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Philly’s “pay what you can” restaurant offers new solution to food insecurity

  • 22% of all Philadelphians are food insecure. 
  • Enter EAT (Everyone At the Table) Café, a nonprofit, pay-what-you-wish cafe that opened in West Philadelphia in late October.
  • On the menu: three courses, including soup or salad, a hearty entree with a side and dessert, as well as a hot or cold beverage. 
  • Guests can pay the suggested price of the check, less, more (as a donation) or nothing at all. Read more

Like, in the US, most obese people are POOR, because unhealthy, high calorie, high fat, high salt foods are actually much cheaper than healthy foods. Our food system and health system are fucked and bizarre. I can get a cheese burger from McDonalds for less than a bag of carrots.

You are fighting the good fight when you said this @fandomsandfeminism, but I just need to correct this bit of misinformation so you can continue fighting with the right facts on your side. [source thread; cw fat phobia]

Poor people, and especially poor people of color, are indeed more likely to be fat than their richer and/or white counterparts. But the reason is not because “unhealthy” food is cheaper. 

Food insecurity is one important reason that poorer people are fatter. But the processes by which food insecurity leads to fatness has less to do with the types of foods people eat and more to do with the metabolic changes that result from cyclical starvation. [source]

 Also, the stress of social oppression changes people’s biochemistry in such a way that becoming fat is more likely. Stress hormones tip the balance towards growing the fat organ, even when food is scarce and people are malnourished. [source]

And being fat actually offers protection against many of the diseases that are caused by the stress of oppression and poverty – including cardiovascular disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and others. Once people develop these diseases of social oppression, being fat is actually a good thing. [source]

 Also, white supremacy is based in part on valuing a thin body type that is more common among white people of European ancestry, whereas many of the racial and ethnic groups that are marginalized under white supremacy also happen to be fatter, or at least, prone to fatness under certain circumstances. Old timey racists basically latched onto fat phobia as a means of further oppressing and excluding the people they wanted to oppress and exclude. [source]

So basically, poor people are fat for a whole host of reasons that have nothing to do with the cost of McDonalds. That is actually just a fat phobic myth that allows privileged people to “blame” poor fat people for their body size and the poor health status that is incorrectly attributed to that body size. It’s easy to avoid responsibility for social oppression when poor people are just fat and sick because they make made food choices, am I right? Yuck. [read more]

I know you wouldn’t want to perpetuate that type of harmful and abusive ideology, so it’s a good idea if you – and all of us – stop spreading that myth around!

If you’re going to argue with a vegan and pull out every trick in the book (“but people have allergies”, “but people have malabsorption”, “but people are poor”, etc.) and then you end it with “well I like meat and you can’t force me not to eat it”, then you’re actually just showing your true motives for eating meat, and it’s really transparent.

You don’t actually care about food insecurity, environmental issues, poverty, starvation, people’s disabilities, or any of that. You just want to use other people’s problems and reasons why they can’t as an excuse to justify the fact that you only eat meat because you’re lazy and you like the way it tastes. Knock that shit off, get off your high fucking horse, just be honest, and get straight to the point next time.


Paul Ryan once argued that “liberal government programs give people comfort, but not dignity.

And to justify cutting Welfare and defunding food programs, Republicans disingenuously equate having the basic necessities needed to live — like food — to dignity. Following that logic, are we to believe that wealthy people somehow have more dignity than poor people, because they have more access to more resources like housing, food and clean drinking water? Do the mostly white residents of Bismarck North Dakota have more dignity than the Native Americans at Standing Rock? Do Donald Trump’s children somehow have more “dignity” than does Little Miss Flint? Because Trump’s children don’t need to depend on free lunch programs?

Wealth dignity.

Access to resources dignity.

People living in or born into poverty do not have less dignity. They have less wealth and less political power.

Providing free school lunches to children living in poverty doesn’t “give kids an empty soul” it simply feeds hungry children. Feeding a hungry child is not “giving them undue comfort” or making them lazy, it’s simply feeding a hungry child. How did feeding hungry children become a controversial act for “Christian” conservatives?

Intentionally starving children to teach them the “dignity” of hunger is inhumane.

Stop stigmatizing poverty. Stop equating poverty with a lack of dignity. Stop reinforcing the notion that poor people have no dignity just because they’re poor. There is no nobility in starvation, and there is no benevolence in allowing children or anyone else to go hungry when you possess the power to prevent it.

