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hi i hate doing this but i’m losing my mind currently

if you don’t know my current situation i’ll briefly summarize: my mother passed when i was 3, my father did a shit job of taking care of me and the second i turned 18 (aka the second he stopped getting money from the govt for me) he kind of gave up so i moved in with my friend unintentionally, now i’m literally on my own and i pay my own bills, i have monthly loan payments that are doubling bc i still don’t qualify for deferred loans, and all of this is very overwhelming for me bc im a fucking child and i am so scared 90% of the time

recently i’ve been fighting w/ everything, i’ve been trying to get myself food stamps and health insurance but they keep denying me and saying i’m missing information and i’m ultimately playing phone tag with them and it’s been a strenuous process. my summer job fell through and i’ve been applying to places with no avail. i’m trying so hard. i was working as a substitute once the semester at college ended, but the school year is over and my paychecks from that short span of like 5 weeks have come to an end.

today the reality set in when i went to pick up my prescription from the pharmacy and the fucking total came to 95$. i almost cried in the middle of the store bc i had 70$ in my account. thankfully my friend was there and able to help me.

i hate asking for help but i’m so afraid man like i don’t know what i’m going to do and i’m freaking out. i was going to try to get an eye exam bc i haven’t had one since my sophomore year in high school and i’m going to be a sophomore in college now (and i’m supposed to get new glasses every year bc my eyesight is literally so shitty lmao) but like i can’t even afford that so fuck me am i right. i have to push off stuff like that, my ability to see, bc i have to take care of my loan payments and the like. it’s very frustrating.

basically, if any of you could help me out in the slightest i would appreciate it wholeheartedly. any little thing would help, but please don’t donate if you yourself aren’t in a stable place. i know once college starts up again ill hopefully be okay bc i’ve already got an on campus job. but right now there are so many uncertainties in my life and as of right now i can’t afford to pay anything right now and it’s so scary and i hate doing this alone.

here’s the link to my paypal: , and thank you so much to anyone; even just sharing this helps. thank you.

Urgent - Please Help

Hi everyone. If anyone of you noticed I haven’t been on tumblr lately, it’s due to the fact that I’ve been overly busy with doctors, surgeons, and other medical things.

I need to have open heart surgery this summer.

Surgery is extremely expensive- and thankfully my dad and his insurance is covering most of it. But there’s things I need during surgery that aren’t covered by insurance- food, shelter, I need my room to be moved and renovated so I don’t need to go up stairs.

I can’t really ask my dad for money anymore. I still need to eat, I need to pay my$200 housing deposit this week, I have sorority dues coming up (call them unnecessary but my sorority is my family and keeps me sane) and things of the like. I thought I would be fine, seeing as I can sew and sell things online and on campus.

But my sewing machine broke.

I need, at the very least, $100 to get it repaired. Then I can start making money again. If I could get more to even cover my housing deposit or dues, that would be amazing.

My paypal is:
My Venmo is: @Erin-Costello-9

Please, please donate even a dollar if you can. I don’t know how to keep my head above water.

If you can’t donate, please reblog this. It means the world.

Oatmeal topped with chia seeds, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and banana :)

A Haunting

Prompt: After being brutally murdered at the young age of twenty- one and stuck on Earth, Harry has been searching to find a way to heaven for almost a hundred years. One day, a family and their autistic, seventeen year old, daughter, Heaven, moves into his home. Maybe this was the Heaven he was searching for all along.



Heaven sighs heavily, biting her nails lightly, as she enters the musty smelling, older, abandoned home that her parents had suddenly decided one day to move into on a whim. The larger scale home still held beauty after so many years and was somehow still in almost pristine condition, sitting in the middle of the woods on the far side of their little town.

One morning, Heaven’s parents went for a jog and stumbled upon the old mansion, immediately falling in love with it. Becoming practically obsessed, they found a realtor and bought the house in just a few days, not even speaking a word to Heaven until they burst into her room and told her to pack.

Heaven panicked, of course, as she hated change. When she was young, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents made sure she was always happy and comfortable. They lived in the same house, used the same tutors, drove the same car, and ate the same foods to insure that she didn’t have a tantrum. So this was a major change, but eventually, with much coaxing, they got her to pack and get in the car.

