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boyfriend! ong seongwoo
  • the sweetest but also cheesiest
  • constantly uses pick up lines
  • says he thought of them all himself but you know he probably found them on wikipedia
  • he always wakes up before you do and he spends his time staring at your face and counting your eyelashes
  • always greets ur waking face with good morning sunshine :DDDD even if you look ready to murder six men
  • texts u memes. of himself.
  • you do it too but he’d be like stop i haVE COPY R I GHT but he actually loves it
  • and also he’s the one who snapchats the stupidest faces to you at 4am
  • you: jisung is the true meme king
  • him: lo UD DRAMATIC G A S P
  • on christmas he carries a mistletoe with him and when he sees u he just casually lifts it above ur heads and winks
  • “babe what’s our ship name gonna be tho”
  • he loves skinship!! Hugs you all the time :DD
  • will randomly jump out of the closet to engulf you into a hug while giving you a heart attack
  • on cold days instead of turning up the heater u like to just grab him and snuggle and he always has this WARMEST smile when u do
  • cuddle-obsessed as well!!! he likes to wrap you both in blankets snugly and watch a movie while feeding you popcorn and snacks
  • he’s always like “if my fans can buy an entire star and name it after me why can’t you kiss me goodnight” and you’re just sIGHS F I NE
  • he smiles all the time but when it’s just you chilling together alone he gets this really jinja daebak and heol fond and soft look and has a tendency to stare at you lovingly bc he’s so happy that you’re his and he’s yours :DD
  • that was so cheesy brb gonna throw uP jesusususus
  • you’d be like “ong why’re u staring at me” and he’d say “because there’s a pineapple on ur face” bc he actually doesn’t have the guts to tell you the real reason why
  • “also stop calling me ong bc when we get married u might have to take my surname”
  • seongwoo: i’m not the jealous type
  • also seongwoo: blocks daniel’s number after he saw you two sharing a kit kat
  • it was a joke but after that seongwoo always brought it up whenever he sees daniel. “hey remember when you shared a kit kat with the love of my life sixty days and two hours ago? must’ve tasted very good u trAITOR”
  • he actually finds it almost embarrassing (even tho we all know he’s the embodiment of embarrassing smh) to say things like “i love you” seriously
  • he may say it in a playful/joking way (like that one time he stole your food and u told him u hate him and he said i love u 2) but if he ever says it out loud he’ll probably ask minhyun to bury him
  • like when he confessed to you he could hardly get the words “i like you” out of his mouth the entire thing was actually him stuttering and almost dropping the small bouquet of flowers in his hand
  • butt!! once when he got home he found you sleeping on the couch
  • he sighed with a smile and bridal carried u to the bed ohoho
  • after he laid u down and tucked u in carefully he took a moment to just look at you and take in who you are as a person
  • being an idol with a hectic schedule means he really doesn’t get to see u v v v often yet you’ve been putting up with it long enough for him to understand how lucky he is to know you
  • and he just…kind of caressed your face and whispered those magical three words he never had the guts to say when you’re awake and he blushed so hARD and needed to leave the room and splash his face with water and run six laps around the neighborhood to calm down
  • his dream is to take you on a vacation to somewhere where he can forget his idol status and just enjoy a few sweet days as just two ppl in love
  • however regARDLESS of how much of a fool seongwoo acts to make you laugh he always makes sure that you know he loves you, whether it’s by sending you good morning texts or walking you home at a late hour or calling you when you’re having a rough day even if he’s busy
  • one time you told him that you wished you had better skin and he put his finger to your lips and was like stop that before i write a 6 page thesis on why you’re beautiful
  • and then a little later he ordered your favorite food from your fave place
  • sometimes you can tell that he’s tired and doesn’t want to talk and while some people just leave him alone you know to just scoot to his side and put your head on his shoulder and let the silence act as a comfort rather than tension
  • and it’s just moments like when seongwoo is so glad you exist and his mind has a flash of a happy future with you
  • seongwoo, mumbling at a barely audible level: i love you
  • you: what was that :^)
  • seongwoo: nothing. be quiet and sleep you eavesdropper

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pearl cant Just be the skinny one. she has to be the prettiest and most delicate for it. she has to bully ame for being sloppy and eating too much. she has to be the smartest and most well behaved of the gems. she has to vocally hate eating- gosh, do you know how bad that is?? for this stick thin character, whos  also again portrayed as the prettiest and most desirable, whos a role model for kids, to go “ughhHHHH i hate food”?? u couldnt have idk garnet be like that?? or pearl be fat??

like. how do you NOT know that you have to put water to cook pasta? how. like. your mother carried you in her womb for 9 months just so u could go out in the world and actually BURN pasta because you did not know u had to put water? i am disgusted. of course a MAN did that of COURSE

Fusion journalling - easiest way to reliably communicate. It’s a third Super Serious technique development, a third Gotenks making crude jokes about their love lives and the last third… well…

(based on the wonderful “Drunk Steve” note doing the rounds)

*Typical usuk fic*

(I actually love usuk please dont hate me lmao)