Hungry teens are taking alarming measures to eat

According to a new report from Washington, D.C.-based think-tank the Urban Institute and nonprofit Feeding America, teens from food-insecure families are risking everything to eat. In every community where the study’s focus groups met, teens described going “outside of the legal economy” in order to get the food they need:

  • Shoplifting food
  • Stealing items to resell for a profit
  • Purposefully failing school to maintain access to free food programs
  • many teens skip meals so they’re able to provide for their younger siblings.
  • And in 13 out of 20 of the study’s focus groups, teen participants mentioned trading sex for money or meals.

And no they can’t “just get jobs” — they’re caught in the same employment paradox as many young people.


REPUBLICANS ARE EVIL. They’re trying to turn back the clock on Roosevelt’s New Deal and completely destroy the social safety net. Why cut things like free school lunch programs for hungry children, meals on wheels for the sick and elderly, and food stamps for those in need??? And Democrats need to do a whole lot more than “question” if the time is right. This isn’t the time for niceties and diplomatic language - Dems need to fight the GOP with everything they’ve got, and without any neoliberal “compromises” like they did under Bill Clinton.

Republicans are literally taking food away from children, the elderly, disabled people and the poor. Dems need to vociferously oppose any cuts, or they might as well call themselves Republicans.

And only a fool would allow themselves to believe that the GOP isn’t going to eventually come after Social Security, too. And they will do it under the guise of “efficient privatization” and “reforms” while gutting it in plain sight.


*curls into a ball* don’t talk to me

Bonus pain: Hunk blocking all memories of his family by thinking of food; the perfect decoy because no one will question it

Hannibal Lecter and food insecurity

Have you noticed that NBC’s Hannibal Lecter cooks everything in huge excess? Like, he’s literally hosting just Will and Alana for dinner, and he rolls out an entire roast pig with all the trimmings? Or it’s just him and Jack, but there’s like 10,000 calories in pricey perishables on the table?

Clearly, someone overshopped.

I don’t know if this is an intended character trait or a stylistic choice, but it hits on something that almost every emigrant to the West from USSR (and I’m sure tons of other countries around the world) can readily relate to: bone-deep food insecurity. Hannibal Lecter, who presumably made it out of USSR sometime in the late 70s-early 80s, seems to have never got over his original shock of facing a sudden over-abundance and variety of food in the West.

It sometimes takes emigrants years to un-learn instinctive food hoarding, and not everyone manages. This goes double for orphans, who tend to suffer from this compulsion even within Russia after they ‘graduate’ from the system and are able to plan their meals themselves. This behavior is especially noticeable with respect to meat, which was not sold very often in Soviet stores, and the cuts that were available were often, to put it mildly, substandard. (One popular joke went that Soviet pig farms probably slaughter their pigs with explosives, because the only things that made it to the stores were hooves.)

And let’s not forget fresh fruit. First of all, fruit was seasonal. You bought fruit in late summer and early fall, preserved it, and ate it through the winter. (In the spring everyone, especially kids, suffered from vitamin deficiencies, and this was a fact of life one just accepted.) But let’s take more exotic fruit - for instance, bananas. If bananas appeared in a Soviet grocery store, which would happen once or twice every spring in a few grocery stores of Moscow and Leningrad, each customer was limited to one or two kilos. You would literally stand in line for 3 or 4 or 5 hours to get five or ten rock-hard green bananas. And you would be over the moon with joy.

And so it’s very easy for me to imagine Lecter, even with all the privations of life in a state-run Soviet institution (a double-whammy of poor nutrition) decades behind him, *still* instinctively over-shopping for things that he never got to so much as sniff as a child: meat, fresh fruit, seafood, caviar - all the stuff he heaps on the table in such huge quantities for his friends.

Lecter might wear bespoke suits and drive a Bentley that costs more than most houses, but deep down in his bones, he’s still in 'food crisis’ mode, terrified that all these pomegranates, caviar, and steak are only in the store through some kind of unexpected laxness or largesse on behalf of the ruling Party, and if he doesn’t buy as much as he can today, they’ll be gone from the store tomorrow, and he’ll be left with nothing.

anonymous asked:

Do you realize that being fat isn't always good? I mean if you're still healthy it's fine but once it gets to point it starts becoming a health problem. It's not good for that to happen right? Do you want people to slowly waste away and die of heart disease? They're basically killing themselves and it's not a perfect comparison but if you meet a self garner do you want them to stop?

