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subject-themed asks!!

mathematics: a problem in your life you need to solve
physics: something someone has said or done that moved you
biology: the last thing that made you feel alive
zoology: the animal you’d be if you weren’t human
chemistry: have you ever been in love?
astronomy: the biggest dream/aspiration you have
computer science: who you want to be in ten years time
psychology: your biggest flaw and how it makes you better
sociology: what you would change about society if you could
geology: the person who keeps you most grounded
theology: what do you think happens when we die?
geography: a place that’s special to you and why
anthropology: the people you love least and most and why
history: the biggest mistake you’ve ever made
drama: the last lie you told and why
criminology: the number one person you’d die for
literature: a book that changed you forever
english: your favourite word and why
linguistics: an expression you say a lot
creative writing: tell us a short story about a dog and a peach
art: describe yourself using only colour and nature terms
photography: what would your life look like as a single photo?
dance: the most memorable day of your life
woodwork: the life you would want to build for your child
foreign languages: if you were a country, which would you be and why?
classics: the elderly person you’re closest to and what they’ve taught you
music: the most beautiful lyric you can think of
economics: the most valuable material object you own
health: how is your mental health right now? physical? emotional?
physical education: would you rather work in a team or independently?
food technology: something that makes you warm inside

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Food banks and the media

There’s an article in the herald today where the headline is “Sturgeon claims food bank surge is related to Tory austerity.”

To the majority of us, that’s a statement of fact. For the idiots, it gives them that little bit of wiggle room to come up with another and either blame the SNP or pass the blame from the Tories.

And there’s a problem with this.

One user angrily stated that they work in a factory with exactly 1000 people in it and 250 of them are ‘forners.’ Now this was posted without further comment which obviously prompted the question, “What’s wrong with foreigners?”

The original commentator then gets to go on a tirade of “Stop calling me racist!! Some of my favourite coworkers are foreign! I was saying that Scottish people are lazy and don’t want to go for jobs!!!!”

So in the space of a bit of severe mental gymnastics from him, what he was really trying to say was that Scottish people are lazy and that’s why we use food banks.

Meanwhile you’ve got another idiot writing his own novel of conspiracy theories. “People are using food banks to fuel their addictions. The system is rigged and the mafia run it.”

Now of course you flip that back on the newspaper and they’ll say “We’re just reporting what Nicola said.” And to be honest that would be fine, if they treated everyone equally. The Tories actually get endlessly press releases and the language tends to be drastically different. It ends up producing headlines like this:

“Ruth slams Sturgeon: You’re failing Scotland’s Children”

It’s worth noting that Ruth Davidson is given her humanising first name and is granted her title of leader of the Scottish Conservatives while Nicola Sturgeon is never given her title as First Minister and is instead referred to as leader of the Scottish National Party…(and occasionally leader of the Scottish nationalists)

Now before you say, “Aye, take off the tinfoil hat for five minutes you sound like a doolally bastard.” Seriously take a minute to look at the news and compare it. Aside from the National, there is no other weekly newspaper that supports an independent Scotland. That’s not to say there’s never any pro-indy pieces in other news, it’s just that it’s few and far between.

Hi @slytherinash

You wanted a more detailed description of our food plan. I’ll do my best

Let’s say you buy a month’s worth of food at a time (as I think you mentioned in your reply)

Here is the first 4 weeks of the food plan. As you can see, each day has an assigned meal type (eg. beef, lefovers) or EXP, meaning free choice. You can always eliminate this option and replace it with something else

First, we ignore the days that contain takeaway or leftovers, as these aren’t relevant to our food shop:

The days in green are the days we need to shop for. Starting at the top, let’s decide what to have each day. I’ll just do week one as an example:

So we now know this week we’re having

Monday: Mushroom Risotto

Tuesday: Hot pot

Wednesday: Noodle soup

Thursday: Potato wedges with chicken

Friday: Leftover hot pot

Saturday: Burgers

Sunday: Chilli

Now we can build our shopping list day-by-day:

Monday: Arborio rice, mushrooms, olive oil, onions

Tuesday: Lamb, black pudding, onions, carrots, potatoes

Like so.

We then combine anything that’s repeated into one item:

Arborio rice, mushrooms, olive oil, onions, lamb, black pudding, carrots, potatoes

Say I know I already have olive oil and onions left over from last week, the list then become

Arborio rice, mushrooms, lamb, black pudding, carrots, potatoes

The list builds up like so, and then you’re ready to do your shop.

I hope that helps!


🌴🌴 Happy 49th Independence🌴🌴

Everyday the country is growing to be better and better. (Especially with the new party in the government, BIG UPS PRESIDENT GRANGER!!! 😁😁😁)

Have a great day guys, whether you’re living in Guyana or abroad, whether you were born in Guyana or GT runs in your blood..BIG UPS YUHSELF!! 😁😁😘..Let us work together to make the county better, no matter how small the effort. Even if it is bringing a good name to the county through our successes abroad. A success for one of us, is a success for all of us!

[SIDE NOTE: I was gonna do Hassa curry but I don’t eat unscale fish..but I used blue fish..]

[I do not own any of images that aren’t of the dishes cooked by me]

I just have to brag for a sec about my beautiful weekend breakfast. Eggs scrambled with crispy ham, cheddar, and green onion, Spanish wheat bolillios toasted in my haunted oven, pineapple juice, and a latte made from the espresso machine I actually found for FREE at my local thrift shop! I think things are looking up! (She said, not even suspecting what was to come…)

Autumn 2011 to Autumn 2016

•Graduate college
•Establish comfortable career
•Obtain Registered Veterinary Technician license
•Maintain same bland, mundane relationship
•Turn 21
•Add alcohol & constant partying
•Become engaged to bland, mundane human
•Add long distance running
•Establish clean eating habits
•Subtract alcohol & partying
•Lose close to 100lbs
•End engagement
•Subtract bland, mundane human
•Find self
•Add CrossFit
•Subtract long distance running
•Add amazingly strong & perfect man human
•Surgically subtract 7.5lbs of loose skin
A beautifully positive and radiant woman happy in her own skin with those around her & the life she has made for herself.

y'all today was so good i took an uber to the next town over to go to a local Pride event and then walked to a theater and saw Cars 3 (which was awesome btw) and now i’m takin a lyft home and i’m!! so alive!!! lmao


White History Month… Original spoken word piece by @skynightfaith won 2nd place h.s. talent show… @blackgirlsreverything @jamestheillest
@revolutionary-afrolatino @reclaimingthelatinatag @urbanna @unapologetically-african thanks in advance for watching…