food is optional

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Even a simple kiss on the cheek from Carter gets going. One time he comes by your office for lunch and kisses your cheek, you are😶 and want to take him there. Only if he locks the door, closes the blinds and covers you mouth cause Carter loves it😈

This reminds me of Labyrinth when Will drops by and offers to take her out to lunch and adds “food optional”. Now that sounds like Carter.

Sinful Sunday™

Chicken covered in pistachio, Dijon, avocado, and cilantro. I made 5 but already ate 2. Done cooking until this weekend

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Hahaha! That's so funny! XD Buuuuuut, since you gotten to America, how is different than your home country? :) I always wondered this!

Everything is SUPER different.
Like okay so fun situation. I offered myself to do the dishes right, and I didn’t realise there was a dishwasher until I finished doing it. Tho it still doesn’t matter cause idk how to use a dishwasher and I even thought at first it was some sort of mini fridge or something.

Uhhh what else?
The food seems to be very buttery, and the food options are insane, so many flavours I can’t choose

I also realised I kind of live in a shit hole xd the more I talk about Argentina to Steph or her roommates they seem to be more scarred for life xD cause mostly when I talk about Argentina I talk about how I’ve been robbed or how my house got broken in like 8 times or something or how something just doesn’t exist back at home xD

A mixture of all the vegan froyos (vanilla, dark chocolate and banana), sliced banana, halva, almonds, chocolate soil and chocolate sauce 😋

Carlton - Melbourne - Australia

Shoyu Ramen 🍜 house made original and sesame chilli broth filled with various vegetables, mushrooms and tofu with custom vegan ramen noodles 😋

Neko Neko
Fitzroy - Melbourne - Australia

whole foods; da religion

Whole Foods; “THE HOLY PLACE”

Me: Im goin to church mom, finally, you keep bugging me about it

Me: *goes to Whole Foods and lingers in the organic produce*

Whole Foods robes; Comfy jackets, shirts optional, loose sweat pants or jogging pant. Headbands are nice too

Congregation dates: whenever you want because whole-foodsianity is super flexible and we just want people to be happy with their organic produce

Founder: OFC Colin Farrell (and while i am here, why not credit @seasons-gredence too)

This photo will never not make me sputter in laughter


Bella Fleming’s identical twin girls, Florence and Simona. I love them both, so I still haven’t really picked an heir even though they are now young adults. 

I’m leaning towards Florence, the girl eating the grilled cheese when she should be painting. I like to think Bella packed her it for school, but it’s more likely a situation where grilled cheese is the only food option in their home anymore.



[vegetarian, vegan]

Thin crust for the win. One whole grain tortilla is topped with some homemade vegan pesto, sliced tomatoes, red onion, broccoli, hot peppers, oregano, red chilli flakes, and an egg for some protein. Bake in the oven until the whites of the egg are cooked (of course, just leave it out for a vegan option). Finish with black pepper and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. 

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actually, what do you like to eat in general at the park?

Ohh man…

At Animal Kingdom, I go to Flame Tree Barbecue for quick service because they have amazing barbecue ribs. If you want table service, the kobe burger at Yak and Yeti is literally the most delicious meal I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. My snack at DAK is the cinnamon glazed roasted almonds.

Hollywood Studios is my least favorite place for food, there’s just really no outstanding place for quick service. If anything, I’ll go to the Backlot Express because they’ve got cool Star Wars themed food. Once Toy Story land and the Star Wars expansion open, I’m betting we’ll get some better quick food options. For table service, my favorite has gotta be the Sci Fi Dine-In, just for the fun theming, although I haven’t done a lot of the table service at Studios.

At Epcot, I love the beignets in the French patisserie and there’s great quick service in both Japan and China, but Epcot’s all about the drinks. I like the Welsh Dragon at Rose and Crown in the U.K., the Grey Goose orange slush in France, and if you show the bartenders at La Cava del Tequila in Mexico that you follow them on twitter, you can get 5 dollar tequila shots. Epcot is really known for their food but I just haven’t done any of the table service except Coral Reef, which I did really enjoy!

At Magic Kingdom, of course I’m biased, but I love Be Our Guest. For lunch, I get the turkey sandwich and ask for extra Dijon mayonnaise, but I highly recommend the braised pork as well. For dinner, they’ve got a great steak. My favorite dessert is the strawberry cream cheese cupcake. I even like it better than the Grey Stuff. If I’m not at BOG, I’m getting the fajita plate at Pecos Bill’s or a pulled pork and coleslaw hotdog at Casey’s.

One other thing! I don’t get DoleWhip in Magic Kingdom anymore. Ever since they swapped locations, they took out the vanilla and orange flavors, so all they have is straight pineapple DoleWhip and pineapple juice if you want the float. I recommend taking a break, swing over to the Polynesian on the monorail, go downstairs and outside and you can get my favorite version of DoleWhip: a pineapple float with pineapple and vanilla swirl!

Easy Clean Up Low Spoon Spaghetti Aglio E Olio

Okay so aglio e olio is garlic and oil, and this is kind of a travesty of that, but it works really well in a pinch and only uses one bowl, one pot, a slotted cooking spoon, and a fork.

It’s also super cheap, versatile if you want to add meat and veggies, and eating it is kind of like playing. Also I took pictures! And got really carried away on detail and options! Yay! So let’s get started!


Spaghetti, salt, garlic powder, oregano, parsley, parmesan, and olive oil.

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Gossip's Bane

A spell jar for revenge on those whose words hurt you the most.

You will need:
- Paper
- Black marker
- Lemon juice
- Green food dye
- Fire (optional)

Add some dye to your lemon juice to make it poisonous green. Stir it as angrily as you can, channeling your pain and rage into the mix. Once thoroughly mixed together, write the name(s) of your targets on the paper. Soak it in the juice and let it dry. Once completely dried, tear the paper into thin strips. Destroy it as much as you can.

Now, time to release your vengeance. Fire brings swift, angry revenge. For this, set fire to the little pieces and watch the revenge waft up into the sky. To bring slow, simmering revenge, bury the pieces somewhere you’ll forget about them.

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I know u eat 500 cal daily but what do u eat with that amount of cals please answer

I try to eat 500 cal daily or around that much, though sometimes I end up eating more. It honestly depends, I try to eat most fruit and veg. I’m vegan so I don’t eat any meat and animal products and honestly that helps so much with weight loss. I try to find the lowest cal food options. Of course I eat other things other than fruit or veg, sometimes noodles, sometimes wholewheat pasta/rice (small portions), soups, beans etc. I try to spread out my cals across the day so that I wont get hungry and go over. I just try to eat the healthiest options and avoid overly-processed junk food really (though I still end up eating some sometimes but for the most part, I try to eat natural)