HUZZAH! This is my first psuedo-intellectual anon hate. And my-oh-me, it’s a doozy. I love the condescending “gotchya” tone in this, as if anon is asking ground-breaking, mind-blowing questions and not the same bullshit concern-trolling that has been debunked over and over again. But I’ll indulge anon’s ignorance for the moment, if only so that I have a comprehensive response to link to other fatphobic assholes in the future. 

Put simply, my dear anon, your questions are silly, and you should feel bad about how ignorant, hateful, and fatphobic you come off in this ask.

1. Health is a complex concept that is dependent on many individualized factors. Similarly, weight is complex and depends on many factors completely out of an individual’s control, including genetics, poverty and food insecurity, and trauma history. Neither exercise nor a “healthy” diet result in long term weight loss. 

2. Weight is a really inaccurate, non-evidence based proxy for the concept of health. Hate to break it to you, but the BMI is bullshit, and overweight and obese people actually have lower mortality rates than people in the “normal” category. Yes, you read right, evidence shows that being fat can be good for your health. 

3. Heart disease has links to several risk factors, and “overweightness” by itself does not reliably predict heart disease. In fact, some evidence suggests fat people are better able to survive cardiac events than thin people. Correlation is not causation, yes, even with conditions such as type 2 diabetes mellitus, so it is incorrect to say that having a lot of adipose tissue directly causes illness of any type. Being fat is not per se unhealthy. Additionally, invisible disabilities and illnesses exist, which precludes you from knowing whether ANY given person, whether they are thin or fat, is “healthy”. 

4. Based on 1,2, and 3, it’s clear that you have no idea what someone’s health-status is simply by looking at them. You have no idea whether someone’s weight is “killing them” or causing them to “slowly waste away”, and all the evidence suggests that it’s simply inaccurate to say being fat is enough, by itself, to kill someone. 

5. Linking someone’s health to their moral goodness or worth is inherently ableist. If someone is fat and unhealthy they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and disabled they are still a human being worthy of love and respect. If someone is fat and eats nothing but “junk food” and never exercises THEY ARE STILL A HUMAN BEING WORTHY OF LOVE AND RESPECT.  

6. Shaming people into the weight loss you deem to be “appropriate” does not work and actually leads to increased weight gain and a myriad of negative outcomes (more discussed in 7 and 8). For example, the “War on Obesity” has been linked to increased disordered eating in pre-pubescent children.  Harm reduction and trauma-informed, client-centered care works better than the shaming, 12-step, crash-diet, “I know more about what’s better for your health than you do” bullshit. 

7. Mental illness kills tens of thousands of people in the United States every year, and shaming someone’s body size under the guise of “health concern” has empirically proven negative outcomes on mental health

8. Fat stigma in the medical establishment and society at large arguably kills more fat people than fat does. Attempts to “correct” fatness such as repeated dieting and “lifestyle changes” have been shown to have negative health outcomes.  

9. Of all the complex health and mortality risk factors that exist, fat seems to be the only one that you care about. Why aren’t you yelling at people you see driving cars or smoking? Probably because your “health concern” for fat people is just thinly veiled fatphobia.

10. THE HEALTH STATUS OF OTHER PEOPLE IS NONE OF YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS ANYWAY. Right to privacy in personal medical concerns is like, one of those inherent human right things that we have all these laws protecting to the point that it’s a crime to share someone’s private medical information without their consent.  

In conclusion, this fat ass is off to eat some cake, cuddle my cats, kiss my partner, and love my fat body just the way it is. 