When they drove up the tree lined driveway and the Victorian era house came into view, Heaven immediately understood why her parents were so in love. It was absolutely breathtaking and something about it made her want to never leave. Maybe this change will be good.

“Heaven, don’t bite your nails, darling. Go choose your room!” Her mother calls as she places a box down in the kitchen, snapping Heaven out of her thoughts.

“Okay, mama! Okay… Okay, mama,” She clutches her small teddy bear that she’s had since she was a kid to her chest as she takes a step up the rickety stairs. The steps groan under the forgotten weight of someone walking up them as she makes her way up them slowly.

As she steps foot onto the second floor, she freezes as she hears quiet whispering coming from down the dark hallway. “Mama?” She calls quietly, clutching her teddy tighter as she takes a step towards the voices. The hairs on the back of her neck involuntarily stand up as she suddenly feels the intense feeling of being watched after she speaks.

As soon as she takes another step, the voice and the feelings halt and everything seems normal again. Hearing foot steps, Heaven looks down and sees her mother and father walking back outside to the moving truck. Turning towards the dark hallway again, Heaven’s eyebrows furrow.

“Not mama. That’s not mama,” she mumbles as she makes her way down the hall, not caring about it too much. She peers into each room, shaking her head each time she didn’t like them.

Coming to the end of the hall, Heaven begins to frown as she doesn’t find a bedroom she likes. Her eyes tear up in frustration as she lets out a tiny whimper.

As she gives up and begins to walk down the hall, the whispers begin again, louder than before. Heaven gasps, turning towards the voices and before her eyes, a door she hadn’t seen creaks open slowly.

Curiously growing in her, she wipes her tears and slowly walks towards the open door. Peeking into the room, she lets out a happy squeal as she sees the dark red walls, her favorite color. The bed was large, the bed spread a muted red from all the dust accumulated on it. In the corner, a small nook was made by the window so someone could sit and read. The ceilings were high and in the middle hung a giant chandelier that glittered and sparkled in the sunlight.

“Mine,” she states to herself mesmerized and in a trance as the whispers slowly die down.

“Yes,” a deep, raspy voice behind her croons as she feels a hand on the bottom of her spine. The touch was calming and warm, sending slight sparks up her spine as she didn’t flinch away like she normally did to touch.

“Yes,” she mimics as she walks in and the door slowly creaks shut behind her.


“So, I was doing some research,” Heaven’s mother starts as they quietly eat dinner in their new dining room. Heaven’s father hums in response as he gives the love of his life all his attention after he helps Heaven cut up some of her chicken and places her a small kiss on her forehead.

“It’s quite spooky actually. Apparently, the original owners were murdered here almost a hundred years ago,” she states fascinated as she takes a bite of her carrots and peas.

“Wow! That’s interesting. How sad. What happened? Do they know?” Her father speaks as Heaven pokes her chicken with her fork, in a daze as she stares fixated at the pattern on the plate.

“They say the killer snuck in in the middle
of the night and stabbed them in their beds. The son tried to find help after he had been stabbed but he only made it to the hallway where he, sadly, passed. That’s why you can see blood stains on the floorboards upstairs. They are buried in the somewhere in the woods out back, I think. There was Anne, the mom, Desmond, the dad, Gemma, the daughter, and the son was named-”

“Harry,” Heaven suddenly states, making her parents turn to her in shock.

“H-How’d you know that, sweetheart?” Her mom asks softly, her mind reeling in the scary possibilities on how her daughter, who has no way to get on the Internet, knew the name of the dead boy who once lived here.

“He wrote it. Wrote it on my bed,” Heaven states what she had found earlier. Carved on the dark wood on the bed’s headboard was a name. A little worn from the years but still visible, Harry was written in neat handwriting and, captivated, Heaven spent hours tracing the name with her fingertips.

“Oh,” her mom laughs it off lightly, relieved that their new house wasn’t haunted by its past residents. “We will get your bed up there soon, sweetheart. Sorry you have to sleep in that old thing,” she says, making Heaven frown.

“I like it, mama. I like Harry’s bed,” Heaven protests, wanting the old, soft bed that made her feel safe and calm to stay in her room.

“Heaven, a boy was killed there. I don’t want you sleeping in it,” her father says, making her eyes water.

