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Why Do We Stress Eat?

Whether its exams, work or relationships modern life is pretty stressful stuff. It’s not uncommon for us to turn to food to relieve the often heavy emotional burdens life presents us with. But what drives us to do it? And why are some foods classed as “comfort foods”? More posts like this about the human brain and behaviour on @tobeagenius

Back To School Infographic Collection

I decided to make a collection of infographics that are related to school & making your school life easier, I hope it helps!

How to get enough sleep

Coping with stress

An overview of mental illness

Psychological Life Hacks

For your crush <3

School grades don’t define your intelligence

We need to talk about mental health.

How to improve your memory

Foods for brain power

The effects of caffeine


Beat Bad Cravings – Replace With Healthy Alternatives

Here’s how to beat bad cravings. You see, when we are hungry and craving certain foods, it’s actually a particular thing our body needs. Because we usually associate that craving with unhealthy foods, that’s what we end up eating. This leads to the inevitable failure of our diets.

But it does not need to be this way. Below is a handy guide, showing you the alternative healthy option. So, for instance. Next time you are craving chips, eat a handful of nuts and seeds to satisfy your craving. Why will this work? It’s because you are actually craving nitrogen for your system. It’s just you associate that craving with chips.

Learning to recognise and beat bad cravings will set your diet on the road to success. 

A healthier lifestyle awaits - more tips and tricks on instagram!