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“Your Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2: Ch8
(Non-idol!AU) It’s summer when you and Jungkook meet, and though you got a rocky start, he’s not actually so bad. And if he’s not so bad, then maybe his older brother isn’t either. 

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Jungkook gives you an encouraging nod when you hesitate at the threshhold of Seokjin’s kitchen. The memory of a completely distraught Seokjin is still fresh in your mind, but Jungkook’s gesture heartens you and you follow him inside.

“Hi kids!” Seokjin greets the two of you.

“Y/N’s here to mooch more food,” Jungkook announces as he sets a stack of food containers on the counter.

You elbow him as you also set down the stack you’re carrying. “You invited me here!”

Seokjin chuckles. “Does that mean your family liked the food?”

“Did we! We all ate twice as much rice as we usually do.” you admit. “Grandma told mom to not cook any more and to just get food from, and I quote, ‘the handsome barbecue man who’s sweet on our Saren.’”

Seokjin bites his lip, his cheeks tinged pink. “You’re free to do that, if you’d like.”

“Weeeell…” You shrug. “We’re not going to marry off unnie for food though.”

He splutters, the blush spreading across his entire face. “I wasn’t asking for that!”

Jungkook leans close to you and stage-whispers: “He was kinda hoping though.”

“Yah!” Seokjin scowls. “Both of you sit down and shush if you know what’s good for you.”

The two of you comply, but not without exchanging amused looks. Seokjin takes a pan off the burner and distributes the contents between a food container and a platter, serving the platter on the counter.

You and Jungkook reach for the dish at the same time and yelp at the same time when Seokjin swats your hands with the oversized chopsticks that he’s using to stir food. He clucks his tongue. “Are the two of you savages to be using your bare hands?”

Jungkook rolls his eyes and mouths his older brother’s words dramatically, but still takes two pairs of chopsticks and hands you one.

You pick up a strip of fishcake dripping with sauce, sniffing experimentally. “My mom usually stir-fries these.”

Jungkook already has his mouth full of fishcake and vegetables. “Yeah, but this is how noona likes to eat fishcake. It’s good this way too.”

Taking his word for it, you pop the fishcake in your mouth and immediately take more, giving Seokjin a thumbs-up with your free hand. You and Jungkook clean up the platter while Seokjin fills the food containers and stacks them together.

Seokjin serves fried mandu next. You bite into one; it’s perfectly crisp and seasoned just right. “Your cooking skills are too much! I really don’t get why unnie would–mmf!”

Jungkook shoves an entire mandu in your mouth. “Eat some more, Y/N, go on.” You glare at him, but chew the mandu anyway.

“Why Saren’s running away from me?” Seokjin gives you a small smile, his hands preoccupied with forming more mandu. “I’m only good at making food and I’m very bad at showing my love. Just ask Jungkook.”

“Hyung!” Jungkook sighs, frowning at you. “Now you’ve done it, he’s going to mope again.”

“I’m not moping,” Seokjin denied. “And anyway, I’m glad Y/N’s talking to me about Saren. It rather feels like I’m being given the benefit of the doubt.”

“Heh.” You stick out your tongue sheepishly. “To be honest, I was really suspicious of you for a long time, but I don’t think you’d act the way you do if you didn’t really care about unnie. Besides, there’s Jungkook…”

Jungkook stares at you, his eyes round with questions and his cheeks stuffed with mandu.

“You can’t be so bad if you’re his hyung, right?” You shrug. “And anyway, he’s a decent fellow, so he wouldn’t vouch for you just because your brothers. So I think… you’re probably alright.”

“Y/N!” Jungkook mock-shivers. “What’s with you? You saying such nice things creeps me out.”

You glare at him. “Just accept it and stay silent.”

Seokjin glances from you, to his younger brother, and back again. “Y/N, why don’t you stay for dinner? I’ll just cook some of the bulgogi real quick.”

You perk up, about to agree, but Jungkook says: “Okay, but make sure to cook a lot… because I don’t want to go hungry competing with her for food.

You pout. "Well, if you’re going to make fun of me…”

“Jungkookie!” Seokjin shakes his head. “It’s the first time you bring a girl home and you tease her about her appetite? And I thought I was awkward…”

The two of you gape at each other and turn back to him, bursting into protests.

“Seokjin-oppa, I think you’ve got it wrong…” You wave your hands in dismissal.

“Hyung! Must you make everything weird?” Jungkook slaps his palm against his forehead, groaning.