“I want it!” She slams her fork down and just as she feels a full blown tantrum coming on, she hears the whispers.

She freezes as it feels like arms wrap around her from behind and a warm chest against her back, calming her instantly. “Don’t cry, sweet Heaven. It’s okay,” she hears the raspy, deep voice, that sounded like smooth honey, coo in her ear.

“Okay, Harry. Okay… Okay, Harry,” she mumbles as she picks up her fork and takes a bite of her chicken, completely relaxed as her parents stare at her wide eyed.

“Good girl,” she hears just as the feeling of the arms disappear and the whispers cease, but leave behind the feeling of warmth and calm.

“Heaven, w-who are you talking to?” Her mother asks, fear gripping at her heart once again. She had never seen Heaven calm down that quickly before.

“Harry say don’t cry so Heaven no cry,” Heaven mumbles as she finishes her food. “Bed time,” she states, standing and placing a kiss on her stunned parents cheeks. They were so in shock that they didn’t even protest as she make her way up the stairs to her new bedroom.


Harry smiles as he watches the beautiful, innocent girl twirl around in her bedroom as she dances with her teddy bear. He stands propped against the wall, transparent so she can’t see him just yet. He didn’t want to scare her, but with her reactions to him earlier he didn’t think she’d be too petrified.

When Harry first watched the family move in, he was livid. This was his house, his family’s house. He left and died here. How dare they just move in and take over his home of over a hundred years.

But, when he heard it, all his anger dissipated. “Heaven! Come inside!” He heard as a gorgeous girl walked though the door, lightly biting her fingernails with a dazed look in her eyes.

Heaven. Something he had been searching for for decades was right in front of him. On his tombstone, the words Find your way to Heaven were written, but Heaven found its way to him. This wasn’t what he expected but, to him, this was even better. His own personal Heaven.

He had studied her so much since she arrived he could now remember where each of her freckles were with his eyes closed. They dotted her rosy cheeks and nose like the stars in the night sky. Her hair was like spun gold with a slight reddish tint, shining in the light from the window, captivating him and making him feel like he was now one of the richest men. Her lips were like two, perfect, pink rose petals and he fought the urge to kiss them relentlessly. Her ocean green-blue eyes sparkled with innocence and were normally stuck in a daze as she focuses on something sparkly. Earlier, she had spent almost an hour just staring at the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling as he stared at her.

That’s when he figured something was…special about his Heaven. Listening in to her parents conversation, he quickly found out she had autism. He didn’t care. He actually fell more in adoration of the small, special girl with the gleam in her eyes.

Hearing a small shriek and a crash, Harry is knocked out of his thoughts. He panics as he sees Heaven on the floor with tears in her eyes as she clutches her ankle. Not caring any longer about transparency, he rushes over to her and appears right next to her.

His hand reaches out, laying on top of hers that clutched her ankle. She gasps lightly and the whole world seems to slow down as she turns her head and their eyes connect.

“Harry,” she whispers as he smiles gently, reaching out for her hair and tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Careful, sweetheart. Can’t have my Heaven getting hurt right after I find her.”

Hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you want the part two!!! x -E

The Egyptians…knew that if their tombs were maintained for a century they were lucky. So what did they do? If the actual loaves of bread stopped coming, they could be replaced by magical substitutes. The tomb paintings which show rows of comely young women carrying food were magical insurance against the failing of forgetful ka-priests; so were the loaded offering tables which are depicted on tomb walls, stelae, and funerary slabs. A second line of defense in case of neglect was a written list….The offering formula goes something like this: ‘A boon which the king gives, to Osiris, Lord of Abydos [or some other god], that he give invocation offerings of bread and beer, oxen and fowl, alabaster and clothing, and every good and pure thing for the ka of the venerated [So-and-so].’
—  Barbara Mertz, Red Land, Black Land, p. 375
"homosexuality is being shoved down our throats!"

I always found this statement so bizarre. Yeah, they’re in the news a lot because theyre a marginalized community.

