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Top image, Sierra Nicole Rhoden/Chicago Tribune. Bottom image by Donna Battle Pierce for NPR

“Inside the dark theater, during a recent showing of Hidden Figures, the pioneering food journalist and cookbook writer Freda DeKnight came to mind several times,” writes Donna Battle Pierce.

Born in 1909, DeKnight spent much of her 54 years collecting, protecting and celebrating African-American culture and traditions in the years after World War II up to the civil rights movement. Yet her name has been all but forgotten – she doesn’t even have that most basic of 21st century acknowledgements, a Wikipedia page.

As the first food editor for Ebony magazine, DeKnight wrote a photo-driven monthly column that offered her home economist’s tips, as well as regional recipes from the “Negro community” of home cooks, professional chefs, caterers, restaurateurs and celebrities.

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Name: Chloe
Age: 17
Country: USA

I am an aspiring writer and journalist! Topics that I general cover are environmentalism, health, spirituality, and self love. I dabble in poetry as well. Another hobby of mine is music. I have a small collection of guitars and I like to think I can sing :) I enjoy food related documentaries(and no, I didn’t watch Cowspiracy once lol), hiking, cooking, live music, and meditating. I’m looking to write someone who cares about our planet and all life on it, can take astrology and tarot readings with a grain of salt, loves the outdoors, and be a source for me to learn about their culture and way of life! I am so excited to learn and I definitely need someone just as hyped to balance that out.

Preferences: Ages 16-19 please! (Not concrete though.. I’ve met some very mature and knowledgeable 15 year olds and not-creepy 20 year olds. Who am I to judge? My only guideline is nothing creepy!!)

Q&A, cause why the fuck not??

☝ - How tall are you? - 5ft 8

✔ - Sexual Orientation? Bisexual

🚬 - Do you Smoke? Nope

🍷 - Do you Drink? Nope

♒ - Do you Take Drugs? Nope

😳 - Age you get mistaken for? 18

💉 - Have Tattoos? Nope

✏️ - Want any tattoos? Yeah, 3

✂️ - Got any Piercings? One on each ear

✌ - Want any piercings? Yes, getting another one in a month

👌 - Best friend? I’ve got two; Alisha (ultimate bestfriend) and Christina (college bestfriend)

♥ - Do you like anyone? Yep

🎤 - Top 5 favorite bands? The Vamps, The Tide, Fallout Boy, Panic!At The Disco, Blink-182

🎶 - Top 5 favorite songs? Put The Cuffs On Me (The Tide), I Found a Girl (The Vamps), do re mi (Blackbear), The King is Dead But The Queen Is Alive (Pink), Girls Like Girls (Hayley Kiyoko)

😒 - Biggest pet peeve? People who talk with their mouth full

📝 - Story from your childhood. It was one day in primary school, there’s this huge tree in this corner of the field, so we all climbed it, right. The bell went for our class after lunch, but me and three of my friends couldn’t climb down. So we had to wait for another one of our friends to go get a teacher so they could bring a ladder to help us down.

💬 - I wish… It may sound really bad but I wish I was beautiful, I mean, I know I’m not ugly but I want to be the kind of beautiful that turns heads, ya know? Other than that, I just want to be truly loved.

‼️ - Something you’ll change? My sarcasm, it’s like a defence mechanism because I don’t want to open up with people, often.

💦 - What makes you horny? Idk, literally, I’m such a virgin, it’s embarrassing.

🌟 - A wish you’ll wish for? Happiness

👃 You hate the smell of …. Cigarettes

👊 - Something you hate? Homophobic people.

🚶 - Are you single? Yep, hit me up (I’m kidding)

💭 - Favorite foods? Strawberries and blueberries

💘 - Top 5 celebrity crushes? Ross Butler, Jack Maynard, Dominic Sherwood, Taron Egerton, Eiza Gonzalez

🎥 - Top 5 favorite movies? Peter Pan, Logan, The Outsiders, The Riot Club, Pride and Prejudice And Zombies

📺 - Top 5 favorite TV shows? 13 Reasons Why (obviously), Teen Wolf, Riverdale, Big Bang Theory, From Dusk Till Dawn

✏ - Random fact about yourself. I’ve got blue-green eyes.