“Oh? Why are the two of you so shy?” Seokjin looks genuinely surprised. “I thought all this time–”

“Y/N, I’ll help you bring these home.” Jungkook grabs both stacks of food containers. “We’ll take the car. And maybe never bring it back–let’s leave him stranded here, because my hyung’s embarrassing and should be kept away from society.”

You scramble off the seat as well. “Thanks for the food, Seokjin-oppa, and bye!” The two of you rush out of the kitchen, leaving the older brother to mutter about how the baby bunny is such a late bloomer.

Once outside the restaurant, Jungkook laughs a little too loudly. “Sorry about my hyung, he’s always been awkward like that.”

You laugh as well, but it came out as nervous breaths. “Nevermind that, he was just trying to get us back for teasing him about unnie. Thanks for the invite–bye!” You try to snatch the food containers from him, but he hides them behind his back.

“What are you doing? I’m driving you home.”

“You don’t have to, it’s not that far–”

“These are really heavy though.” He jerks his head to where the car is parked beside the restaurant. “Come on, let’s go.”

You trail after him, hoping that your heartbeat, which seemed to be thundering to your ears–won’t be audible in the confined interior of the car. That Seokjin-oppa’s really too awkward. No wonder he can’t get anywhere with unnie.

Cooking Headcanons

Headcanon : Peter, Edmund, Eustace, and Caspian’s cooking abilities.

Note : This is my first headcanon ever, so I hope it isn’t terrible! It would be very helpful if you let me know what I can improve on.

Peter Pevensie :

  • Doesn’t often cook
  • But when he does, it’s really good, better than your own
  • He really only cooks for special occasions because he knows it makes you happy
  • Or he cooks for you when he notices you’ve had a bad day
  • Prefers to make food with lots of spices and seasonings in it
  • Makes really good comfort foods
  • Peter doesn’t complain if you mess up a dish
  • He’ll eat it anyways
  • “We shouldn’t let food go to waste.”
  • Likes to sit in the living room while you’re cooking
  • Tries to guess what you are making by the smell in the air
  • Gets it right most of the time

Edmund Pevensie :

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Judges l Shawn Mendes Imagine


prompt: Shawn & (Y/N) are judges for The X Factor, and boys seem to really like her, much to Shawn’s dismay. part 2

Originally posted by dannydiloveyourwork

i) auditions.

You and Shawn had met before.

You had settled on the music industry a while ago, shared the same record label, and had crossed paths at awards shows and events, and now you had just learned you’d be sharing the judges table at a new version of The X Factor along Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid, making you the only girl of the panel for the first time, but you couldn’t be happier, and the chemistry between the four of you became clear since the first time you got together to start the promo.

The first day of auditions arrived sooner than expected, and it was clear that you and Shawn were the most nervous ones, since both Simon and L.A. had been here before, though they didn’t waste the opportunity to mess with the both of you making jokes and counting all of the things that could go wrong as you were recording for one of the most viewed shows, but it all vanished once you heard your names being called and the crowd greeting you with loud screams. 

You were seated with Shawn on your right and Simon on your left. Simon said a few words before the first person auditioning made their way to the stage. It was a woman that was about thirty years old and was shaking entirely, but she turned out being so amazing you had to fight the urge to stand on your feet and hug her. Of course the four of you said yes and she left happily. but there also were terrible singers who were also rude, but they made your day.

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SHIT MY RP PARTNERS HAVE SAID 5 [sentence starters]

“i didn’t think my legacy would be gayness and shrek memes, but now we’re here”
“my friend canceled on me so i made a really sad cheese sandwich to cope”
“my body is intolerant to three out of the four ingredients in this sandwich but i’m gonna love the heck out of it anyway”
“i’m so glad i didn’t get chinese because i’m definitely getting sick and that definitely would have made me die”
“i’m bad at resting”
“i know i’m a bitch but not to you.”
“people seriously need to get their heads out of their asses long enough to realize that their judgment isn’t necessary in the world when all they have to say is negative crap.”
“enjoy the heteronormativity lmao”
“Whenever they try to talk to me about reality tv I’m like I literally watch none of those things”
“BROKE AF but my hair look good”
“also, pro tip: don’t attempt to run a mile and read your chapters for class at the same time when you’re sick.”
“I’m not living up to my legacy of past chefs who drank while clocked in alas”
“i also really want a power rangers shirt so that i can go around pretending i’m a power ranger”
“I like to impress myself with my on fleek eyebrows”
“When you almost accidentally buy an eye cream for 34$”
“those are my childhood memories. i’m not selling them.”
“you two are my ship, you beautiful fucks”
“and my basement has all of the necessities we’ll need: booze, a large screen tv, lots of electronics, lots of booze.”
“I see we'v'e got a whole Sister Wives thing going on…”
“apparently my deodorant is really potent right after i put it on.”
“Who knew someone needed to own this many seasons of csi Miami”
“i just tried to drink my pop and completely missed my mouth.”
“I’ll be happy once food is here.”
“Lol there’s a couple in cowboy hats starting to get upset.”
“the only casualty was a pizza box.”
“i was too busy watching violent stuff.”
“like I hate mcdonalds but the junk food life is real.”
“i have this really bad habit of either playing thirty seconds of a song and then skipping it or playing the same song for 2 hours.”
“honestly though. how dare you have emotions?”
“I dont want to grind with a bunch of sweaty ass nightclubing slutty bitches who didnt bring a coat”
“i don’t rly mind getting my ass grabbed tbh.”
“never turn your back on someone who has recognized our queen and savior.”