Not to mention, TAKE A LOOK IN THE MIRROR:
1. Straight people holding hands in public
2. Straight people kissing in movies
3. Straight people getting married in viral YouTube videos
4. Straight people have pictures of their spouses where they work
5. Straight couples being featured in different advertisements (insurance, food, medicine, etc.).
6. Straight people sex scenes in movies and TV shows (where the guy is on top 90% of the time and the woman RARELY shown having a genuine orgasm)
7. Straight people showing off their wedding rings to others.

Need I go freaking on?

terras-theme  asked:

Do you have any fandom food blogs that you recommend?

Oh boy, do I ever! These are just off the top of my head:

Fiction Food Cafe - Super awesome blog that covers toooons of fandoms. Her stuff is incredibly cute and creative but is always really accessible for inexperienced cooks and bakers. 

Witchy Kitchen - Fiction (and non-fiction) food with a spooky twist! She also does TV show food recaps and normal recipes.

All Roads Lead to the Kitchen - Lots of stuff inspired by fiction here, especially since she runs Food ‘n’ Flix, which is a website where bloggers pick a movie every month and do recipes based on it!

Fiction Kitchen Podcast - Okay, so not really a BLOG as such, but this is run by Diana and Carrie from Fiction Food Cafe and Witchy Kitchen. They discuss a new thing every month from the perspective of food, and then both cook a thing for it. They also start every episode with fiction food suggestions from around the web!

Pixelated Provisions - Exclusively a video game recipe blog. I love her stuff.

My Main is a Cook - Cooks mostly from MMORPGs!

Lvl 1 Chef - Another professional pastry person! Cooks from a wide variety of fandoms, so there’s something for everyone. His directions are great, too. Writing those is harder than you’d think.

The Gluttonous Geek - This blog has a really unique take on fiction food, I think. She really focuses on stuff like historical research for period foods, and all her recipes are really well thought out. I’ve had the immense pleasure of having her personally cook one of her blog dishes for me and it was SO. FLIPPING. GOOD. 

I could probably go on. If you’re interested in this sort of thing, there’s actually a Facebook group called Fandom Foodies that all the people listed above (and more) frequent! It isn’t just for bloggers, though, it’s for anyone that loves to look at, eat or make food inspired by fiction. When you see me participating in themed months like #RedwallAugust or #PokeNOM, those were all planned on that group! We’re gonna do a themed month every month for at least a year.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I have a few questions if you have time. I thought I was an Intj, but recently, I am having second thoughts. Most of the posts are straight up stereotypes, and I want to know if I am really an Intj. And, for cognitive functions, what are the differences between Ni and Ne? How can you tell them apart? Thanks for your time.

Ah, another INTJ typing dilemma! First, I apologize that this is so late, my ask list is really long ;’D

Alrighty, so INTJs actually are not the types to be mistyped from the start, unless it’s between INTJ/INFJ or INTJ/ENTJ. INTJs are usually pretty good at defining themselves, and finding their MBTI type is no exception. So if you’ve been having doubts for a really long time, perhaps consider INTP or INFJ, as these two types are more likely to ponder these things for long periods of time and not come to a conclusion (Ne-Ti or just Ti). 

That’s not to say an INTJ can’t have trouble typing themselves–with younger people it’s probably more common than I’m implying. But regardless, the tertiary Fi usually makes INTJs quite confident in who they are.

Ni vs Ne

This is a very, very hard thing to define, but I’ll give it a go. I’ll start with a general contrast between each (in terms of those who use it as a dominant function) and then detail the specific role of Ni for INTJs.


Ni is the function that finds the underlying importance of thoughts, feelings, and events. Its manifestation is usually directly applicable to the user in their everyday life, allowing the user to plan (some say foresee) events that will or have a very high chance of happening. This “foresight” is often hypothetical, but is also very accurate and the user is usually quite confident in these predictions. These predictions can range from what may happen later in the day or how they think their life will be 20 years from the current moment. Ni backs up beliefs and thoughts, which, again, makes the user confident where other people would not be. Ni users are also typically good memorizers and may exhibit traits that some would classify as “Si” traits–being adherent to values and systems based on their proficiency or dependability, although, unlike Si users, the reason for the adherence to these values is intuitive, or not exactly apparent. Examples:

  • Ni user may plan their day ahead of them, predicting how it will go and what must be done to achieve what they think will happen.
  • Ni user may feel that their political or religious opinion is right based on the gut feeling that it is. Their Ni has gathered a strong conclusion that they are correct in these beliefs based on either the collective feelings of their peers on the matter (Ni-Fe) or based on information they have gathered (Ni-Te)