The Zodiac Signs in a Relationship

Always blushing: Aries, Pisces, Virgo

Pet names <3<3<3: Capricorn,  Libra, Gemini

Buys you food: Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius

Reveals hidden thoughts/insecurities: Taurus, Leo

List of Fucked Up Behaviors I Bet McCree Got From His Time In Deadlock

ALright this is mostly a list of shit I think McCree would have displayed mainly in his early Blackwatch days, it’s in no way concrete or comprehensive so feel free to question or add on to it I love hearing other ppls headcanons

  • Very little emotional control. I feel like Jesse would have been SUPER defensive about the littlest things, probably had a very short temper, but also that his anger faded very quickly bc he got used to suppressing it when it wasn’t convenient to the point that its actually became difficult for him to sustain it for very long; also, though, that he acted on his anger pretty quickly and impulsively for a long time
  • Food hoarding, especially high-calorie snacks and stuff with a long shelf life. He was prob food-insecure for a good portion of his childhood so this one just makes sense to me
  • If he doesn’t know how to do something, he figures it out on his own or it doesn’t get done. He will not ask for help at the risk of seeming incompetent or vulnerable, but also this backfires because if you don’t know how to do something in Blackwatch it’s typically something real fuckin important
  • On that thread, gets really anxious if he doesn’t know how to do something he’s been told to do because a) he expects some type of negative consequence unless he figures it out, b) he doesn’t ask for help because he never considers it an option. Sorta of the mindset of “everything is a test and I don’t wanna find out what happens if i fail”
  • I never really vibe with hcs of him being really uhhh.. openly frightened or anxious due to someone’s behavior? If I know anything about being exposed to a hypermasculine and hostile/violent environment for any amount of time it’s that you learn to hide your emotions pretty damn well.
  • “Good Luck! My Real Emotions Are Behind 7 Proxies! (And Buried Under Years Of Repression And Trauma!)
  • Tries to be outgoing and friendly and get on the good sides of as many people as possible because he constantly expects the backstabbing and underhanded agendas that were common in Deadlock and people are marginally less likely to kill you in your sleep if they think you tell a good joke
  • Reads people, like, scarily well. Can spot someone being fake-friendly from 30 miles away. Generally a great judge of character but undersells his own ability
  • If someone with any amount of power over him is mad about something he did/something he caused to happen, he goes very still and quiet and generally tries very hard to look appropriately sorry while simultaneously trying to not look terrified. Bc he is terrified! He fully expects physical punishments for mistakes, if they’re big enough to cause someone to be legitimately angry then he expects Real Bad Shit
  • Sees favors and gifts as debts to be repaid or tools of manipulation
  • is SUPER POSSESSIVE of his stuff. Gets extremely upset at anyone touching or moving his stuff w/o permission but depending on the person will also be too scared to tell them to fuck off (eg if gabe was going thru his stuff he’d just sit silently fuming and anxious as hell but wouldn’t say a single thing bc That’s The Commanding Officer”
  • Scorns and fears authority simultaneously. He’ll be a smartass if he thinks he can get away with it or if he can tell that the other person is in a jokey mood but at the same time he’s constantly terrified of punishment.

ill prob add more as i think of them but uhhh take this 

Signal Boost.

I’m short on rent and I’ve been fairly food insecure this month, for a number of reasons. My rent is $375. If you could send some money to help me, that would be appreciated. <3

ariabellagato  asked:

Went to the Dr recently. I've gained weight recently because my food has been insecure and I've been eating cheap meals once a day. Dr asked about my weight, I explained I haven't been eating often and the food hasn't been healthy. He looked really confused then asked me if I'd been eating a lot during my one meal a day. I explained no, but it hasn't been healthy and my intake is inconsistent. He repeated his question again as if the only reason I'm gaining could be overeating

More medical fatphobia. 

There are many reasons to gain weight, some of them serious. But doctors seem to somehow pick up an extra dose of fatphobia in med school. 

Sorry you’ve been going through some trouble getting food.  We’re here if you need to talk, even if we’re sometimes a bit slow getting to asks.

-Mod Siarl
These People Say They're Going Hungry Because Of The Government's Welfare Reforms
Universal credit was supposed to make the welfare system easier, but that's not what people in Rugby who are on the new benefit told BuzzFeed News.
By Emily Dugan

In the last six months, the number of people referred to the Trussell Trust’s food banks in Rugby has gone up by 61% compared with the same period in 2015/16. Issues with benefits were the primary reason for getting help in 42% of all cases in the last year, up from 36%.

