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Linnea @ibringmotivation has did it again!!! Another amazing healthy recipe for all of us. I need to do this after my university exams, and yours?

For those of you who are struggling with a start to a healthy lifestyle and weightloss.

There is this sense of pressure to do everything perfect when changing your lifestyle to a healthier one and losing weight. Well I’m here to tell you NO LONGER! When I started my Journey I started slowly by walking an hour a day and slowly making changes to my diet. I didn’t expect it to happen over night, I just took it easy and a couple weeks passed and the next thing I knew, walking an hour a day was just something that was apart of my life. It was a shrug of the shoulders when someone asked if I liked to walk an hour a day… it was like someone asking me If I liked to buy my groceries at a certain market… it was just apart of my days and life. A couple of weeks in.. I actually started to see my clothes becoming more loose, and I stepped on the scale and saw I lost a bunch of weight, I had people saying “wow, Krystal you look amazing”. I even noticed a change in myself, I became more confident, I became more happy, and I received this sense of power I never knew I had. I wanted to now workout more, and eat healthier foods, and then I lost the 55lbs. And honestly, the amazing thing about it, was I didn’t let it consume me. I didn’t obsess if I missed a day of walking, I didn’t get crazy if I missed a vegetable in my salad. I just made these better changes slowly, I didn’t have a gym, I didn’t have a nutritionist. I had me and the knowledge I was learning along the way. 

 So if you can’t afford a gym membership? Don’t stress… you don’t need one! If you feel like you keep “falling off track” or “missed the gym” Don’t stress. Because you came this far by acknowledging something needs to be done, just owe it to yourself to know that it won’t happen over night, weather you worked out for 5 hours, you still won’t be at your goal tomorrow. So take it slow and leave the stress behind. The more you stress and let it consume you, the more you’re going to resent this Journey, embrace every step of the way, and notice the little changes you see happening along the way. You can do this.