Ne is the function that jumps to conclusions. It picks up on “vibes” that may not be too clear to the user or other people and allows the user to change the direction of conversation, thought, or planning. The original “AHA!” moment that the Ne user has is then explained by emotional appeal (Ne-Fi) or logical analysis (Ne-Ti). These bursts of thought or energy come from the user’s constant “buzz” of ideas going on in their mind. This “buzz” may manifest in the user talking to others (or to themselves when there is no audience) about a wide variety of topics in a short amount of time, which are all loosely connected but, on further inspection, do have an intuitive similarity. Ne users are also the types that are often left in charge of brainstorming in group projects, as they are especially talented at generating ideas and connecting concepts that others may not think of immediately. Examples:

  • Ne user may hear someone mention “banana” and within the next minute they’ve jumped from discussing GMOs to verbally conceptualizing a world in which every human being has to grow their own food in order to insure that it’s not contaminated
  • Ne user may drop a work/school assignment to go talk to someone about the probability of their assignment actually being used for something, and then coming up with better ideas for their job/essay/whatever it is before realizing that it’s all speculation and that they have to go all the way through with what they were working on originally

Ni in INTJs

INTJs are energized by Ni, but they feel like they must do something with their Ni. In their view, Ni is pleasurable, even entertaining, but they feel that it is worthless if there is no working model of their Ni in the real world. INTJs strongly believe in their Ni and will use their Te to help make their vision a reality via a straightforward process.


[sum of school years] = [number of dollars your parents have to sell their house to get]

[sum of school years] + [dead economy] + [no jobs] = living with our parents until the roof caves in 

[hard work in college] = literally nothing

[hard work in college] = “get a job!” + “you kids are so lazy. always getting handed everything.]

[56 thousand in student debt]/[9USD/Hour] = [6,222.2 hours without interest]

[9/hour] - [food] - [rent] - [insurance] - [gas] - [expenses] = [where the fuck am i going to get the money for this]

[unpaid internship] = “experience”

“experience” = [0/hour] - [above expenses]

“A well paying job” = [connections from being born rich] + [higher education] + [personal transportation] + [willing to give up your dreams for it]

POVERTY = [Laziness]


Tae x Jungkook x Reader
SMUT Vampire AU
Warning: Blood, Rough Sex, Pain, Swearing, Dirty Talk…
1900 Words

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 3 (No Vkook) | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 |
Part 9 | Part 10 | Part 11 | Part 12 | Part 13 | Part 14 | Part 15 | Part 16 |

Walking up a dark, cold alleyway in the middle of the night in a part of the city that I did not know began to seem like a very bad idea, a very bad idea indeed. Bleak, dim lighting on the high poles above my head were he only sources of illumination and they did little to reveal all the puddles of water and pot holes present on the ground that I kept stumbling into. I was told to wear nice ‘sexy’ clothes for this. Why was I told to dress provocatively if I was only donating blood and plasma to a private company? Why had I trusted my friend when she told me all about this amazing opportunity to get a lot of money and enjoy doing it as well? She was the type of friend who always got herself into trouble but I was desperate; student loans, rent, car insurance, food, it was all really starting to pile up and I needed some fast cash. The only thing that kept me from turning on my heels and backing out was the fact that Jazmin was beside me and clearly not worried at all, in fact, she seemed excited, desperate even, to reach our destination, the complete opposite to the nervous bubble growing in the pit of my stomach.


“UGH! Why does everything have to be so expensive!” I said in exasperation, flopping down onto the scattered notes and homework that shared the expanse of my bed. Jazmin sat at the small vanity that sat under the window on the side of my bedroom wall, bathed in the uncharacteristically bright February sunlight that filtered through my open blinds. I’m not sure if it was the flattering light or if she had somehow managed to become prettier in the last few months, but her medium brown hair seemed to shine and glitter with honey colored highlights and her skin glowed with a dewy radiance.

“AH! Speaking of expensive, here’s all that money I owe you..” she reached into her purse and grabbed her wallet, snapping it open and rifling through the many bills that were stuffed into it before handing me two new, crispy hundred dollar bills. I reached for the money, confused and disbelieving that she was paying me back after all this time. I had already resigned myself to not ever seeing that money ever again. I narrowed my eyes at her, suspicious.

