food is fab


🌸 Things I love and recommend; skincare 🌸

1- egg white pore mask; skinfood 🌸
Works wonders on pores! Makes them so small and helps on days where my skin is oily. Not drying!! Comfortable and fun to wear, smells a bit like spf and suncreams tho. Good for all skin types!!

2- yes to cucumbers cleanser; yesto 🌸
Oh my god it smells amazing and so fresh, extremely gentle I use it day and night, cleared up my acne so well!! Favourite cleanser I’ve ever used! Good for all skin types!

3- glycolic fix night pads; nip+fab 🌸
Sound aggressive, they are pretty aggressive tbh. I use them every other night. Smell horrible a bit like a swimming pool but really really work. Evens out skin tone and keeps skin clear, also makes pores appear smaller, maybe wouldn’t recommend for sensitive skin.

I’m both shocked and proud that I’ve stuck to my workout routine so religiously. I’m gonna do my yoga with my girl when she gets home from work and then it’ll be another good day under my belt. 😁

so. you know when u go to undyne’s house and when you select the piano she says that alphys’ “friend” just lay on it and fed himself grapes?? well its obviously mettaton being fab but if u think abt it he wasn’t mettaton ex at that point. this fucking metal box got up onto undyne’s piano and tried to feed himself grapes but HOME BOY AIN’T GOT A MOUTH so he would’ve just been bouncing grapes off himself and that’s the funniest fucking thing e v e r

I try sooooo hard to remember this while doing morning yoga with my girlfriend because she is rail thin and much more flexible than me. It’s a constant battle to improve on the outside AND the inside.