food in my tummy~

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i made a barf in my food bowl bc i am a big boi and i like to eat too fast and it make my tummy hurts. food bowl is gross so must SCREM until humom fix!! i needs my food!

best places to barf are middle of carpet and inside shoe (confirmed by decades of feline scientifique research)

Part of the Team

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader

Request: hey could you write one whre you and sebastian have a son and you surprise Sebastian by calling with skype to him while he is at work? your blog is the best <3 -Anonymous

Words: ~800 oh so shortie once again

A/N: I saw these gifs of my fave men and they just fit perfectly to the request so you’re getting a little bit of Chris and Anthony as well x hope you like it!

Gif credit to @thewinterbeefcake

”Daddy,” you heard an excited shout echoing from your bedroom, accompanied with a flow of giggles. Frowning, you laid the dishes to the sink, stopping to listen what your son James was doing.

“He-hey buddy,” Sebastian’s voice laughed back at him, causing your heart to stop beating for a moment. He had been working with the Infinity Wars for almost six months already, traveling all around the world, as you had stayed home with James.

“Where did you leave your mom?”

Wide smile rising to your lips, you rushed to your bedroom, your heart arching from happiness in your chest as you saw your husband’s smirking face at the screen of your computer. Surprising your son by wrapping your arms around him, you caused bright laughs to escape both, him and Sebastian’s lips. Like father, like son.

“I’m here,” you laughed, looking Sebastian with wide smile on your lips, as James climbed to your embrace, pecking a kiss to your cheek.

“Hey babe,” Sebastian chuckled, voice filled with happiness as his eyes kept twinkling brightly. “So, you mother decided to teach you how to make a Skype call, huh?” He turned to his son with amused grin on his face.

“Nope,” he popped the p before shaking his head as his lips turned into proud smile. “I teach-ed myself.”

“Oh, you did?” Sebastian laughed, looking at you with raised eyebrows.

Ruffling James’s dark brown hair, you shrugged your shoulders with a smirk. “It’s true, I had no idea he even knew how to turn on the laptop.”

Bursting into bright giggles, the little boy covered his lower face with his hand –the similarity to his father making you smile brightly. Changing amused glances with Sebastian, you asked James to look at you.

“James Adrian Stan,” Sebastian chuckled with a laugh, as the boy turned to him with twinkling eyes. “Are you keeping secrets from us, buddy?”

Nodding his small head, James bursted into new giggles. “It was Uncle Chris.”

“Uncle Chris taught you how to use Skype?” You breathed out, unable to stop the laugh escaping your lips as both, Chris and Anthony appeared next to Sebastian.

“Y/N, how’s our best girl doing?” Anthony cooed, flashing you a wide smirk. “We wondered where Seabass left with such a hurry, but this explains.”

“Hey fellas,” you laughed, yelping as James jumped off of your lap, jumping up and down on the bed. “He’s more excited to see you, than he’s to see his father.”

“Of course he is, aren’t you buddy?” Chris chuckled, waving his hand to James, who squeaked from excitement.

“I told mom and dad our secret,” he whispered to Chris, who slammed his right hand to the left side of his chest as he bursted into deep laugh, glancing at you and Sebastian alternately.

“Of course you did,” he laughed, frowning his eyebrow with foxy smile. “Even if I promised to buy the world’s biggest gummy bear to you if you keep our top secret?”

“Uh oh,” James breathed out, bursting into laugh as you pulled him back to your arms.

“Oh, that’s what you promised him, huh?” Sebastian laughed, rolling his eyes. “No wonder he’s not eating his food anymore.”

“I’m saving my tummy to the gummy bear,” James giggled, his arms wrapped around your neck. Suddenly his green eyes lit up and he leaned closer to you to whisper to your ear, “Mum, can I show daddy what I learned?”

Chuckling, you nodded your head, before turning to the widely smiling men as James prepared to his show.

“James learned a new stunt at the daycare yesterday,” you let out a soft laugh, “and he’s very convinced that he’s going to be the next Spider-Man.”

“Oh you gonna be part of our team J?” Anthony chuckled, nodding his head with a slight frown. “Well, show us what you got and we may try to make that happen.”

“Daddy are you ready?” James’s bright voice called out from the edge of the bed.

“Of course I am,” Sebastian smiled, his voice unsteady from pure excitement. “Go ahead buddy.”

Taking a deep breath, James laid his head to the mattress and pushed his legs over his upper body, managing to do a somersault –without using his hands.  

Bursting into applauses, all the three men cheered for your son –Sebastian the most loudly, as James smiled brightly with flushed cheeks, bowing deep for each of you.

“Wow, James, that was so great,” Sebastian breathed out, his voice full of sincere proud as he looked at you and his son alternately –at the two person he loved the most.


hey everyone!! what’s up?? i got to washington dc yesterday and we’re leaving tomorrow morning. today we took a tour bus around the city and it was Funsies and i took some photos but i’m feeling………… really lazy.

i want to drawwwwwww i want to draw SO BAD but i don’t really have the time, and when i DO have the time i’m real tired to do anything ; ; walking is exhausting and my legs still hurt, my hips especially hurt… it’s hell. but also shoutout to the sneakers i bought, if it weren’t for them i would’ve gave up a long time ago lmao

uuuuhhh what else. ehhh i ate a lot today. a little bit… too much… my tummy hurts but the food is Delicious. i want to go to a candy store and buy sour candy, i really Need It

oh! also reminds me that i’ve been walking around with my 3ds, so if you ever got a streetpass of a Pokemon Alpha Sapphire player called Giuh, or mayor Giuh from Varekai… congrats! you were dangerously close to seeing a real-life cryptid!

i’ll be playing pokefarm til i go to sleep i think, also i’ll be browinsing this site a lil bit longer so if you wanna get in contact… nnnnow’s your chance!