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Gundham Tanaka and Nagito Komaeda Relationship Headcanons

I don’t have much to say on this one, actually, but thank you for requesting, 🌸!!
–Mod Gundham


Gundham Tanaka

-G o s h this is one flustered boy lowkey

-He’s never been super close to anyone before

-Sonia was his first like, human friend, after all

-And you were his second!!

-But you quickly surpassed Sonia on how attached Gundham was to you

-You’re his fellow Dark Lord!

-He developed romantic feelings for you as soon as the Dark Devas hinted at how much they liked you

-Well, he’d had feeling before that tbh

-His hamsters just made him realize it

-He’d try to be hella grand and great around you, which is either adorable or slightly embarrassing depending on where you are with him

-He’d have to ask his classmates on what proper etiquette is with someone on a “date”

-Like I said, he’s very inexperienced with dating and it shows

-He tries to hide it under his whole “great and powerful” persona but it still shows

-Especially whenever you suggest to do something together!

-Whether it be going to the movies, the zoo, to dinner, you could literally just ask if he wanted to hang out at your place for a while

-And he instantly starts to blush and clam up

-He’s not much for PDA

-He’ll gladly take your hand if you hint to it, and he’ll tend to grab your wrist or arm to lead you places

-But past that… he won’t initiate much in public

-Of course he’ll certainly react positively if you start something

-But he’ll mostly leave affectionate stuff to being in private

-He’s going to introduce you to all his pets

-Like, obviously

-And if they don’t like you he’ll get very confused and probably start trying to debate with the animal

-As for gifts, he’s definitely one for bringing you home plushes of your favorite animals

-You’ll soon have your own collection of furry friends!!

-And chances are Gundham will actually give you a real pet, like an animal that he’s bred specifically for you and whatever needs or wants you may have

-He’s very much a pet-name boy

-As in he’ll call you kitten, puppy-dog, ect

-He’s a good boy okay

Nagito Komaeda

-He adores you

-Chances are you’re an Ultimate at something if you’re dating him

-And if you’re not?

-He’ll declare you as one

-He just loves you so much okay

-He’ll dote on you and spoil you constantly

-He’ll find out what kind of gifts you like the most (food/sweets, jewlery, technology, ect) and will always present you with them

-He’s one for random gifts too

-And he’s definitely one for PDA

-Though he will very, very rarely initiate it

-No matter how long you two have been dating for he’s going to think you might be embarrassed by him

-So if you kiss him, or hold his hand, or grab his waist in public?

-He’s going to be a shining happy mess

-Like, he won’t be able to contain himself probably

-He’ll constantly compliment you

-If you’re insecure about any part of yourself he’ll make it his duty to lessen those bad vibes

-He’s going to call himself trash in comparison to you

-Literally sometimes can’t comprehend how you like him

-You’ll have to reassure him just as much as he comforts you, tbh

-He can be a bit intense sometimes with his feelings, but he’s such a cute boy all in all okay


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