food is health


Random healthy eating on a budget tip: go to markets instead of supermarkets, you get so much more for your money! I got a tonne of bananas and strawberries for really cheap yesterday so here goes a big batch to freeze for smoothies and nice cream. :)

3/22 weigh in: 180.8 (-1.4lbs!!)

I’m very excited about this weigh in. I didn’t think I was going to lose over a pound at all. I thought I might even have a small gain!!

My eating was pretty good all week but my activity level has been really low. My knee is recovered from my fall, but I just haven’t gotten back into the habit of daily exercise and I feel really shitty about myself.

I’m going to go for a walk in a bit (I’m in 2 Fitbit challenges right now).

I’m determined to be out of the 180s by next weigh in 🤞🏻

Today’s breakfast was more eggs!! I can’t get enough of this– today I mixed eggs (1 full, 1 just the white) with spinach, kale, red bell pepper, green bell pepper, and white onion for a delicious combo that’ll get me through my busy busy day! Protein packed and pretty to top!!