“Is this real? How did you get this?” she just smiled and dismissed my suspicions with a wave of her hand.

“Don’t worry, it’s completely real and I didn’t have to walk the streets to get it either. I just found a new… investment, and it pays really well.” I didn’t like her pause and nonchalant tone she was speaking with, I could tell she was hiding the truth, or at least part of it.

“Yes, I can see. How much did that new purse cost you, it looks expensive, what brand is that? Kate Spade?” I said in a sarcastic tone.

“Well fine, if you’re gonna be that way then I won’t let you in on it…” she teased.

“Im sorry, keep going.”

 My attitude completely changed at the prospect of making as much money as she clearly had recently. She laughed at my sudden change in demeanor and began to explain.

You… directly donate blood to specific individuals who are… in need, sort of like a transfusion, through a private company. Their clients and the company are very private and secretive, they highly value your discretion and expect you to keep all knowledge that you may learn to yourself. That’s one of the reasons why they pay so much. You must sign a contract as well. They offer one time donation contracts and also 1 year contracts. A onetime donation pays 1000 dollars and a year contract will pay you up to 5000 dollars depending on how many times a year you donate. They also include healthcare in their contracts and, let’s just say, some people form a relationships with their Donee. I’ve been donating for a few months now to the same person. The thing is, their method of donating is a bit unorthodox, and it may freak you out at first but, trust me, you’ll be safe the whole time. Since I’m under a… contract, I can’t actually tell you how they donate but you’ll find out soon…

After she explained and convinced me that nothing was illegal or dangerous, I reluctantly agreed to try donating, she called someone and a few minutes later, I was added to the list of donors for tonight’s session that she was attending. She then spent the rest of the day prepping us both for tonight; showering, shaving, plucking, exfoliating, conditioning, the whole nine yards. She did my hair and makeup and put together as sexy of an outfit that I’d allow, answering all my protests with,

“Trust me, you’ll want to look good for whomever you get as a Donee. Absolutely every client there looks like they just stepped out of a movie, they’re so attractive.”

I had to admit, I looked pretty good, less like a tired college student and more like an extra from the movie Underworld. My hair was half pinned up and the rest floated around my bare shoulders in soft wavy curls. My eye makeup was minimal but accentuated the shape with a slightly darker color in the crease, elongated, winged eyeliner, and lots of mascara. My foundation had a light, radiant finish and Jazmin had sculpted my face slightly with contour and highlight. She had finished me with a red toned berry liquid lip stain and very shiny clear gloss that made me look like I had just bit into a fresh pomegranate.

My outfit was comprised of a tight, black corset that I had used for a Halloween costume one year, black leather pants that I bought but never wore, and black high-heeled leather ankle boots. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t help feel a bit like a piece of meat on display. Skintight everything and bare shoulders and clavicle exposed. I shivered from the slight cold that seeped in through the walls and grabbed a long black cardigan that had silver accents and faux fur trim on the neckline and slipped it on, wrapping it around my form despite Jazmin’s protests. My dark ensemble was the complete opposite to her baby pink dress and white kitten heels.

“I like wearing black so I’m not complaining, but why am I so dark and you’re so… pink?” I asked.

“Well, Jin likes pink, and I like Jin…” she trailed off, a devilish grin on her pink sparkly lips. “Jin is the one that I donate to exclusively now.”

“You make it sound like it’s a sexual experience.” I said, warily. She turned to me and carefully chose her next words.

“(Y/N), I’m not gonna lie, Jin and I do have sex. The donation process is very… intimate, I mean, you’re giving someone your life source to help them right? You get to know them and it creates a bond. Who knows, you might get some tonight too, if you want.”

“Uh, NO, I do NOT want that!” I exclaimed.

“Okay, okay, just tell them that, it’s not a big deal, they won’t force you.” She laughed as we left my apartment, finally making our way to our destination as the sun began to set slowly on the horizon, mixing colors of burnt orange, purple, and blood red into the rapidly fading blue.