Pork Chips          HP 50

This one started as a self-described “un-suggestion,” but I like a challenge so I thought I’d give it a try! 

Of all the “improvements” the Pork Army has brought to Tazmilly, this new fast-food trend is amongst the most questionable. Sugary drinks, giant cheeseburgers, and an array of pig-based *achem* cuisine can be found in almost every shop and vending machine in the area. I even heard that this particular Pork Chips snack is standard issue for those in service of King P! Why anyone would want to recreate this greasy junk food in their own kitchen is beyond me, but the recipe on the back of the bag is as follows….

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Okay now that I’m on the subject I’m gonna rant about it.

I’ll preface this with that I love Voltron. I love it so much. I think it’s a super fun and clever show and that Tumblr has placed such ridiculous expectations on it in some aspects that it’s no wonder people are somewhat disappointed. I think this was a great season and I had a fun time watching it. But that being said…

Voltron treated a lot of its characters like tropes this season.

I’m going to fall back on an old quote from Alex Hirsch to start this because it really spoke to me when I first read it.

The important bit here? “I try not to pigeonhole these characters into “ONE TYPE.” They lose their humanity if you do that.”

Pidge, Hunk, and Lance all got shoved into tropes this season. Lance and Hunk’s treatments seem particularly worse just because they were shoved into “comic relief” tropes, but Pidge wasn’t treated too great either. Just look at what each of them does this season:

Pidge: Techno Babble. Boy, does she do a lot of it. There’s some sort of problem? Well, Pidge is SMURT, send her! And make sure she talks about it quickly and unintelligibly to show the audience that she’s so smart. Make sure someone, usually Lance, replies with an “IN ENGLISH?

This trope exists to establish one character is smart and it CAN be effective… But not if you’ve pre established that the others are smart too. Hunk is the mechanic. Hunk is not an idiot. He should be able to follow at least a few of Pidge’s ramblings. Hell, most of them were super easy to follow! (Especially the hypothesis one, that was completely unnecessary). See this post for discussion on how easy it would be to fix this trope from the Hunk/Lance side of the equation.

It’s honestly not even fair to Pidge to reduce her down to that. More on this in a bit.

Lance: Flirting and dumb jokes. I don’t even have to link to a trope because they’re that basic. Lance (when he has screen time this season) is basically going to be the one to make a pass at a woman when he doesn’t have to or to make an irreverent comment the whole team just looks at him for. 

Sure, it can be funny. Sure, you’ve written his character to be such. But this can’t be the ONLY ASPECT YOU SHOW THE AUDIENCE. Give them good moments outside of that “one time they do something cool to show the audience he isn’t a complete idiot.” I’ll get back to Lance in a minute.

Hunk: Food jokes. This poor guy. 90% of the time in this season, someone will say something and Hunk will relate it to food and mention how hungry he is. Not mentioning the harm of giving the fat character the food trope, let’s just go with the idea that it’s a part of his character. Fine. But there are still right and wrong ways to pull this off and the irony here is that Voltron does both in the span of a single season. 
Right: Baking cookies to calm down and clear your mind. Taking over the mall food court to make people happy. Both of these things are positive uses of Hunk’s canonical love of food that make sense in the situation and even add to his character. Neither are played strictly for laughs.
Wrong: “What are you guys thinking about?” “Zarko-” “CALZONES. What? I’m hungry.” (The OTHER irony is Voltron has pulled off this interrupting with irreverent stuff well with Hunk before with the whole sporks thing. That pulled it off SO MUCH BETTER and was honestly one of the funniest things in season one. This was so forced and so stupidly written)

I think the reason Voltron falls into this is because its main cast is HUGE. Seven characters total. Six if we don’t count Coran, because honestly I don’t see him getting a character arc at any point (which I can accept because seven is just too many characters to give equal attention to). But still. Six. For comparison? The original main cast of Gravity Falls was three. Steven Universe started with four. 