England: u wanker
America: i did nothin wrogn
England: ye u did u git
America: ???
*at bar*
England:*is drunk* y did america leaVE
ME next week is July 4 *is cry*
France: oh Angleterre~ (in italics) can u not see he luv only u??
England: *is more drunk* U FROG NO HE DOSNT, U R A BLODY GITT
France: *eats baguette* honhonhon mon cher~ (also in italics) but u love him dont u
England: *such drunk* u dont undrstan my feelings :’(
France: *says something about america and england having sex or whatever*
England: U BASTARD
*somehow got back home in England and its also the day after*
England: i hear doorbell who could it be???????????????? I have no ideaaa
*answers door*
Egland: nooooo not youuuu
America: hello i hav com to stay the week
England: no u git u cant *is emotionally and sexually conflicted*
America: oh come on iggy. Itll be like the good ol times
England: *has overly dramatic flashback to aforementioned “good old times” that lasts for approximately three chapters*
England: f-fine u wanker
Ameica: yayyyy
Eggle: i’ll mak u supper
Americ: no ur food sucks AHAHAHAH
Amerr: chill bro imma eat it anyway
*during supper*
England: i hate hamburgers they mak u fat
America: U FUKN WOT M8
*england sips tea and smirks*
England: u know what u r probably the worst country after that bloody frog
England: oh yOU DID NOT JUST-
*conflict somehow resolves
*after supper*
Acirema: i wan somethin to drank
Arthur: what u want america??
America: *blushes becuse WOW HE SAID AMERICA SO SEXY but no homo* i want to fuk u in the ass- i mean i want a cup of coffee plz
Englyjingle: coffee is 4 plebians we dont serve it wanker
Amerca: fuck u i like it, fine what else do ya hav
Glands: tea
Am: wat else
Eg: scones
Alfred: thats not a drink
Americs: *tears up* e-england i thot something was wrong… why are u so sad
England: *thinks* wow his face looks like when he was a child so cute. But it also makes me want to be fucked in the ass by him.
Hamburger: is… is it becus of the 4th of july??????????
Elgnand: y-yes
Americaaa: wow i never thought of that possibility, iggy-
Scone: i hate that name wanker u kno that
“England’s former colony”: kk i wont call u that. Anyway iggy, i lov u and want to hav sexs rn and i only left so i didnt hav to do the incest becaus i loved u sexually from the beginning. Now its 100% ok but i didnt wanna show my tru feelings. I totally didnt rebel because ur taxes were to high and u didnt give us any political say
England: i-i felt the same way lets hav sex
*after like 4 chapters of long angsty sex*
America: i bet u liked visiting florida haha
England: shut up git
America: wooowww ur eyes r green so perf
England: *blushes* and ur eyes ar blue like the sky when we 1st met
America: wow that turns me on lets *insert highly sexual act thats probably banned in like 74 countries*
England: only if u can handle it *waggles eyebrows* i was once a pirate u kno
England&America: o_o
Canada: I’m also fucking France
England&America: O_o
*France suddenly appears*
France: Adieu Angleterre and Americas~ *he winks and both fly away on a baguette*
America: I love u
England: bloody git wanker
and they kissed

What even was this


im sorry

The Boyfriend Tag | Harrison Webb

Request: Harrison: I AM IN LOVE WITH HARRISON😇 can you please do something that’s just super fluffy and cute? i’m sorry i don’t have any ideas

WARNINGS: Swearing

“Hello everybody! Today I am here with my boyfriend Harrison and we are filming the boyfriend tag!” You yelled at the camera to be heard over Kian and Harrison chatting beside you. “Would you two shut up?” You laughed looking over to them. “No,” Kian responded looking at you briefly before continuing on his conversation with Harrison. “Kian!” You whined playfully. “I’m kidding (y/n),” he laughed going back behind the camera. “Kian is going to read out questions and whoever answers first correctly gets the point,” Harrison said leaning into you on the couch. “First question Kian?” You asked looking at him expectedly. “First question, where was your first date?” “We went to a party together!” Harrison yelled cheering that he had gotten the first question right. “No! You took me out to breakfast earlier that morning because I had a meeting and didn’t have time to eat!” You screamed and pointed up to your corner of the screen where you would edit in the point change. “Oh, I forgot about that actually,” he laughed causing you to fake pout whilst looking at the camera. “I’m kidding love, I’m letting you have that first point,” he smiled pulling you to face him. A smile made its way onto your lips when he said that and you leaned into to kiss his cheek. “She’s sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?” Kian asked smirking as he already knew the answer. “FRIENDS(You can change it, this is just my favorite).” “Correct!” Kian yelled while Jc made buzzer noises in the background. “What food does she hate?” “Oh, well that’s bloody easy! Mayonnaise(I hate mayo, U can change it tho),” he said it as if it was obvious because it was. You often complained about how much you hated the food so it wasn’t even questionable. “What is one thing you wish she wouldn’t do?” Jc read out because Kian left to the bathroom. “She puts her freezing cold feet on me and I hate it so much! She knows I hate it too so she does it more!” He yelled getting worked up. “I’m honestly not sorry,” You smiled at him. “I fucking hate it,” he said glaring playfully at you. “You love me,” you teased placing your feet onto of his lap. “Bloody hell,” he murmured feeling how cold your feet currently were. “Okay, next question,” Jc laughed ending the current conversation.  “What is the first thing she does in the morning?” Jc asked and handed Kian’s phone back to him. “Go back to bed, “ Harrison laughed. “Last question, finish the sentence ‘my girlfriend is’.” “Beautiful,” he smiled at you. “Awe, you guys make me sick,” Jc groaned. “I love you,” You smiled at Harrison. “I love you too,” he replied kissing you softly.

i hate when foods say family size bc u know im gonna eat this entire package of oreos all by my motherfucking self and i dont need the packaging judging me