To say that I was nervous and skeptical was definitely and understatement. What did she mean by unorthodox? Why did it seem like they were hiding their private business from people? Question filled my mind as I tightened my Heavy coat around my middle and we walked up to an unassuming door that held a small square mirror at face level. No, not a mirror, two way glass. Jazmin pressed a button on a voice-box attached to the side of the building and spoke into it.


“Hi, this is Jazmin, and this is (Y/F/L/N). She should be on the list with me as a new donor.”

She released the button and a second passed before a buzz sounded and the door clicked open, a handsome gentleman held the door open for us to pass through. I curiously glanced at him as we passed. He was tall and had white, fluffy hair, a cut in one eyebrow and silver hoops in in the ear on the same side. I couldn’t see his eyes since they were covered with a pair of shiny, black, square cut sunglasses even though it was nighttime. His black suit gave him a slight Men In Black feel and I couldn’t help but crack a small smile at the image in my head. However, my smile faded when he returned one and I swear I saw a flash of very sharp looking canines before his face returned to its neutral state. Jazmin’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts and I turned to her as she spoke to me.

“I’ll take you to Seulgi’s office so you can get your paperwork out of the way. She’ll explain what I’m not allowed to and you’ll sign a confidentiality agreement and a contract with her and then they’ll match you with a Donee. It should all go by pretty fast if you cooperate and don’t freak out.”

I had been too busy studying the hall we walked down to notice her choice of words at first. It was definitely luxurious, marble flooring, with clean white walls and black accents. The ceiling held ornate crystal chandeliers every 20 feet or so that sent sparkling reflections on the walls. The wide hallway echoed slightly and brought Jazmin’s final words back to me.

“…don’t freak out…”

My feet stopped following her as I said,

“What do you mean ‘freak out’? Why would I freak out!? Jazmin, tell me what’s going on!”

The panic in my voice was doubled by the echoing walls and I’m sure anyone behind the many doors lining the hall could hear me.

“(Y/N), calm down. It’s okay, shh.”

She held my hand and tried to comfort me in a soothing voice. The scene reminded me of how a child tries to call to a cat in a comforting tone right before they capture it. I was the cat in this situation. Before Jazmin could continue, a door to my right opened and out stepped a very pretty girl with dark hair and monolid eyes. Something about the way she stared straight into my eyes without any shame both terrified and entranced me and I found that I wasn’t breathing. She spoke and it felt like her voice was warm honey seeping into my skin and making my limbs heavy and languid.

“Hello (Y/N), you’re here to donate your blood for people who can’t survive without it, for Vampyres.”

As her last words left her mouth, her face split into a calculating smile, showing her teeth as she did so as her canines dropped down and elongated into sharp, white points.

potential direct action that any volunteer-based ancom org could look into doing:

  • food drives and/or grocery delivery
  • secondhand or donated clothing delivery
  • prescription pickup and delivery
  • assistance with filling out paperwork, e.g. applications for food stamps.  the more languages your volunteers speak, the better.
  • assistance with making phone calls and dealing with phone trees, e.g. when applying for food stamps, getting health insurance off the state exchange, or even making doctors’ appointments and having prescriptions refilled
  • free community meals
  • helping people find babysitters for their kids
  • free rides to appointments; even if it’s only one way that can make a huge difference to somebody who would otherwise have to spend over an hour on public transit to get to their doctor
  • free rides to the grocery store or the thrift store or whatever
  • give away items such as housewares, kitchenware, handcarts for carrying groceries, etc
  • a regular trip to costco or wal-mart to pick up cheap generic medications for people.  one costco membership would suffice for this
  • free bus/subway tickets paid for by your org and handed out to people
  • fliering and postering – not with slogans or whatever, but with simple, concise, useful information.  addresses and hours of local food pantries; addresses and hours of local community-run thrift stores; information on obtaining advocacy or other assistance for applying for food stamps, disability, unemployment, health insurance; addresses and hours of free clinics in the area; information on grassroots organizations in the area that are already providing such services but that a lot of people probably don’t even know exist.  if these signs can be printed in multiple languages, that’s even better.  yes, a lot of this info is available online, but a lot of people either don’t have access to a computer or don’t know how to find it.

a lot of this stuff is probably not feasible for every org, of course.  but if you have the time, energy, and resources to put a “SNITCHES GET STITCHES” bumper sticker on a stop sign, then you have the time, energy, and resources to put a “LOCAL FOOD PANTRY: [AREA CHURCH], FRIDAYS 10AM-12PM” sticker on a stop sign.  so why not do it tbh

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Anger Management

Originally posted by secrethideoutme

Member: Exo Chen/Jongdae

Type: Smut

“What the actual fuck were you thinking Jongdae?”