You know the whole “modern cartoons season one is fun times and season two is ENTER THE APOCALYPSE”? There’s an important reason for that. You need time to develop your characters. You need time to give them moments to shine and let the audience get to know them. That way, when plot stuff happens, they all have reasons to act the way they do. Voltron season one was IMMEDIATELY overly plot heavy, and the characters suffered for it.

The way Voltron chooses to show us its characters strengths and flaws is through character arcs. Pidge goes through one in season one where we find out about her past and her motivations. It was great! Created a three-dimensional character! Hunk has one in season one where he discovers what it really means to fight and why they’re all out here. He wants to protect the Balmerans more than anyone else and sees why Voltron is needed. Great writing! 

Yet the writers seem to have forgotten this! There’s no point to a character arc unless you keep that growth and have the characters act on it from that point on. Take my other main complaint with this season: how Galra Keith was treated. It was built up amazingly and had a fantastic episode for its reveal.

And then… nothing. We didn’t see Keith react to it much, we didn’t see him tell the team (and man, that would have been a GREAT scene), and I’m afraid it’s just going to be written off next season as a plot point. Is he going to have trouble accepting it? Is he going to want to talk to the others about it every now and then? Is Hunk joking about it really helping him normalize it for himself? Or are the writers just going to make it “okay now Keith can open doors and shit?” I hope with the reveal of Altean Haggar we’re going to get some cool parallels and character moments, but I don’t know.

Point being, Voltron writes these great arcs but then re-tropes their characters when they’re done with them, which is sloppy writing. It’s mainly because there are so many characters that it’s tough to give them all great moments in every episode. Which I get it! I get that you can’t let them all shine every episode! Occasionally someone should step back and be a bit more trope-ish for the sake of keeping a good flow in an episode. But not all the time, and certainly not because that character has already had a complete character arc and “had their moment.” 

Lance is heavily hinted at getting an arc next season about his self-doubt, which will be amazing. But this isn’t enough. The show must remember its character growth and keep it with the characters. 

Characters are more than just their most prominent trait.

faithfulfirst  asked:

Makes Sanji food for once. The only seasoning he uses is salt.

❤; @faithfulfirst


Looks weren’t the only thing that mattered when it came to preparing food. A dish could look like it was worth a whole five-hundred beli and taste like absolute dirt if someone didn’t cook it right. The dish sitting before him happen to be a brilliant example of that.

Sanji enjoyed salt as much as the next guy, but clearly someone had never heard the saying ‘too much of a good thing.’

“What the hell?! Are you trying to kill me? Even if you were, all that salt would only end up preserving me!” He scraped at his tongue with his stubby nails and glared. “Nex’ ‘time, ask for ‘elp!”


I was happily surprised how easy and delicious these came out! Usually when I roast zucchini it gets soft and I really wanted these to come out with a crisp bite- and they did! I think the flour (gluten free in my case) is what really helped. It not only kept the coating nicely stuck to the fries, but also helped dry out the sticks and absorb some of the moisture! You should fee l free to spice these up with whatever seasonings you like (chipotle sounds great to me!) and you could also take the extra step of toasting the panko crumbs for 2 minutes before mixing with the parmesan. These are best served hot right out of the oven!

For more healthy veggie recipes go here and for more gluten free recipes go here! :)

Bread Army

Artemi Panarin

Blackhawks Magazine

Artemi Panarin came to Chicago from far away and has made it in a big way. The Russian rocket became an instant fit with the Blackhawks, endearing himself to fans and teammates. Panarin is still learning to speak English, but here, through an interpreter, he conveys how advanced he is at life and hockey.

You are a star in Chicago after only a few months. Based on what you’ve accomplished so far with the Blackhawks, are you a star back home?

I don’t feel that I am a star in Chicago. I would like to be, but not yet. There are a lot of stars with the Blackhawks. I am an OK player. I’ve been good at times.

All right. Now that you’re an OK player in Chicago, do they follow you back in Russia?

I come from a very small town. Korkino. Friends and family followed me when I played in Russia for a few years, and yes, now they can maybe watch some of the Blackhawks fames if they are on a television. They would have to get up early in the morning. In Russia, a lot of people who are over here.

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