✈️ - Where are you from? Cardiff, Wales

🚀 - Where do you wanna visit? Everywhere

😍 - Do you have a crush? Yep.

😷 - Something you hate eating? Mushrooms

🙈 - What makes you shy? I hate being the centre of attention.

💃 - Can you dance? Not well.

💏 - Do you love anyone? Platonically, yes. Romantically, no.

👟 - Favorite shoe(s) to wear? Either my black ankle boots or black converses.

🌎 - A country you would visit? I’d like to go to Thailand.

🌀 - Favorite type of weather? Depends, if I’m at home and have nowhere to be, I love the rain, I’m so fucking cliche, I will legit sit by the window with a book and hot chocolate. If I’m supposed to be somewhere, anything but rain or wind.

🔮 - Do you believe in luck? Yes.

📱 - What kinda phone do you have? Nokia Lumia

📅 - Favorite time of the year? Summer cause no college, yay!!

📚 - Career goal you want? Something with writing, like author or journalist.

🍴 - Favorite food(s) to eat? Steaks or , no just steaks.

🍭 - Favorite Candy? Bonbons

🍇 - Favorite fruits? Strawberries.

🚘 - Dream car(s)? Don’t really have one.

🚔 - Have you ever been arrested? Nope, I’m a good child.

🚑 - Have you ever driven in an ambulance before? Nope.

🎫 - Do you have a license? Nopee

🚼 - Do you have or want kids? Don’t have any and don’t plan to (yet)

🔞 - Are you under 18? Yeah, 16.

🐶 - Do you own a pet? One dog, called Poppy, she’s a pug-chihuahua-terrior.

😔 - Something that makes you sad? When someone insults my appearance or sexuality.

😡 - What pisses you off? When someone takes credit for something you’ve done.

😏 - What turns you on? Neck kisses, like oh my god.

💪 - Do you work out?  Yeah, like three times a week.

Paradise - Part 1

This was it. Island paradise. The pristine beaches and mysterious caves George saw as the plane touched down was just a teaser. With the resort bustling with activity at this time of the year, he was sure to never have a dull moment. This summer would be a good one.

Annoyed by the constant pressure at school, George had been looking forward to this vacation since he booked it in spring. College hadn’t treated him too kindly, his competitive classmates and constant tests draining him. Even working throughout the previous summer barely caught him up to his peers. Now in his final year, he vowed to enjoy his last summer before graduation.

“Here are your keys, room 121,” said the receptionist, handing George a little cardholder. He thanked her and followed the signs to his room, his luggage wheels squeaking all the way.

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If we are going to change our diets, we first have to relearn the art of eating, which is a question of psychology as much as nutrition. We have to find a way to want to eat what’s good for us.
—  Bee Wilson, food journalist and author. Read her latest article in The Guardian on how to relearn the art of eating.

Is sourdough bread actually healthier than other breads?

In Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation, Michael Pollan, acclaimed food journalist, logged the process of making sourdough bread. It begins with a yeast starter, which creates microbes  that will soon be mixed with flour to become bread. Compared to eating white bread, Pollan believes that sourdough bread is superior. Medical professionals, however, suggest a different alternative altogether.

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They call it “The Hummus Wars.”

Lebanon accused the Israeli people of trying to steal hummus and make it their national dish, explains Ronit Vered, a food journalist with the newspaper Haaretz in Tel Aviv. And so hummus became a symbol, she tells us, “a symbol of all the tension in the Middle East.”

The war began over a 4,532-pound plate of hummus.

In 2009, Fadi Abboud — the minister of tourism ­­— led Lebanon to break the world record for making the largest tub of hummus in the world. At the time, Abboud was also chairman of the Lebanese Industrialists Association. “A group of us just came from a food exhibition in France. There they were telling us that hummus is an Israeli traditional dish,” he says. “I mean, the world now thinks that Israel invented hummus.”

