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Today’s been Super productive and I feel really happy.
I woke up pretty miserable though. I was dehydrated and hot and just really unhappy. But I drank some water and took a cool shower and felt better. I got a lot of stuff done today. I started with some pendants. I realized I used the wrong solder after I finished them so I may or may not have to redo them. But I’m happy with how they are looking.
I headed out a little after lunch time. It was very warm today but It was nice being out in the sun for a little while. I caught the bus up to Chipolte. But it was weirdly sweet and I half think it was my allergies were messing up my taste buds. It was whatever.
I walked over to the grocery store and picked up some stuff. It was hard though because like my lunch didn’t go great and I was hot and the idea of eating sounded terrible. But I had a list so that was at least a correction.
All I wanted was fruit and juice. And they didn’t have the exact juice I wanted but they had the brand so I got cherry lemon juice. I got some fruits and stuff for breakfast and some cupcakes.
I brought my own bag but the lady did such a bad job packing my stuff. I tried to stop her and fix it but she was just not paying attention to me. But it’s fine. Still got everything I wanted.
I caught the bus home and put away my foods. I worked on some rings. Watched some tv. Laid around with Sweetp. I thought about going out. But instead I downloaded a movie I’ve been watching what we do in the shadows which is one of my favorites. I had a banana and a cupcake for dinner. I made some more rings. Tried some more pendants. I still have a lot of cleaning up to do but I’m still thrilled that I’m making stuff. In also got a lead on another job so I worked on applying for that. They said they will probably be having interviews this week so well see what happens.
I think I might take a bath. Maybe. My hands smell like metals and it bugs me. But I might just rest.
Tomorrow I’m going to go out for a bit. And photograph my dioramas. And just work I’m some stuff. I hope you all have a good night sleep well.


My fiancé and I are broke. The Stock Market has crashed in our village and we need donations to get by. For 3 loaf, I will give you a friendship bracelet handmade by our goats. It is very difficult for goats to make these bracelets as they have hooves. If that doesn’t suit your fancy, I am willing to sell my body for 6 loaf. Please, if you have a heart, reblog this. Our rent is due in 3 weeks and if we don’t pay up our landlord will eat us.

anonymous asked:

I hope this isn't a dumb question, but I've been scouring the internet for ages and can't find a decent answer. With non-food offerings, what do you do with them. Like I see a lot of good ideas for non-food offerings (Soap, shells, jewlery etc.) Keeping it uses a lot of space and some people say bury it but like, that doesn't seem like a great idea and I don't really have space to bury a lot of stuff? Should I donate it, or use it (where applicable) or should I not give non-food stuff?

Hello, Anon! It’s not a dumb question, no worries. So, the way you handle non-perishable offerings really depends on how formal your practice is (or isn’t). I tend to keep such offerings in a permanent altar display, but I understand that this doesn’t work for everyone. In the case of something like soap, I would suggest devoting it to your deity, after letting it sit on your altar for X amount of time, and then ritually bathing with it. They would absolutely have no problem with that usage, I assure you.

Now then, as for material objects… sometimes, you get the impression that something doesn’t belong on your altar anymore, yeah? Like, the god is kind of “over it?” Well, in those cases, it may be acceptable to simply bargain to replace the item with something else, and then proceed to deconsecrate it (however you wish to accomplish that; there’s no set rules outside of strict traditional paths) so that you can use it or give it away, as you see fit.

This isn’t always possible, but if you can, you may wish to consider giving or selling the item to a friend who worships the same god who you consecrated an item to. I imagine this would be easiest for Americans (postage here in Canada is absurdly expensive). So yeah, that’s all that comes to mind off the top of my head. I hope that helps! Followers, feel free to chip in with more ideas for Anon, if you have any. <3


my beautiful friend selena just started this etsy shop and, as you can see above, she’s very good at making miniature foods and turning them into jewelry (she made me a pizza necklace once and i wear it every day and get MANY COMPLIMENTS so if compliments are a thing you’d be interested in, this shop is probably right up your alley). you should go check it out because she’s amazing and deserves money and for people to buy the products of her talent.

she’s cute i promise.