food huggers

Types of Girls: colors of sunsets

Pink: soft-spoken, just wants to read books and listen to music, likes long car rides, has a million interests but bad at managing time, understands others more than themselves, gets depressing thoughts but tries to be happy, avoids everything

Gold: likes meet-ups with friends over solitude, tries to take every opportunity, outspoken, tall, can be passive-aggressive, great huggers, likes food, films and aesthetics, good at planning ahead, can get depressed when left alone, heart of gold

Ruby: will stand up for you, deeply compassionate, doesn’t like rain, prefers chocolate over vanilla, can be brutally honest (including with compliments), needs to drink more water, easily embarrassed, always tired, either passionate or apathetic, smart but think they’re not

Violet: hipster aesthetic, loves animals and interior designs, self-confident, gentle soul, probably talented at either sports or arts, thinks they’re awkward (but aren’t), not rebellious, easy to talk to, can make you cry from laughing so hard

Sapphire: wants to dye their hair, probably keeps a bullet journal, top of the class, likes makeup, tends to ignore feelings until they burst, wants to learn everything, expert procrastinators, hard on themselves but patient with other people, good writers

Rainbowshipping headcanons

(I just realised I haven’t done one of these so here we are)

- Zane is trans and everyone is very supportive and respectful about it

- everyone is very cuddly and every single on of them are night owls that don’t like mornings

- kawaii chan randomly sings I really like you and points at random members of the relationship, everyone always gets super flustered

- Dante is casscada trash

- kawaii chan and Lucinda actually like my little horsey and watch it with Zane

- Travis randomly plans dates because he likes surprising the others

- katelyn is the tallest at 6'8, Travis is 6'6, Lucinda is 5'9 (wearing high heels boosts her too 6'3), kawaii Chan is 5'9, Nicole is 5'7, Dante is 5'4 and Zane is 5'1

- kawaii chan made Zane a scarf that Zane always wears

- Nicole is the best cook since Dante always burns the food

- Nicole is best hugger and the others always wanna cuddle with her

- Travis and Lucinda do each others make up sometimes

- Zane normally does Lucindas though

- Nicole has a YouTube channel and it’s called “the daily life of a dork”, shipping wars occur often

- katelyn is strong tol wife that often helps with a lot of the house work

-katelyn is strong enough to pick up Travis

- kawaii chan is strong enough to pick them both up

- Travis is actually really sensitive

- Dante is very sensitive to light and noise so the others normally don’t open the curtains

- they all live in one huge house and sleep in the same room

-cuddle piles, this happens almost everyday and they normally fall asleep

- they have fun confusing everyone else on mystreet about who’s dating who, except for Vylad and Aaron, they know and thought it was obvious

- they Have a group chant tumblr that is really popular because it’s A+ shit posting at its finest

- Dante and Nicole still dab

- Lucinda uses her magic to prank the others a lot

- kawaii chan is normally the victim of these pranks

- Lucinda and kawaii chan often complain about small things

- group cosplays, it’s always group cosplays, last year they went as danganronpa characters and next year there going as vocaloids

- they always play games like king, truth or dare, twister and others

- the loser of said games has to do housework

- kawaii chan always makes clothes for the others because she thinks buying them is a wast and a rip off

- katelyn and Nicole are really good at dancing and normally dance together

- Dante and Lucinda are very cuddly and Lucinda is always helping Dante with his ache problem