Abboud could not let that stand. “I thought the best way to tell the world that the hummus is Lebanese is to break the Guinness Book of Records.”

Give Chickpeas A Chance: Why Hummus Unites, And Divides, The Mideast

Photo: Ramzi Haidar/AFP/Getty Images
Caption: Lebanese chefs celebrate in Beirut after setting a new Guinness record for what was then the biggest tub of hummus in the world — weighing over 2 tons — in October 2009. 

096; college!seokjin

“I brought you an umbrella.” (096)

Seokjin had the tendency to leave the house without proper preparation sometimes. Oftentimes, he does but there are times - now - when his trusty pastel pink mini umbrella is hanging on the rack. As the skies turn grey and much to your distaste, you know where to go.

The news room is usually where he’s at. You have a hunch that he hasn’t left this room since his classes were done and over with. Seokjin was someone that was really passionate in his duties in being a journalist. Well, food journalist - still a journalist, so you won’t argue in that.

Regardless, he forgets what his priorities are that it mixes up all over in terms of order that yep, this guy probably skipped lunch. And ignored the weather, the world, typical.

You decide to have a different approach, leaning against the wall beside the door to where he’s based in. Fishing out your phone, you send a text that’ll get him, his butt out of there and in less than five minutes, the door yanks open and he gasps with - “Y/N…”

‘just in case you’re cooped up in the news room again, it’s about to rain and i’m sure you’re screwed.’

He gulps and adjusts his bag over his shoulder and blinks at you, just as you step to the side so he can come out after he closes the door. His eyes never leave you, especially when you pull out something familiar that belongs to him from your bag and - “I brought you an umbrella. Figured you’d appreciate having it before mother nature decides to hate you,”

Seokjin chuckles at your choice of words, but doesn’t hesitate to reach for your kindness as he takes it from you. Then he smiles softly, his words not too far off as he murmurs, “Thank you, Y/N,”

“You’re welcome, Seokjin-ah,”

He makes a move to hold his hand up, flipping it over for your favor, “Shall we?”

Suppressing your smile on how cheesy this guy can be, you only accept it silently with a nod and he knows that even if it rains, it can’t wash away the blush on your cheeks.

((”by the way, don’t feel too grateful. i only brought it to you so you don’t fall sick,”

“isn’t that something to be grateful fo-”

“you’re cranky when you’re sick,”

“…wow, okay. i’m going to pretend you never said any of that and think otherwise for the rest of the day.”))

93. “I believe in you.” + restaurant AU + first kiss

Stiles locks himself into the pantry and presses his forehead against the cool metal edge of the shelf, sighing in frustration. He can’t believe it. It’s the night of his first ever major restaurant review and two of his chefs haven’t come in to work, Allison is on maternity leave and he’s a waitress short because Erica has twisted her ankle badly. It’s going to be an absolute disaster. There’s no way that Lydia Martin, yes, the Lydia Martin, food journalist extraordinaire, will ever give him the brilliant review he’s been hoping for. Damn it, he’s been working for this night the whole year! Perfecting dishes, training chefs, making sure the menu is aesthetically appealing, he’s done it all.

He kicks the shelf in anger and is rewarded by four cans of tinned tomatoes falling onto his foot. “Ow!” he calls out in pain, hopping away from the shelf and sinking down onto a pile of flour bags in the corner. He cradles his head in his hands and closes his eyes. He might as well just give up now, he thinks. There’s no way he’ll get customers after an unfavourable review from Lydia Martin and an unfavourable review is clearly what’s going to happen.

“Uh, Stiles?” a voice calls out as the door cracks open a few inches. Stiles looks up in surprise; he’d locked the pantry door, hadn’t he?

