food is fab

Holy shit, YUM!!!! 😍😋🔥
How about some sage maple roasted chickpeas with crispy kale and sweet potato mash??!?

I’m both shocked and proud that I’ve stuck to my workout routine so religiously. I’m gonna do my yoga with my girl when she gets home from work and then it’ll be another good day under my belt. 😁

Whelp. I was going to make eggs Benedict and we don’t have ham apparently. Already made hollandaise sauce though. So I guess I’m making pork chop egg benedict now??

Purrfessor was having a “look at me” day today during yoga. He’s not a fan of mom is corpse pose. I’m just trying to get into savasana buddy. 😹

so. you know when u go to undyne’s house and when you select the piano she says that alphys’ “friend” just lay on it and fed himself grapes?? well its obviously mettaton being fab but if u think abt it he wasn’t mettaton ex at that point. this fucking metal box got up onto undyne’s piano and tried to feed himself grapes but HOME BOY AIN’T GOT A MOUTH so he would’ve just been bouncing grapes off himself and that’s the funniest fucking thing e v e r