Word Count: 1880
Author Note: So this was a one-shot that was requested by Marinaomar. I hope you’ll all like it! I’m sorry if there’s errors in the text it’s not exactly all corrected, but anyways!

BREAKING NEWS: YG Entertainment, part of the “big three” as we usually call the three most popular Kpop companies, early released their new band, ARKANE. For more information about the new group stay tuned! 

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