“Scott sent me,” it’s Derek. He’s one of Stiles’ oldest employees; Stiles thinks he hired him just a few hours after he hired Scott. Derek is an amazing chef and Stiles loves to flirt with him and watch him blush red under all the scruff. Stiles won’t deny it; he’s had many a fantasy where he and Derek get locked into the pantry together and do, uh, things. But right now, he’s feeling too angry and upset to even think about any of those fantasies.

Derek walks into the pantry and shuts the door behind him. He’s carrying two covered plates which he sets down on a nearby shelf and then bends over to pick up the tins of tomatoes that Stiles had left on the floor. Stiles stares at him.

“I locked the door,” he says, rasing an eyebrow. Derek turns to him and gives him one of his rare, kind of shy smiles.

“Scott had a masterkey,” he explains, coming to sit on a bag of flour next to Stiles.

“I should’ve known,” Stiles mutters, shaking his head.

“Martin’s gonna be here in three hours, do you really want to spend all that time in here, sulking?” Derek asks, poking Stiles on the arm.

“Sulking?!” Stiles exclaims. “You tell me how I’m supposed to impress Lydia frickin Martin with only two out of the four best chefs I have and my most competent waitress not being able to be here because of a twisted ankle!”

Derek just stares at him calmly. “Did you call Isaac and Jackson again?” he asks.

“I called Isaac a million times, he’s not picking up his phone and Jackson picked up on the sixth try but said he couldn’t come because of a family emergency,” Stiles says, getting up to pace the room, running his fingers through his hair. “With Isaac and Jackson not here, there’s no way I’ll be able to serve Lydia Martin the full seven course meal I had planned!”

“Okay, first of all, calm down,” Derek stands up too. He walks towards Stiles and stills his anxious pacing by placing both of his hands on Stiles’ arms. “Take a deep breath,” he instructs. Stiles looks at him warily but then does as he says. Instantly he feels a tiny bit better. At least he can breathe properly now.

“Now listen to me,” Derek shakes him a little until he looks at him. “I believe in you,” Derek says carefully and slowly. “You can do this. You’re the most talented chef I have ever met and you’re very smart. I know you can do this.”

Stiles swallows as he looks at Derek’s intent face. There’s just something about the way he’s saying it all; like he really, truly means it, that Stiles begins to feel like, maybe, he can actually do it.

“I’ve seen you whip up amazing dishes in under five minutes, I’ve seen you manage full houses without breaking a sweat. Feeding Lydia Martin a great meal is nothing,” Derek grins, pulling his hands away and taking a little step back. “You just have to think a little differently.”

Stiles frowns, wondering what he’s doing as Derek turns away from him and reaches for the two plates he put on the shelf when he first came in. “I made these two courses. They’re not what you planned but maybe they could be a quick alternate?” He uncovers the plates and offers Stiles a fork and a spoon.

“Derek,” Stiles looks at him, eyes wide as he takes a bite of each dish. “These are amazing,” he licks the spoon to prove his point. He feels like hugging Derek but Derek’s holding two plates.

“Thanks,” Derek ducks his head and puts the plates back on the shelf. “Also, um, my sister, Cora? She’s waitressed before. I could call her to ask her if she can step in for tonight?”

Stiles can’t help it. He skips the hug and goes straight in for a kiss, smashing their mouths together. Their teeth clash and it’s the worst first kiss anyone could have asked for but they’re both giggling by the time they pull back.

“That would be wonderful, the, um, Cora thing,” Stiles says, rubbing the back of his head with one hand.

“Okay, then, um, I’ll call her,” Derek replies, blushing a little.

“Okay, good, then, uh, we better get going,” Stiles says but there’s a question mark at the end of his words.

“One more kiss? For good luck, maybe,” Derek looks adorably shy as he pushes his glasses up his nose. Stiles grins as he leans in.