This picture is reflected nationally too. Food banks in areas of full universal credit rollout have seen a 16% average increase in referrals for emergency food, more than double the national average of 6%, research published by the Trussell Trust on Tuesday shows…

To get emergency food from the Trussell Trust, people have to be referred by another agency, typically debt advisers, GPs, housing associations, charities, and social workers. This means anyone getting help has already been vetted as in need…

However, Rugby’s food banks are not alone in seeing soaring demand for their services because of universal credit. The Trussell Trust has found the same trend across its food banks in places dealing with the full rollout of the new benefit.

The charity’s research found that the six-week wait is leading to debt, mental health issues, rent arrears, and eviction. It also showed that the effects of the delay often last after people receive their first universal credit payments, as bills and debts pile up.

Also, looking just at food bank access? The need for referrals may well also keep people who really need it away. 

He was referred to the food bank by the British Legion a couple of weeks ago but it’s only now that he’s cashing in the voucher. He was too proud to come before, he says.

That’s a common enough thing, unfortunately. How many people are ashamed to seek out a referral to begin with? Besides the added gatekeeping always making it possible for people who do ask for referrals to get turned down. Are they going to be able to seek out referral again? Who knows. I probably couldn’t. 

This gatekeeping hurdle setup has bothered me since I found out about it. Better that maybe a few Undeserving people who aren’t literally starving should have access to food banks than to run things that way and no doubt keep more hungry people away. One ugly side of the whole charity model, but I don’t need to get started into that right now.

violaslayvis submitted:

I would like to submit my friend Shay, a bi black trans scholar & organizer in Chicago. From his website “I’m Shay Akil McLean (, I’m a Pan Africanist (Nkrumah Toureist/scientific socialist) & anti-colonial community organizer (on & offline). I’m a Transman of African descent on stolen Indigenous land, writer, public intellectual, human skeletal biologist & sociologist.

I’m a sociologist & biological anthropologist studying STS/HASTS, bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, genomics, health, knowledge production and medicine. As a scholar I study how systemic inequity results in the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death. I’m currently working on my PhD in Sociology, specializing in STS/HASTS, genomics, & bioinformatics.

My academic work includes studying the impact of social, political, & economic inequality on human skeletal biology. My Master’s work looked at the impact of food insecurity, high poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of poor Blacks in the 4th poorest city in the U.S..  It is through this work that I aim to construct community based grassroots interventions that change the marginalized’s relationships to knowledge and power to strategically gain equitable access to the very resources that heavily impact disease risk & life determinants while also resisting the ever present processes of settlement and displacement.”

He consistently provides invaluable knowledge on both on his website & his twitter so any donations at would go directly towards a black trans person.

anonymous asked:

I have a headcanon to your Tony loves eating post. :D What if he loves to eat, loves trying out new food, loves sweets and fast food, but IS insecure about his body at the same time. He lives with superhumans, like you said. And Tony has that lil tummy (he's not even chubby, he is just built like that) so that makes him feel a little insecure and inadequate. He starts to get insecure about eating with people around, until someone notices and tells him that he's perfect the way he is.

Yasss, thank you for sharing this goodness with me, even though (read: especially because) it’s insecure Tony goodness! Because yeah, Tony is confident, he knows how to fill up an entire room with his presence, and he’s attractive too, he knows that. But. But that doesn’t mean he always feels that way, that doesn’t stop the occasional doubts from creeping in.

And his tummy is just kind of a sore spot, you know? He’s pretty fit otherwise, his work in the shop and as Iron Man have made sure of that. And it doesn’t help that people usually don’t talk about his body like it’s his body. They talk about his ass (flattering, if a little sexualised for a dinner party) or his grey hair (which looks fantastic, thank you very much) on the media, speculate, make jokes, turn it into this really big, public thing. 

With the team it’s not that much better. They make less sex jokes (not no sex jokes though) but they never–say anything nice about his appearance without that scornful undertone. Or biting sarcasm. Which, to be fair, so does Tony, it’s not like he’s the innocent one here. But sometimes they still–sting.

That’s why, on those very bad days when everything goes wrong and Tony has JARVIS turn on every monitor on every reflective surface in the tower just so he doesn’t have to look at himself, he calls Mama Rhodes. Because Mama Rhodes always knows, and somehow she manages to make everything better without making it awkward at all and Tony just bathes in her magic. And lets her scold him for not coming over to dinner more often. And lets her guilt him into coming for dinner the next Saturday.

Because Mama Rhodes is amazing. (And so is her cooking.)