Your breathing quickens as you bury your face in your hands, feeling your blood boil and your eyes begin to burn. Thoughts of bills, rent, food costs, insurance, and everything else filled your head as you wondered how you were going to take care of them on your own. 

You felt his hands on your shoulders, trying to rub them soothingly as your panic set in. You pulled away from his touch as you subconsciously raised your voice in anger, “We can’t afford anything, we have nothing, and you go and quit your job without even talking to me about it?”

“Jagiya you know that’s not my passio-”

“What passion? We’re not going to have any money and all you care about is your passion? You didn’t tell me, you didn’t ask me, we didn’t talk about this, you just up and quit and now I…”

You knew you didn’t make much. It wasn’t enough to cover everything, and you guys were already on a budget. Things hadn’t been easy since you’d gotten together, but you chose to make it work. Now easy was out of the question. 

Storming into the bathroom, you slammed the door, not knowing what to do or what to think but wanting nothing more than to feel the hot water heat your tensed muscles. You stepped in and let the water wash over you, taking deep breaths as you tried to calm yourself, letting your tears fall. 

You hadn’t even been in the shower for two minutes when you heard the shower curtain slide open behind you and you turned to see a wide-eyed Jongdae.

“Y/N we didn’t finish talking.”

“I think we did.” 

“Okay, then we won’t talk,” and his lips were on yours, throwing all caution to the wind as his hands gripped your hips and he pressed into you. You gasped in his grasp, feeling his calloused thumbs stroke your skin as your mouth fell into rhythm with his. 

You expected this to happen. It always did. Big arguments always led to blowing off steam, and this was how you did it. You felt the stream of water stop as Jongdae turned off the shower, pulling you out with him and to your bed. You winced as your wet body hit the cold sheets, but you were soon covered in his warmth as he stripped his wet clothes and climbed in top of you. 

His lips met your neck and he began kissing up to your hear, making you writhe under him. “Oh I like that,” he mumbled, reaching for your hands so he could hold hem together above your head. You gasped and moved again, bucking into him and making him moan. “You feel so good,” he grinned, positioning himself over you. 

His tip played with your wet folds, and the tiny shocks of want surged into you. “Jongdae now,” you bucked up into him again, making his grip on your wrists above you tighten. 

“Sorry, I didn’t hear that, what did you say?” 

You moaned again in frustration and your eyes squeezed shut as you spoke, “Fuck me already.”

He pulled away from you altogether, making you wince and his fingers shoved into you, twisting and pumping inside you. “You’re so fucking wet already. Do you know how wet you are?” He pulled out his wet fingers and brought them to your face, showing you how much of a dripping mess you were already. “Want a taste?” he asked, and you nodded, letting his fingers enter your mouth. You sucked and licked at them, tasting yourself and rubbing your legs together. 

He yanked his fingers out of your mouth and your eyes flew open to see Jongdae’s half-lidded eyes staring down at you hungrily. 

You were rewarded with his hard cock being plunged into you quickly, filling up your wet core and making you gasp. He began his sharp thrusts as you moaned and writhed beneath him, wrists struggling against his grip as he dug into you over and over again. 

“Fuck you’re so tight,” he groaned, his free hand grabbing one of your legs and pushing it upward, tilting your body for better access. You felt his tip graze your bundle of nerves and hit slammed into you over and over again, letting you ride your high as he twitched inside you, coming undone. Your whole body was still damp as he rolled off of you, moving next to you so you were facing each other. 

“I think I’m still too angry at you to talk,” you said curtly, and you could see the corners of his mouth quirk up. 

“Then we won’t,” he replied, his hand moving up your thigh.


Haha so I figured I’d be good this week and apparently I was wrong.

I just got paid $144, $138 of that is going to my car payment and I don’t have enough left over for gas for the week, food, or my insurance payment. I could really use some help.

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