“One more for luck.”

 katherinebarlow replied to your postalso, me @ food bloggers & journalists: just…

I hate the excess of it all, especially those huge sundaes with waffles, donuts, cake, and, idk, an entire rotisserie chicken on top in those popular FB videos. By the time they finish one item, all the extra stuff is soggy, the ice cream is melted, and everyone is crying.

exactly i mean it’s just like. a very particular brand of hedonism that actually sacrifices taste and quality of the food? like it’s not good. like…no judgement you can just eat two regular sized pizzas if you want to consume that much food, it’s okay. you don’t have to trick yourself and everyone around you by just making one giant one

novelty food has always irked me and it seems like it’s getting worse and worse. there are ways to experiment w/ flavor and presentation that don’t just hinge on ‘how instagrammable is this food i’m eating’


The photos and information coming out of Ferguson, MO this evening are shocking.

SWAT teams clearing out fast food restaurants, journalists arrested, full-scale police-as-military response to non-violent protest.

And yet perhaps the most amazing thing is that there seem not to be any elected officials willing to tell this police force to stand down.

The Book of the Onion. Ambrose Heath. Methuen & Co., London (1947). Original dust jacket.

150 ways to cook an onion. Heath was a journalist and food writer who wrote for newspapers including The Times and The Manchester Guardian, before becoming the food writer for The Morning Post. From 1933, when he published four cookery books, Heath wrote and translated more than one hundred works on food.

MI Pi: The Pudding Affair

Authors: @catwinchester & @evieplease

Synopsis: Everyone knows Tom Hiddleston as the dashing English actor and darling of the Internet, and Taylor Swift as the talented and beautiful American songstress. Together they are the Golden Couple.

What no one sees is what goes on behind the scenes.

Recruited by MI Pi, Taylor is a top agent, saving the world from the Very Evil Group and their dastardly machinations, one case at a time.

New recruit Tom and his handler, Taylor, are charged with recovering an ancient text that could hold the key to humanity’s bright future, but V.E.G. are determined to keep the book for themselves.

Tom and Taylor have their work cut out just staying alive but it soon becomes clear that when running for your lives, fame is more of a huge hindrance than a help.

Down on their luck and with no other options, they turn to their fans to help them.

Can fangirls save the world?

AN: There are so many mad conspiracy theories flying around about Hiddleswift, so we decided to have fun with them. What’s the real reason Tom is with Taylor?

The idea for MI Pi came from @evieplease ‘s better half, the rest is from our crazy minds.

No offence is meant, we actually like Taylor, we’re just choosing to laugh rather than cry at all the hostility in the fandom right now.  

Warnings: Crack fic. Some sexy times in later chapters.


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1. I am Swen

Hey y’all! I’m B. I’m a straight, 25 year old “adult” living in the Pacific Northwest, USA. I’m originally from down south, but I moved out west after college to broaden my horizons. (But good Lord do I miss southern food.) I’m a multimedia journalist and, right now, I mostly work in the music industry. When I get a break from deadlines I like to lose myself in the flawlessness that is Swan Queen. 

2. I love Swan Queen.

What’s not to love?? I started watching Once due to the constant urging from my ex-boyfriend (the one thing he was good for tbh). And oh my stars, am I glad I did. I have the tendency to love the character’s you’re supposed to hate, so Regina Mills stole my heart instantly. Then 1x05 happened and the infamous mine scene sealed the Swan Queen deal for me…Jesus Elizabeth Christ, I was hit with a sexual tension train. I had never shipped two women together before, but not even my heterosexual self could deny the ridiculously sizzling chemistry. 

If I had a friend who loved me the way Emma and Regina love each other, we’d be married. Full stop. AND yes I say “LOVE” because - let’s be real - they may not have said the words to each other (and they may say them to lame ass men) BUT you don’t constantly sacrifice your life for someone you don’t love. These two women have been on such a beautiful journey and I can’t wait to see them continue to grow together.

3. I love Swen. 

I don’t even know where to begin, y’all are all such beautiful angels. Now, this is the first fandom I’ve ever been a part of so I feel like I’ve been spoiled rotten. No other fandom has the astounding talent - whether it’s art, fanfiction, meta’s - it’s incredible. I feel so lucky to have discovered this gorgeous group of people. I love you all!

 ((thank you x100 million to dakota829snow and ethan-8 for this fabulous idea))